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What's the best of Arthurian fiction? Is it pic related?

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Parzival is the best Arthurian romance. Change my mind.

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The Faerie Queene obviously

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What did you like about it?

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It fuses the Arthurian legend with the legend of the Holy Grail.
It also features two completely different main figures, Parzival and Gawan. While Gawan already is the very model of a Knight, Parzival at the start of the book is just a stupid, but talented kid and we watch him rise, fall and rise again.
It's really worth reading.

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Gawain and the Green Knight is my favorite. Definitely more on the mystic side with its emphasis on myth and dream-logic

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Are any of the more contemporary books any good? I usually see a lot of the really old books recommended when people talk about King Arthur stuff.

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Extremely based. Parsifal also has the most godlike music in a Wagner opera.

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The Warlord Trilogy by Bernard Cornwell
Down the Long Wind by Gillian Bradshaw
The Merlin Series by Mary Stewart

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I hate bullshit revisionist king arthur stuff that has come out post-2000 where King Arthur stops being an hero and is more "complex"

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Care to elaborate? Arthur has always been sort of complicated

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he literally tried to kill a baby

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>implying this is in any way a bad thing.

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But in a heroic manner.

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>with its emphasis on myth and dream-logic
Care to elaborate? You mean how he fulfills his promise and journeys to the green knight, and the surreal landscapes he passes along the way?

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Idylls of the King by Alfred Tennyson is a must read epic.


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Mary Stewart's Merlin Trilogy


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Is the film Excalibur a great adaptation of Le Morte d'Arthur?

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Yeah, everything. The Green Knight's grotesque challenge, his associations with fairies, his illusions and secret trial to warn Gawain about Morrigan le Fay.

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>Is the film Excalibur a great adaptation
I think so, some aspects are dated but it really gets the tone of the story and it has some really good production design and cinematography, also it has Nicol Williamson who is one of my favorite actors.


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What should one start reading to get the best experience? No modern stuff please.

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>Arthurian fiction
I think Sword at Sunset is one of the most underrated.

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The Mists of Avalon

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where did Authorian mythology come from and how are all the stories linked.

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From Brythonic/Welsh folklore(there's a chance that it came from Straithclyde, I don't care enough to recall the exact characters that may have been "northern Arthurs" though), altho there's no preserved full celtic version of the cycle, Mabinogion has some really old takes on Arthur in "Culhwch and Olwen" and so on, it's probably just the oral tradition that's older than 12th century and given that Mabinogion was written in prose it's likely that no anachronisms have been preserved in the text(I don't know anything about that side of it though). My take is that the actual historical Arthur defeated Anglo-Saxons at some point and died in battle against a man who's name was close to Mordred, everything else is probably just an attempt to link various families etc. to the legendary hero.

The first complete cycle can be found in "Merlin and the Grail", most of the later recollections are based of "The Death of Arthur" though(as it was written down as a kind of full-blown collection of Arthurian cycles, with lengthy digressions describing the actions of different knights).

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Fantasy writers have a lot to answer for in reducing British mythology to cheap storybooks for kids. The Arthurian legends should hold the same weight and gravity as the Hellenic or Scandinavian myths.

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bruh, I'm scandinavian, and nordic mythology constantly gets milked for all its worth for cheap books, shows, movies, etc., with zero care or respect for the original myths

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I'm really enjoying Idylls of the King.

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That’s true, and the same is also becoming true of Hellenic mythology too. The whole pervasion of mass media into sacred areas like that is disgraceful and should be stopped. Myths are real.

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Is it even determined by the end exactly who or what the Green Knight even is? Did Morgan la Fey disguise her king with magic, or was it indeed a separate spectral entity?

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>Is it pic related?
No, that's the second-worst one after Mists of Avalon.

Best is pic related.

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>book hasn't been in print in my language since '99
>order a copy
>it gets lost in the mail

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Sorry anon.

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Finn or Hun?

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How do I learn middle english?

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Learn both middle high German and Old French first, middle English will be easy to learn then.

