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Is it possible to live a life of intellectual integrity and general sense of accomplishment without interacting with the opposite sex?

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Depends on your definition of "interaction." I would suggest that, if you are truly of a broad enough mind to be a man of achievement, you'll inevitably come across some woman or other worthy of your interaction. Whether you want to fuck (which is clearly what your question's about) is up to you but really has nothing to do with intellectual or practical achievement.

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>you'll inevitably come across some woman or other worthy of your interaction

This could actually never happen though.

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Sure it "could," but that "could" is something on the order of "you could get struck by lightning the next time you go outside." For instance, even W.H. Auden, otherwise a committed homo, experienced probably the most intense romance of his life with a woman. Becoming a fully realized human being almosst necessitates meeting many people and many different kinds of people, and among them will be women.

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Without interacting at all would be very hard

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you still need your mom to cook you tendies bro

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>he doesn't know

oh boy...

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yes, it helps if anything

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Yes, and the paragon with the lightning is indeed correct. I encountered a lot of brilliant, creative and intelligent men in my life, such as artists, musicians and writers. Still very few if not one or two, and on the internet only, women with that level of brilliance that could give me some kind of remote inner fascination.

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>intellectual integrity
yeah maybe
>general sense of accomplishment
it's a man's man's man's world, but it wouldn't mean nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl, as a wise man once said

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My completely anecdotal experience after having meet a couple of those middle aged guys who never got into a lasting relationship or had kids: It turns you weird. Being on your own like that warps your personality.

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Imagine how ugly and annoying that woman will be when she's 60 years old.

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Only if you're gay

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It's not possible, it's necessary

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seethe faggot

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most geniuses didn't interact at all

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The wall.

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emily rudd is a genuine 10/10

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Have you ever considered tulpamancy? /x/-shit and shizophrenia claims aside, they make great lifelong companions.

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My inner monologue is already ever-present and devastating.

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I recommend you read up on it, if for sheer curiosity's sake alone.

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I want to lick her eyes.

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Get a life, cuck.

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Dilate tranny then kys.

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In fact, it is the only way. Women will only distract you from achieving what you want. Having said that, don't become a shut in autist. Just don't engage with women intellectually or physically

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Yes but it's much funner to live the life of a modern day digital flannuer with an retinue of attractive foreign girlfriends you've met on interpals and a twitter full of witty philosophical banter

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pretty cringe desu

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>born too late to explore the oceans
>born too early to explore the stars
>born just in time to explore the hearts of autistic third world girls with strict parents
We are living in the best timeline and you are wasting it complaining about women on 4chan.

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You think you're making some big point about women here, but you're showing more about yourself here, who you associate with and who you take seriously

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Dont do this it will ruin your life

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elaborate plz

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The best timeline was the ancient Greek period.

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Nobody is impressed by your obsession with e-pussy

the both of you need to seethe harder

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No because to have intellectual integrity and full accomplishment you need to have children

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post moar sir

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Not unless you want to hide in a monastery or the latter-day equivalent. You can't realistically avoid half the population forever.

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Some women look great at 60.

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You could be confusing cause and effect though. Perhaps they never got into lasting relationships because they were weird to begin with.

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>means nothing without women
OK, why not? The memories that satisfy me most are all focused on interactions with other men. In my experience, I'm more likely to be sad or cringe at the memories I've had with women, with few exceptions.

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Do you have a girlfriend/wife? How many guys fucked her before you?

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That just means you're gay

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It's already too late for me, lad.

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lol take your meds

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answer my question

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I'm not that guy, doofus

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Do you think it would work to engage them physically only, and not emotionally?

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That's a time period, not a timeline.

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I'm only ever going to interact with a tiny percentage of the population anyways.

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No it just means banging a girl that doesn't actually care about me in the back of my car isn't a meaningful memory, but I will never forget the times I've spent with the guys in my detail that I struggled through two years of my life with.

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>but it wouldn't mean nothing

So you're saying living a life devoid of women is meaningful?

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gaaaayyyyyyyyy haha

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That's kind of assumed by the idea of "general accomplishment".

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I'm 24, my partner is 55, haven't cared to ask.

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>>born too early to explore the stars

Nah, that's just a narrative you've been fed. The universe is vast and you have to earn your freedom to explore it.

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Best counterargument ITT.

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>I'm more likely to be sad or cringe at the memories I've had with women, with few exceptions.

Yea, I channeled all that anger and frustration into a mental barrier against women. I have not had even a passing interest in any female I've met since. It was worth it.

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It's interesting that the person obsessed with women is also a mental child.

Focus on meaningful interactions. If you can find a women who gives you that, great. If you can't, then at least you haven't wasted your life on pointless distractions. A life of meaning is better than a life of confusion.

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You're pussy whipped beyond imagination. She basically considers you her pet. The only meaningful counterargument to OP was raising your offspring. She can't even do that for you.

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u mad?

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i love u

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Accomplishment is cope. If you need dopamine hits, there are easier ways to get them.

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>Implying I'm in it for pussy
>Implying having children is life affirming
Yikes! Have sex incel.

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I'm pretty sure by interacting op intended in an interpersonal way.

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>implying you can't be asexual

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genuinely curious, how'd you even end up with her?

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Being a mischievous flirt as the only young man in an office full of older women.

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>>Implying I'm in it for pussy
>Have sex incel.

Aside from the fact your brain is so starved of zinc and magnesium because you're a living sex-toy, what other reason do you have to date someone far below your sexual market value?

>I'm in it for the money

That makes you a slave.

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Asexuality is heavily linked with autism, so congratulations anon. Now go back to /lbgt/ with the rest of the mentally ill.

