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What is the value of reading fiction?

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dunno, if I drink more than 2 cups a day though I get a killer headache and have trouble sleeping

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why is this board filled with degenerates. fuck off

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How wastage of semen damages the mind and makes you lead a life of mediocrity and garbage.

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it's fun

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I wonder where girls do porn find their girls. They're all either newbies or one timers, yet all have absolutely flawless bodies, flawless teeth, etc. They even had legit two beauty queens before. I guess they pay outrageous sums to the girls.

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Eternity is an outrageous sum. Imagine trading everything for nothing.

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A) Aesthetic value (l'art pour l'art).
B) Education.
C) Morals. There's a medieval (and later) genre called morality plays which have this as their main purpose.
D) A mode of higher representation. Some ideas seem simple and can be taught in five minutes. Some not so much. It is difficult to explain why God was just to banish man from Eden without either Genesis or Milton's PL. It is difficult to explain why chance and fate are so influential without a work like W&P to demonstrate. Think of the purpose of a teacher reacting a base and an acid in front of a class. He doesn't care about the actual product; it will just be binned. He cares about the idea which is demonstrated from the process.

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*masturbates and cooms*
TL;DR not gonna read this shit or fiction.

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some chick did an ama and said she got paid 5k for a scene

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didn't they get shut down for sex trafficking?

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literally 2 serious replies the rest is an argument about cooming

great thread boys

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Human connection. Good fiction is often like someone bearing you their soul in an unadulterated way; it simulates deep friendship.
DFW said we read fiction because we are lonely, and I don't think he was wrong.

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I believe some of the girls were more or less coerced into it, and from some of the ones I've seen I believe it.

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>DFW said we read fiction because we are lonely, and I don't think he was wrong.
He then killed himself.

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Your point?

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This is what OP wanted for his thread. At this point, it’d be stupid to think womanposting, bbc bait, and “that’s a man” aren’t discord trannies constantly raiding 4chan. Once you learn to identify these pieces of shit, you can browse your boards without stumbling into this mentally ill bullshit.

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It's something I can use to both touch my peepee to and posture to my internet friends about how smart I am

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They also shove a bunch of coke up their nose before filming.

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> They wanted to be models. Mostly struggling college students, the young women submitted applications through websites such as BeginModeling.com — which promised a “comfortable start” in the industry — only to learn that the modeling job was a pornography shoot.
>They agreed to participate anyway, federal authorities claim in court documents, because of a promise that the videos were being created exclusively for private collectors or DVDs sold abroad and would never be posted online.
what the fuck were they thinking

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Goddamn it, man. I am three days free of porn. Of masturbation. Of these disgusting thoughts or views of exploitative videos and images that pervert us horribly. I know it's only three days but each waking hour I don't beat my meat is, to me, a victory of willpower and perseverance.

I opened this thread to resist it and I did. I resisted yet another urge to jerk off. One of many, and certainly not the last. It legitimately feels better than masturbation with its quick dopamine release, then loneliness, and then shame. I'm doing something I can be proud of and feel good about with myself. I've conquered this day, the days prior, and the days ahead.

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Reading is nice because its like living life without having to leave my bed.

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There's nothing sexual in this thread. Take your essays elsewhere.

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To learn about psychology and manipulate people

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Bullshit. Everything in our current society is sexualised.

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Whats the value of reading non-fiction?

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It's pretty fucked up. Here's an article that goes in-depth on one girl's story.

Aren't there also a lot of questions about where they get their money?

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That explains a lot. Always found it odd that a single site could host so many flawless looking one timers. Even their breasts were perfect.

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>and from some of the ones I've seen I believe it.
Like what? Tell me the episode number. Kek

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>what the fuck were they thinking
This. These niggas defending those girls should read on plausible deniability. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plausible_deniability
Women absolutely LOVE being exempted of any responsability. I'm not saying these guys are angels, but you fags have to answer me something: Did the men doing these tapes put a knife on the girl's throats and made them make the movies or did they simply offer enough money and the women got on their knees and started sucking cock? Be honest, with me and with yourself.

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It's been stated that girls were told those videos would never be uploaded online, and instead would be sold to private buyers on DVD

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Wait this is from porn?

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>Did the men doing these tapes put a knife on the girl's throats
No, but they put racks up their nose and basically had them 'trapped' in a room with a bunch of guys with cameras under the pretense this could be the start of a modelling career. Young women are naive and stupid.

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Btw not defending these girls. Everyone with a brain knows the modelling industry partly exists to exploit young women.

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If you were melancholic and despondent you wouldn't read a single page. You aren't. You are putting on a show as indicated by your reddit meme, reddit post and reddit wording.

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>it's ok if i'am a whore i just don't want my future hubby to know, tee-hee

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It makes you better with your words and people as well. Lit has shown to increase your empathy as well.

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Yeah it helps my schizoid ass be better with people

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it's fun :)

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Getting baked and stepping into a time machine

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Yeah I agree with >>15178460 but if you weigh more than I do (165) maybe you might be able to drink more without headaches

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>I'm doing something I can be proud of and feel good about with myself. I've conquered this day, the days prior, and the days ahead.
Hang in there bro!

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>It's been stated that girls were told those videos would never be uploaded online, and instead would be sold to private buyers on DVD
And here lies their plausible deniability.
What fucking age do they think they live??? When uploading a video with a cellphone is the easiest thing on Earth.
So their defense lies on their alleged "purity"? -They were just inocent girls trying to be models and then came those evil men, offered them money and they couldn't help giving their tight pussies. The temptation was TOO big, the money too good for these girls to resist. They're just women, you know. They're not sentient, adult beings who can make their own decisions.
I'm of the opinion that if someone is not comfortable with the eventuality of their porn videos/photos leaking in the net said person should never do this kind of shit. Also, I think there's a trend of trying really hard to expand the definition of rape to fit a presently popular political narrative. This way of thinking might lead to two things: The fall on the birth rates (as we know they're already dropping) and/or bureaucratic sex.
I envision a future where we're gonna have to sign contracts in our beds before fucking just to make sure we won't get sued.


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They lied.

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do escorts look like that?

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Greater than your coom OP

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kill yourself

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dude, everybody and their grandma is online these days... wtf you smoking?

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Die coomer scum

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Even those dubs?

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Impressing people on 4chin or at least feeling like you did.

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gee, you sound a little tense. a little tense. a little tense. might put your hands in your pants. a little tense. tense. tense. might put your .... in your ...

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I did 30 days without fap. You can do it.

Lmao weasel lookin ass.

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If you have to ask, you shouldn't be posting here.

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Beauty is an end in itself.

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Would you mind telling me which pornographic film this is from?

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books or gtfo

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Sure. These girls looks stupid. But it takes one master manipulator and one moment of weakness to end up in these kind of situation. Have you ever done something without really wanting to do it in the first place? And finding out that you were just played by a salesman/boss/partner? Some people are just really good at doing this

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The emboldening of reality

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what book

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The feeling of having the luxury of wasting time. Also the feeling of being able to claim for oneself culture and intelligence.

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The more literature I consume and the more my mind grows, even greater grows my hatred for whores
What a filthy lot, absolutely despicable
The men who encourage such behavior are bad as well of course, but the whores who choose to be such wanton, loose, worn-out bitches should be held responsible for their behavior
I'm not saying they should be killed or anything, but they don't deserve any privacy over their slutty behavior
Men that engage in promiscuousness are equally as bad, and should receive the same treatment as well

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Thot, affect me not! That image has no power over me. I resisted my daily wake-up jerk for four days now. That is the ultimate resistance for me.

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