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Normies are having copious amounts of sweaty, passionate sex with their partners during the quarantine while you sit alone reading words on paper. How does this make you feel?

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Why not both? I fucked my wife just last night

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I'm not alone though
My brother's by my side

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>sex before marriage
Enjoy hellfire, you degenerate sodomite. Gonna go read some comfy bible verses before saying a few dozen rosaries.

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>fucking your whore

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It makes me feel superior for not behaving like a dog.

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No they aren’t. They are being even more sedentary than usual, overeating, watching Netflix, and going to bed bloated and tired.

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I still live with my parents and it wouldn't be right to have my gf over since my mum is high risk and my dad is in his 70s. I'd rather protect them than get my dick wet. such is life

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Better than anime at least

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imagine being tricked into living with a woman, they just wanna make sure ur not fucking anyone else.

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Indifferent. They do what they are compelled to do, I do what I am compelled to do.

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>Semen is a dynamic force.
I've got some powerful socks laying around.

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Sex isn't a necessity and masturbation doesn't invalidate that.

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Imagine the incel that wrote this. He must've been so dehydrated and severely butthurt at his loneliness

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I'm on anti-depressants, mate. Sex drive is a distant memory. God bless drugs.

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I got vr and a warm towel. im good

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>you’re not as successful as others haha
Why are you here?

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