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How was masturbation seen in pre-christian times?

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I think desert Jews were the first one to get a big bug up their butt about it (which seems only fair since they had a bug up their butt about every little thing). Eastern religions are either ambivalent about snake charming or look down on it because it's a waste of energy and/or generally incompatible with ascetic lifestyle. Sumerians, Greeks and Romans certainly didn't give a fuck.

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I don't understand the appeal of it. Why not have sex with your gf instead?

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Read The History of Sexuality Vol. 2

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Your gf might be shit at sex while a crafty wank will always at least be pretty good.

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if you had ever actually had a sex life, you would know that masturbation is a normal part of it.

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Nobody who's had a girlfriend would say such a stupid thing.

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This post makes me sad
The last time I was having regular sex I almost completely stopped masturbating

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wow your sex must have been pretty boring. no wonder your girlfriend left you.

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So you didn't stop, got it.

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I unironically don't get it. You fap more when you have a gf? Sex is better when you aren't jerking off all the time. Socrates says it somewhere and he's very obviously right judging by experience.

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>You fap more when you have a gf?
yes, having sex increased my libido. sex was so good I couldn't wait to plow my gf again

>Sex is better when you aren't jerking off all the time.
lmao no. masturbation is an excercise on imagination, then when you're having sex you can put that on practice.

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>sex was so good I couldn't wait to plow my gf again
Oh I see. So whenever you weren't having sex you fapped to the memories?
Now that i haven't had sex in years i do that to try to keep from watching porn

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When we couldn't have sex and I was horny, of course. Sometimes right after sex when she was tired, sleeping, just looking at her naked body.

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Carnal "people" aren't people. Your whole post proves Plato right that celibacy-continence is the only way to live. You're nothing but a pathetic insect compared to someone who isn't a slave to their corrupt inclinations. A sow wallowing in mire. Never going to make it.

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Based Plátōn. Coombrains will say anything to defend their monkey behavior of chasing orgasms

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>You fap more when you have a gf?
of course not. you do it together.

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you did not made this thread to discuss books

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You will never be as divine as him no matter how much you prevent yourself from feeling pleasure like the cuck you are.

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Reminder Platon invented the insult Malaka which is ancient greek for soft brain and remains a word to this day that is synonymous with wanker. So based Platon literally invented the insult cumbrain.

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Imagine praising a pedo LMFAO

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>Jerking off in bed with sleeping gf
This is weird anon

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A pedo was praised and remembered by generations while you'll be forgotten by your parents and everyone on this board.

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ooooooooo spooky man, it's not like the entire human species shall be forgotten within a millennia

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of course it isn't. although it's more fun when the girl is awake, and watching you.

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Holy....baseddd Platon Aristocles (PBUH)

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I dont have a gf

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