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Why was he so triggered by Nietzsche

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What his thought led to would trigger anyone.

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the based baron spanked that pathetic german incel hard
get rekt, kiddo

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the eternal anglo archetype
>In 1943, Russell expressed support for Zionism: "I have come gradually to see that, in a dangerous and largely hostile world, it is essential to Jews to have some country which is theirs, some region where they are not suspected aliens, some state which embodies what is distinctive in their culture".

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>If Nietzsche were here right now, I would tell him he is a big bully
Russell was basically the world's most successful dilettante. His history of philosophy should prove how shallow he was intellectually

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why did he get devastated all the time?

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I actually support Israel even though i'm an antisemite
Well, I would if they would all just go there and fucking stay there.

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Sorry, but you're now liable for a report for racism outside of /b/. It's not personal, anon.

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holy shit this new janny is really out to prove herself (male)

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so your reponse to the question is that he didn't like Nieztsche's philosophical outlook because he's an "eternal anglo" who had some sympathies for the historically persecuted Jewish race in Europe?

Jesus Christ, please go back >>>/pol/, is there anything that doesn't in some way lead back to the Jewish question for people like you?

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Why did he endorse and eulogize Ho Chi Minh?

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You're an idiot.

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>I base my whole philosophy on the FACTS, not what I want or how I feel but empirical FACTS

>I can't disprove Nietzsche but his world view doesn't feel right. literally caused COMMIENAZIS!!!

Stick to maths and debating Christians (Beating a dead horse) you old fart

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Typical passive-agressive dismissive response from an angl*-sax*n degenerate

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*Your ;)

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Dumb anglo

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It's the same thing I run into with a lot of professors. I don't understand how someone can write off Nietzsche. I don't understand how someone can write off anyone in the canon. I don't mean temporarily, like critiquing here and there, but swearing off their entire works to the extent of Russell. Am i weak? Am I a coward? I don't hate Dryden, Austen, Woolf, Joyce, Nietzsche, Luther, but I hate Russell. Shoot I might not even hate him if i got into analytical philosophy, but he's one of the few I do with how WEAK he is. Look at what he said of Schopenhauer. How can someone go that far?

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reminder that positivism is for actual midwits.
I know this meme is thrown around a lot but in this case it is completely applicable. Logical positivism is a philosophy for midwits. I am a graduate student at Columbia and I have a lot of friends in other elite academies who study STEM and not a single one is a logical positivist. The only logical positivists I've ever met are STEM guys from state schools or other lower ranked private institutions i.e. 115IQ midwits.

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Because deep down he knew Nietzsche's schizoid ramblings were filled with ten thousand times the wisdom than his make-pretend micky-mouse-maths.

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Because Russell was an Anglo philosopher. When Nietzsche (rightfully) pointed out that Anglos can't into philosophy he got real bootyblasted and then proceeded to spend the rest of his career proving Nietzsche right.

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Anglos have always had a sense of inferiority toward the Germanics

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But why? Even after the Empire they managed to make by themselves?

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Because he believed in objective moral facts, muh good and evil while Neet was opposed to and mocked all of that.

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This. Its usually the people at the top with the most jealousy towards their betters.

No wonder that its Anglos, French and Jews who hate the Germans the most, these people are in their own superiority bubble until they meet the German.

No doubt America and the British joined the two great wars, because of German philosophy and composers. Nothing arrouses hatred from elites, like beating them in the field of culture.

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All analytics can't understand based Nietzsche

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Carnap knew he was based though.

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Russell was an empiricist, and there is nothing empirical in Nietzsche, just feelings. Russell necessarily engaged Nietzsche in the same domain, feelings, and expressed his disgust and contempt for the hatefulness of the small, weak German academic who trusted to absurdity his over-wrought feelings about a glory he never experienced, but in reason, to which Russell, not Nietzsche, devoted himself, such conflicts of feelings are meaningless, because we must all submit to truth. Nietzsche is infantile and he appeals to infantiles. Russell may have flaws, but he gave little baby boy Nietzsche a resounding paternal telling off in the Anglo fashion.

