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Do you watch porn? If so, why?

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I’ve slowly stopped by reduction in amount, I watched it because it was arousing but that doesn’t mean it isn’t bad for you. Some nofap and semen retention people take it too far and too obsessively but cutting out porn is good, it’ll greatly reduce how much you coom

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Yes, because I like watching sex

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Worse for you than opiates.

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scientific source on this?

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Recently i cut it out because fuck that shit nigga

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I used to not for a good few months, and that was generally an actually productive to be point in my life. I eventually went back to my old habits and now I’m trying to crawl back to my high point. So literature over porn addiction every day, but as of the moment porn addiction has toppled me yet again.

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This is not true, all serious modern scientific literature says that porn in moderate use is not in any way harmful. I've looked into this very thoroughly.

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>t. shekelbergcumstein

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Cope more, cumbrain.

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You can't test the deleterious effects. If you look at the mechanism, it is easy to understand how something so primal and deeply rooted can become reinforced and hijack your will, memory and intellect. It erases the great mind and makes you think about porn and sex all the time and takes away the peaceful serene moments that used to be. It ruins everything and only spreads to all corners of the brain.

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I used to watch it so much in my mid teens, but I've only ever liked femdom, and over the last several years my taste has become increasingly specific to the point where now I generally can't find a single gratifying video unless one of like two very specific pornhub accounts has posted new content, which happens infrequently. So for the most part, no. I stick to instagram and/or my imagination. Also, though in my experience actual sex can be wonderful, I know of few less flattering depictions, both of the act and female body, than the standard-fare pornography you see on the front pages of pornhub.

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>increasingly specific
do tell anon, very curious

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I'm on my 3rd day of Nofap. My balls are getting full and I constantly feel itchy down there. My goal is to last a week so I can blow a HUGE load on the 7th day.

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im not addicted (havent watched porn in days because i wasnt in the mood and im still not) and maybe it is a problem with persons more prone to addiction but honestly watching porn and searching for porn is very enaging for me. it gives me a feeling of discovery of an endless unkown territory and reaching aesthetic satisfaction. there have been sessions i remember to this day still because of how interesting or intense the experience was. it gets me closer to god just as much as music or food. i end up fantasizing no matter what i find anyways so it is a creative act.

also people say masturbation is a natural antidepressant but i found that not jerking off numbs pain and joy more and makes me feel strong and serious while after jerking off im more vulnerable but i can also take things with a more whimsical humorous way. i get why it would hurt productivity but that sexual freedom and reflexive fantasizing has been the best environment for creativity, at least for me.

i hope i havent provoked anyone who does have a problem with it but also i hope people realize that they will die one day and that when they get old and lose the ability to enjoy many things, this will be one of them. ignoring this part of life -wether natural or not- would be like ignoring the rainforest or the arctic.

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Fuck off coomer. I'm trying to quit but fucking up every day. When I coom I feel guilty and horrible and hungry as fuck. Because When you coom you yeet out significant amount of protein.

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How many times per week?

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why do you feel guilty?

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Almost everything u said are hallmarks of brainwashed cumbrain. You absolutely do not get closer to God from pornography, it is utterly void of utility of any sort.

Read pmohackbook.org and quit, my guy

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I do it everyday, often multiple times. Makes me feel like shit but I'm completely addicted. Doesn't really hamper my reading though, I can read whenever so it never comes into conflict.

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What sort of porn u watch

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because I wanna cum

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jacking off on opiates is a trip
you keep tuggin and tuggin and tuggin, you feel like you're about to cum, you wanna cum, but you won't cum, eventually you just give up

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100% same experience for me. Sometimes I just stop because I can’t find the perfect thing to coom too and then never return for days to weeks

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Read this book, it explains everything in great detail. A must read.

The book is also in audio by john lothe on YouTube.

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>never return
>for days


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I'm on about day 10 at the moment. Was incredibly horny on day 3-4, but strangely enough I don't really feel horny at all any more. Like the system has reset itself

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5 times a day.

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You got past the slight physical withdrawals and are free. Read pmohackbook.org and don't look back, king

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Quite want to have a wank though, not out of incredible horniness but just because it would pass the time. What are the benefits of no-fap? Wasn't doing it for that reason desu

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All sorts, most of the time I don't watch any. Just stare at my bathroom wall wanting to kill myself.

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It's not the benefits of no-fap you're looking for, it's the harm of fap. Porn has no utility.

Think of it like this: when you masturbate to porn and you feel good for a moment, that's not the porn making you feel good. It's more like you have been slamming you're head against the wall, and orgasming to porn is a brief respite to the head slamming. No-fap just means you stop slamming your head against the wall.

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I can't even bear fapping two times per day all the week, does that mean I'm weak?

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nah youre low t buddy

I would like to coom every single minute of my life, but i dont

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this. before hopping on noporn i fapped 9 times a day, many times also only to imagination. the drive you get from abstaining is amazing lads

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Day 3 of nofap and I started down the twink grocery bagger to establish my sexual dominance over him. He now associates fear/arousal with me and by day 10 my high test scent will make him mine

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I feel powerful when I thrill.

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you missed my point. it doesnt need "utility" to be good. its an aesthetic experience like food and music and fiction. any negatives you may have with jerking off, people experience with those other things (using fantasy as escapism, food addiction, loud music damaging your ears)

>You absolutely do not get closer to God from pornography
i meant it in a spiritual new age-y way

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I've done it since I was 11 and can't stop

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>uses coomer picture

yeah nah fuck off

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Can relate
Always feel bad right after and go grab a snack

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Orgasms feel better when I wank it to something I like, even moreso if I can self-insert and imagine a girl I'm into

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I disagree. The only thing I would advise for this is too make sure your zinc levels are high. If you don't want supplementation, eat pinto beans. They are high in zinc and will keep you alert after cuming.

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