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what's the most woke knowledge you learnt from a book. Feed me.

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I enjoyed reading pic related a few years ago.

I don't work in tech, I'm only a hobbyist programmer, and this really bridged all the gaps I had in understanding computers, from the transistors, through processors, and all the way to high level software.

It breaks the "magic" of computers, but in place you get an appreciation for the incredible elegance and complexity of it all, and for the genius of the pioneers of modern computing.

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Does it speak autism or English? I’m interested in something like this easy but I’d rather it be a documentary

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When women become sexually aroused blood engorges the clitoris and the nipples, analogous to a male erection

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In the beginning was the Word.

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It's a long read (800 pages, but it feels longer), but it is sufficiently clear, unless you're really tech illiterate (if you're interested in this you probably aren't).

It starts pretty dry, when it tells you about the logical structures (AND, OR, NOR gates, etc.) you can make with transistors, those structures being used as the buildings blocks for bigger features of a processors. Then it goes into instruction sets, this is a really enlightening part, assembly languages, etc.

If you're not in any rush and don't hesitate to google things here and there, you'll get through it. There are parts that can be skipped too, like all the stuff about history of computers, the intel vs AMD saga, etc. For example, it mentions a time, long ago, when there was this central system that never caught on, meant to be used by users connecting to it, kinda like the idea of cloud computing but 40 years ago.

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There is nothing new under the sun.

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