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>t. butthurt A*glo bugman

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nice b8 m8

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>thinks race gives him any superior quality over another
Truly the cope of the most pitiful men, it's like nationalism but even worse as it extends from an ignorant pride in one's nation to one's entire "race" (despite there being negligible distinguishing differences between most of the N.European peoples after years of co-existence and inter-breeding)

the level of cope is genuinely quite funny, but also is actually quite a bit sad too

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>it is essential to Jews
is this wrong?

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I do t see this as wrong as long as he has similar views of nationstatehood to other countries as well.

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So feelings do not have a empirical existence? Are you dumb?

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>tfw getting a strong urge to watch porn
I've been clean for so long

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Anglos are terrified of truth, Universalism run through their veins

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Because he demolishes they're naive realism and calls them out on being sexually frustrated bugmen.

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Nietzsche was intuitive, or as he puts it, "clever", everything that Russell was not. He needed no gay justifications to appeal to universality as his philosophy was evident to the few he needed to speak to, artists, seekers, wanderers, definitely not mathematicians, and Nietzsche didn't even necessarily want to be always "correct", again everything that Russell wanted and it seemed needed to be since he spent the latter half of his life solely in self-justification.

Most of all, again as is evident to the lucky few, Russell betrayed himself in his life, he did not "become who he was" but instead some sort of arch Anglo pop philosopher. And as Russell seemed to using Nietzsche's life to criticize him, it is only fair that I do so now. So much for ressentiment

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He was a crypto-christcuck

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You know who else might call themselves intuitive because they suck at logic? Emotional women on Twitter. Nietzsche and the seething weaklings of the same ilk he speaks to are on the same level of self indulgent masturbation.

The way people try to criticize Russell for his sharp remarks against Nietzsche's personal life is funny because Russell only does it because of how bitter and personal Nietzsche is in his remarks against other philosophers. Why is it seething weaklings love to dish it out but can never take it?

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I figured lit would like Russel, since he hates philosophers that act like emotional school girls.
Guess I was wrong.

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We don't like philosophers who are literal cucks and act like soulless reddit soibois either.

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>feels > reals!

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Better for them to have their own country to burn to the ground rather than ours. Zionism is based

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As an anglo I can say with confidence that we are a nation of midwit spergs, and that the typical anglo thought is as sterile, barren and ugly as our women. We would be better off leaving both to the savages that have colonised our country.

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t. Muhammed

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why would I refer to myself as a savage?

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Nothing really comes to mind off the top of head except “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro has a heterosexual sex scene from the female’s perspective near the end.

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Is there anyone he didn't BTFO?


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Louise Erdrich, Anais nin, Colette

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He was a literal cuck.

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Who knows, if I looked like a hairy raisin I'd probably get butt-blasted about stupid shit too

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>there is nothing empirical in Nietzsche, just feelings
lmao, the so-called "hard interpretation" of Nietzsche (which Russell criticizes) exposed all morality as being simply wishful thinking. What's empirical about morality? What's empirical about strength, power, a sword? In a passage in BGE Nietzsche also does away with all "philosophizing" on God and Kantian "otherworldliness" and insists that empirical reality is the only world there is, and we have no need of another. How's that for empiricism?

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>bashing nationalism to defend zionism

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It's okay when we do it, goyim. That's just how it is, don't question it.

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Schopenhauer was talking of nationalism in a time where "nationalism" meant arguing over whether Frenchmen or Germans are the better writers and painters. By all standards (even those of his own time) Schopenhauer was a conservative. He wrote about the different races all the time, and you should see what he had to say about the Jews.

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Jay Dyer destroyed this retard.

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Holy fucking shit true. I read his Proposed Roads To Freedom and it's just filled with bullshit arguments a 15-year-old who has read the bread book could counter. It's honestly infuriating, it's like he hasn't read anyone he criticizes. He even tried to "own" socialism by saying the ANTS are like socialists, "yet they fight and eat an ant from another base" or some shit like that.

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Who are you quoting

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>dismissivist dismissivism

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Russell was a worthless willing cuckhold. He literally raised his wife's son not just one but twice.

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He was a based cuckold

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Virtually the only people Nietzsche despised more than the English philosophers were the German antisemites.

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>Better for them to have their own country to burn to the ground rather than ours.
Because that already satisfied them, right?

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>missing the point

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