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>sexual market value
lol you have literally been cucked by capitalism. your dick belongs to it

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Are you french ? (genuine quesiton)

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I'm Australian, she's Welsh.
>what other reason do you have to date someone far below your sexual market value?

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Wow. The best companion you can find is a 55 year old woman. Sad. Also weak.

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>Economics is capitalism

You've been cucked by socialism, it owns your soul while it deludes you into thinking property doesn't exist.

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>posts on 4chan
>thinks he isn't autistic

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>you have been cucked by capitalism
>you have been cucked by socialism
you both have been gugged by da joos, embrace third position :DDDDD

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Not only possible but encouraged. All the great big brains in human history have either gone into hermitage for meditation or at least sworn off women

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Is it possible to live a life of intellectual integrity and general sense of accomplishment while interacting with the opposite sex?
Seriously, sexual attraction is a distraction from self-discovery and productive activity. Why would you need that?

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I don't live under a socialist state and I'm not even sure if I would consider myself a socialist. But Marx's critique of capitalism remains largely correct

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Yeah but you can fuck up and next thing you know a giant deformed Fluttershy is stalking you

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> Marx's critique of capitalism remains largely correct
that's what politicians in my country say, and it's shit! want to change places anon?
>reddit spacing
sort yourself out, would you?

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>I don't live under a socialist state and I'm not even sure if I would consider myself a socialist

Then tell me how valuing things in terms of utility, supply and demand is 'being cucked by capitalism'.

>> No.15075331

that's just how I like to format my posts. I've been here for nearly a decade and have never visited Reddit. Seethe more ESL retard

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This is the ultimate red pill on men. Not inceldom, not MGTOW, not homosex. Your lifelong man to man relationships are far beyond what you’ll have with a woman. And far beyond what women have with eachother.

>> No.15075339

whatever you say
the offer to change places is still up anyways, anon, take it into consideration

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It just means that you view everything in terms of what Marx calls the "value-form": in this instance, you fail to realize that your dick has intrinsic value independently of its being compared with other dicks. This attitude alienates you from your own dick and puts it at the whims of the market instead

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>Heh, he thought aloud. Another one down.
>The clicker clack of his keyboard was the only sound in the dark, dusty basement he called Home. His cheetoh stained fingertips ran themselves through his long greasy hair and found their way towards his prodigious abdomen, giving it a good long scratch.
>These fucking cucks, he thought aloud again.

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While I have not read Marx, I have heard so much stupidity about his various analyses of value. I feel like, perhaps, in the original there is something to it, but that everyone who talks about it is unable to understand it. Due to this failure of understanding everyone who brings it up sounds like a flaming retard.

The primary evolutionary purpose of my dick is to impregnate women. If a person has erectile dysfunction, for example, the value of his dick is reduced to merely allowing him to piss.

You have also reduced a person's sexual market value (which includes other things, like intelligence, charisma, looks, health, status, etc.) to a conversation about dicks. This highlights your phallic fixation.

Also, I would argue that my post was more about 'use value' or 'trade value' (or even 'labor value' due to education, diet, exercise) than anything. But my counterargument has always been that the word 'value' should be a vector with components being the various different forms of value. Thus when we talk of 'value' we can be clearly referring to something's general or total value.

And none of this even touches the main point. Sure, something may have intrinsic value without regard to any comparison. But that still doesn't say why your decision making should lead you to eating rotten food over a fresh piece of fruit.

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I'm glad I was able to provide you with a short distraction from thinking about the horrible mistake you are making and the inevitable remorse it will lead to.

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that's the wall brother

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Is it possible to live a life of intellectual integrity and general sense of accomplishment WHILE interacting with the opposite sex?
It's enough to make me lose all hope

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To be honest, women who are as focused and driven as men are deathly. Women should be women; what do you really want a woman for? Well, she should understand you as you are, not know you for who you are at work. Having a relationship is supposed to be a welcome relief from adult life.

I know this board is filled with virgins who suppose that if women shared their interests, they could talk to them more freely and find love easier, but that's bullshit. Once you find that girl who shares all your male interests and you make love, you'll end up dumping her. You can't appreciate her for very long since she's actually just too boring and controllable, since she's so like yourself that you can just read her mind and get her to do anything. Then she'll manipulate you back, and you'll grow cold and indifferent to one another, it will be like a marriage that matured too fast.

A girl should try not to know anything beyond some dilettantish displays of knowledge. She should get rid of knowledge and intellect and replace them with caring and truthfulness and discernment. The last thing a man really wants after a long day at work (or even a short day at work) is an intellectual discussion.

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>born too early to explore the stars
implying there's anything out there

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I once had sex with a woman who was 41. I was so disgusted with myself afterwards, I vowed to never settle for a bitch over 30

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(Not OP) I understand what you mean, but ultimately disagree. I would be super happy if I met and married a girl who was exactly a female version of myself. Like as in, my percentile height (6'3") but for women (so 5'9"), my percentile on big 5 personality metrics but on the female scales, IQ, interests, etc.
>appreciate her for very long since she's actually just too boring and controllable
I feel like this is a feminine sort of mindset itself. I'm not really interested in an exciting woman to take me on an emotional ride. I'm looking for someone reliable, trustworthy, and suitable to marry and raise children with.
I can have all the intellectual discussions I want with my male friends.
I'd imagine that if I was a woman but aside from being feminine otherwise the same, I'd be looking for a man similar to myself.

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Where is the Book of Toloto? I must read it.

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>just build a spaceship, dude

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blessed life

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Wow. Just Wow.

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