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It's impossible to verbally discuss literature.
Atleast non-superficially.

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Its mentally impossible to do anything if you're a cumbrain because hypofrontality sets in then you can't focus and then after orgasm happens you're so chock full of prolactin and have no motivation and after a while all your motivational dopaminergic pathways become wasted on COOOOOOM that you cannot focus or do anything else. Your entire life. Sex. Masturbation. Orgasm. Mediocrity realized.

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Why do you say that? You can discuss some pretty deep stuff when you have someone to talk about it with. The reason authors have books is because books retain ideas a helluva lot longer than that person is going to be alive to spread them. They also act as a summation of the idea as the author understood it. Because, ya know, you can't refute jack when you're dead.

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Some tantric schools allow the sexual act and ingestion of forbidden substances like meat, alcohol, and other psychoactive drugs as means to bring about ecstatic states. However, one tantric saying is that such ways are risky for fools and beneficial for advanced yogis. They accelerate some people’s destruction and other’s salvation. Interesting, huh?

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No it isn't.

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Is coffee good for you?

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you can't be quick and say something actually something of depth at the same time. Speaking is quick

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you can't be quick and say something of depth at the same time. Speaking is quick

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sorry for the coomer post but who is this

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why does male brain react that way seeing a woman?

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Why did you fucking post it, so? At least be pragmatic.

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>posts hot woman
>surprised that things go off topic

also name

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No, coffee is not good for me.

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I partially agree. If both people have read the book, they'll be able to discuss it. But trying to explain someone what a particular novel is about, or what ideas are presented in a particular book is a pointless effort. The best thing that person can do is read the damn book, otherwise they won't ever get it.

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>why does the high iq board, full of *superior* males go ape-shit misogynistic, worried over their semen count
>why isn’t *superior* anonymous board *culture* able to simple ignore troll threads or discus the topic to it logical conclusion and let it go?

Oh oh, I know I know.

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muh androgens

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For the woman in your picture I believe these words are wholly true.

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Books for this feel?

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Who is this jezebel?

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to find more pictures of her to masturbate to

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You don't think Pound and Eliot ever had a non-superficial conversation about literature?

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It's impossible to verbally discuss anything.
Atleast non-superficially.

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Then why discuss anything at all?

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Maybe Ithkuil would help.

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Pseudoscience. Where do you guys pick this shit up? Is there any peer-reviewed literature on this?

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Well well well, this "Ojas" stuff has been well-hidden. Must be pretty close to the truth.

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Speaking is quick but a conversation doesn't have to be, genius.

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I'd have her on my tablet

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Repetition, repetition, repetition. The power of editing and revision can be harnessed in speech, albeit very tediously.

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is there more where this came from, buttsy?

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>God-realization requires celibacy
Nonsense and lies.

God realization is impossible without God. It requires one thing: Christ. Sex within a marriage will actually reveal many things about God.

The god you will realize through myticism is not God, but instead an envier - a watcher, who wished to fill you as God was meant to, and to experience you - a being in God's image.

Do not waste your seed and belittle yourself, but neither make yourself into a plaything for their trifles.

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Emily Barry

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I have no girlfriend and i must coom

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I want to see you naked butterfly.

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Christ requires the very same chastity

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It seems like a bastardised Taoist idea. There's some suspicion that not cooming can sometimes cause the immune system to recognise spermies as foreign bodies and make you impotent.

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You want to peek inside her chrysalis?

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This isn't true, although it is true that most of the profundity in a good conversation will have been thought up beforehand, rather than invented on the spot.

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I want to finger fuck her if you catch my drift

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I don't want to catch anything off you at all mate. Wrap it up.

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The non-verbal communicated by that purient OP pic bespeaks the quality of your thread.

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>Quijada states he did not create Ithkuil to be auxiliary or used in everyday conversations. He wanted the language to be used for more elaborate and profound fields where more insightful thoughts are expected, such as philosophy, arts, science and politics.
I like this if common language had a minimal of these other topics in it then I think it would make talking possibly possible.

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>if you catch my drift
why was this part funny? analyse it for me

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Because drift can be either a verb or noun which are opposites but both opposites mean the same thing.
>be carried slowly by a current of air or water.
>a continuous slow movement from one place to another.

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No. That statement is generally used when someone hints something sexual, but OP was blatant about his intentions and still used the statement. That made it funny.

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based council of autists

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