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Thoughts on reading on your computer?

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fuck off, retard.

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Neither of you would have bumped this thread if it wasn't for this image.

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Based. Porn and masturbation ruined my life and made me a sensualist slave.

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does anyone know her name?

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This isn’t a thing

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im disgusted by the mere suggestion

not trying to be a pompous asshole or anything, it just seems so impossibly impractical and uncomfortable, you can pretty much only do it while sitting at a desk

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Not them, but are you fucking serious?
At this point to suggest that is just dangerous. We all know its not good for us. I'm sorry if this seems harsh but I think it needs to be said- people like you are holding back the fucking species with your apologetics for degeneracy.
Please dilate hylic.

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I did this in college with pirated textbooks, and now I have eye aids.

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Surrendering yourself to excess and especially to sicko porn is bad, but cutting oneself from their natural sensual life is just as bad. Priests who molest are a prime example.
B A L A N C E.

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t. woman

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>Ruck rou

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kant stayed virgin and celibate throughout his entire life and he did not even masterbate

masterbation is a sin

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I don’t want to shame anyone for a lacking or absent sex life, but those who deny themselves adequate sexual release of any kind are vulnerable to all sorts of psychosis

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maybe they would have, with their actual opinion on the topic. but because of the picture, they just dabbed on op, who is a fag

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Julian the Apostate and Basil II the Bulgar-Slayer are two Roman emperors who died virgin and celibate. They could have had any woman they want because they were the most powerful men on Earth, yet chose not to have any. They both were highly intelligent and worked like maniacs. Women and sex are just useless distractions.

Friedrich II of Prussia was also another asexual ruler. He had a wife but he never slept with her. He is by far the greatest ruler in German history,

Celibacy and lack of masturbation cause one to devote everything to his work.

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>deny themselves adequate sexual release of any kind are vulnerable to all sorts of psychosis
as opposed to the psychosis of being an animal craving sex and addicted being to that? between all the neurotics I know there is not a SINGLE celibate.
and before you mention the stupid priests, guess what, if you're a priest who molests kids you're NOT a celibate. fucking peabrain tripfag

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Feels pretty good that I could punch your fucking lights out without even scuffing my knuckles ngl

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U r an animal faggot

Know ur place

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I don't get it

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alternative question, what does /lit/ think of reading on your phone?

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I hate this tranny

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Yeah sure, except married priests/religious are more prone to it than the celibate... Sorry fag

Plus not pleasuring yourself to a film = cutting oneself from their natural sensual life? Jeeze, I'm surprised someone as moronic is even able to write... Do you sometimes forget to breathe?

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Er, dude, most celibate priests are in fact celibate, and don't molest kids... Although to be fair, most "kiddy-diddler" priests are actually just homos, who have affairs with pubescent teens, but the media don't like saying it like it is...

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You live under a rock

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If nofap makes you successful why aren't you married or having a job instead of sperging out on an anonymous board like the pathetic virgins you are?

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Personally, I really just need physical paper to read off for best comprehension and reading. Off a screen, it’s just odd and doesn’t work for me.

Also fuck off coomer thread

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nice argument, coomer

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