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Who is more of a Nietzschean figure?

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thats not muhammed on the right, that Ali. thats probably not the historic Jesus on the left too

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islam is more life affirming in general

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The one on the left. You can't be an overman if you can't even overcome your dick lol.

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>thats probably not the historic Jesus on the left too
Please tell me you're not implying what I think you are...

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resisting sexual desire is just another form of slavery to it

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so you have to be bald to be considered lebanese?

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yeah, Jesus didn't look like your larping fat Lebanese guy, even if we assume he looked like an israelite, he still won't look like the modern levant niggers

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Desire itself is the form of slavery and you cannot be free unless you uproot it.

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muhammad didn't have any issues there. he was married to the same old lady for like twenty years. but the bitches in mecca were getting thirsty for his D so he let them marry him to be nice to them.

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Why tho

When I see a Christian, he points at the sky to ascend.

When I see a Muslim he is bowing his head in submission

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According to genetic studies, Levantintes were whiter in the past. They got browner since the Arab invasions.

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not a nietzschean point of view

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>greek philosophy the post
It's always funny to see christians claim their ideology came from Judea and not Greece

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why do they look like fags?

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"in general"

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>According to genetic studies
go back to making shewarma and getting droned, Jesus looked nothing like you

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I thought Nietzsche to some extent admired Jesus?

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shitskin cope

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all semites have dick sucking lips, its genetic

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yeah, that's actually quite true

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Socrates and Plato wrote most of the OT.

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>shitskin levant nigger is calling me a shitskin
I know it's hard to understand but Jesus didn't look like swarthy lebanon-fags. stop we wuzing

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>being the master of what controls you is slavery!!
the absolute state

Christianity came from the Father, through the Son and in the Spirit. Both jews and greeks (egyptians too but you count them in greeks since greek philosophy, pythagoreanism, platonism, is essentially egyptian) received revelation. the former divine revelation and the latter noetic revelation.

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life affirming=duality affirming

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no not really, Jews don't consider the material world and their desires evil, even their awaited messiah is supposed to establish his kingdom in this physical world

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By their very definition; neither.

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what controls you is the idea that something is bad and shouldn't be done

if you think being celibate is virtue, just because you're jealous of people who have sex, of course you're a slave

that's why the greek were chads and the christcucks are beta to this day

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this is a terribly naive take, because it ignores the history of sexual and material abuse throughout the entire christian church. a lot of you guys debating philosophy don't know shit about the real world

"beware of wolves in sheep's clothing..."

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if you think that doing whatever a biochemical spark in your brain impulses you to do because of external stimulus and deem it to be good then you are the slave

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''Those things by which evil men are bound, others turn into means and gain thereby release from the bonds of existence. By passion the world is bound, by passion too it is released, but by heretical Buddhists this practice of reversals is not known''
tantric sages knew this
You're imposing another condition on yourself, to participate in the world and remain unattached is the real transcendence not running away and covering from material . You're adding another concept another chain to be bound by

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>God made flesh vs. L. Ron Hubbard in a previous life

I wonder.

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what are you even talking about you utter retard, you'll just get unattached to base instincts you proud idiot shankara would spit on your face

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>pick and choose cope

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“Let my idle chatter be the muttering of prayer, my every manual movement the execution of ritual gesture, my walking a ceremonial circumambulation, my eating and other acts the rite of sacrifice, my lying down prostration in worship, my every pleasure enjoyed with dedication of myself, let whatever activity is mine be some form of worship of you.”
>Seethe and cope brainlet

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Pythagoras and Plato were continent-celibate.

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unhinged irony, fatal retard
take meds

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Mere hedonism. Disgusting.

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based retard

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.''Those things by which evil men are bound, others turn into means and gain thereby release from the bonds of existence. By passion the world is bound, by passion too it is released

hedonism lol
u christcucks are braindead

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