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What book will tell me how to live my life?

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>Needs a book to tell him how to live his life
Never gonna make it

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The bible

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I'm sorry I wasn't just born out of the womb with ultimate enlightenment like you

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The Catechism of the Catholic Church

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I have never read a book in my entire life, how could you tell?

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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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Look within and know thyself

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If you're at a loss for how to live your life you should start by taking stock of your life and what is making you feel that way.

But the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius certainly won't hurt

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I read Stoic wikipedia and Marcus Aurelius kinda seems like a bitch

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never gonna make it

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A lot of people would love to tell you how to live your life. Thousands of books on the subject. The hard part is that you have to discern that for yourself.

This essay is a meme but it's a famous one and very worth reading/thinking about even if you disagree.

A problem with moral philosophy is that you have to ask yourself how far do you want to take the widely accepted stances on determinism - that you are an animal with a lot of preferences/tendencies hardwired into you that you have no control over and that you have to navigate. I found Robert Sapolsky's Human Behavioral Biology series on YouTube to be really good for learning important things about humans I never knew before. Then from there, and this is getting anecdotal because morality I believe to be a very personal thing, I think you've gotta figure out your role in the universe. How much influence are you capable of having on the world before you die? How important is it for you to live comfortably? If you want to do "good" in the world, what are your strengths that you can utilize to make that happen? This blogpost got really scattered but TLDR what is the best for you isn't the same as for everyone so you need to do your own research on yourself first to answer your question.

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Your diary, desu.

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mein kampf. His birthday is coming up soon so it's a good time to worship Him.

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> Marcus Aurelius kinda seems like a bitch
lol that's pretty good

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Anon, you have to suffer in life. The sooner you realise this, the easier it all becomes. We've all been given loads to carry, some heavier than others but that is besides the point. You need to bear your load nobly. Also stop touching your PP, you're degrading yourself.

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this comes dangerously close to the Nietzschean camel

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Un homme qui dort.
You’ll never learn how to live, anon. Learn to dangle.

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Read some existentialism like Nietzsche, Sartre, or Camus if you want to find a meaning for life. Read Stoic or Buddhist texts if you want a content life. Read the Bible, Mere Christianity, the bhagavad gita, the Quran, etc. for a spiritual life.

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