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The Mabinogion has some wonderfully weird stories, would recommend. If you speak old Welsh, there's some lovely poetry too (some translations convey this).

This podcast is a nice introduction:

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I've heard people say the once and future king is the 2nd best fantasy novel of all time behind lotr. What's so bad about it in your opinion?

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Reading it now. It's so good.

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It just shits all over the Arthurian mythos with dumb "funny, ironic" pleb shit liek a guy calling for the fire brigade when he gets trapped in a tower and schmaltzy "reimaginings" of characters to make them more sympathetic to limp-wristed ninnies.

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Why do all the in print editions of this book look like shit?

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Look for some of the older prints of the book there are some good covers.

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Tristan and Isolt poems are pretty high end as well and were half adapted into the Arthurian legend, all 4 poem versions I've read were all very good, would recommend

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>when sir gaehris kills his mom for getting ready to do it with sir lamerock
Must have really hated the irish

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I'm having trouble finding any on ebay or Abebooks, it doesn't help that apparently everyone who bought the unpublished conclusion to The Once and Future King is trying to sell me their copy of the Book of Merlyn

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The out of print ones really aren't much better
If this book was actually any good people would care and publish a beautiful edition instead of shitting out this garbage

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I had this exact book. Lent it to a friend, never got it back. I'm still upset about it.

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Wolfram's Parzival
Malory's Le Mort d'Arthur
de Troyes's Erec and Enide; Cliges; Yvain; Lancelot; and Perceval
Swinburne's Tristram of Lyonesse
von Strassburg's Tristan

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I actually started the Mabinogion a few days ago. Haven’t gotten to the actual Arthurian tales yet but the characters have a lot of life and energy

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Gawain and the Green Night was always my favorite Arthurian story as a kid. It does operate with a sort of fairy tale logic (which may have been the appeal for me)

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Kind of weird reading MZB knowing what we know now. Shame because I really enjoyed Darkover even with all the kooky 70s feminism.

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IIRC we don't have enough evidence to even conclude that Mordred was an enemy of Arthur's, just that a person with that name existed and participated in a battle with him.

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I don't know man I think people have been simplifying stories like this to make them more comprehensible and palatable to children for a very very long time. I don't think it undermines the original stories. Most of us are probably here because we read or were read simplified and sanitized Arthurian myths as children.

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Is it better if a myth is perverted but still introduced to the general public by mass media, or if it is forgotten and replaced by something entirely new (and probably freakish)?

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got an epub?

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I got into the arthurian mythos by watching Merlin on BBC, which is as far from the source material as possible, so I don't think there's anything wrong with modifying the source for a new audience since they can always go to the source if they're interested.

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I for one applaud the belittling of a*glo "myths"

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> Arthurian fiction
It's pretty much all fiction. There's hardly any solid evidence for most of it.

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True, Percy Jackson and Ovid’s Metamorpheses are also basically the same thing

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What is the best version of Le Morte D’Arthur? Preferably a hardcover one

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Did T.H. White say something really racist or why did the publishing industry collectively decide to clown on his work?

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there's a bird in it that hates niggers and bolsheviks, could be a contributing reason.

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T. H. White was a gay man who hated everything the original writers of the Arthurian romances believed in and you can tell in the book

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there's a edition with included illustrations by arthur rackham
kino, the scene where reinvigorated arthur rides rides out with his knights whilst carmina burino builds up is cinematic magic.

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The Barnes and Noble one? Pretty sure it’s out of print now

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am confused, didn't the arthurian legends hold the same weight and gravity as the greek/norse mythology did for their cultures? why else would we have things like la morte d'arthur, wagner's parsifal, tennyson's idylls, etc. etc.? or are you just butthurt that these things were all produced long ago and had plenty of time to rise in our shared culture and can't be bothered to separate the wheat from the chaff today?

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Is it worth reading if Ive already read Le Morte De Arthur?

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The Mabinogion and Geoffery of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain.

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Bruh, middle english is pretty easy after you spend a couple hours hacking away at it, unless you're ESL.

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Yes absolutely.

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I found the book unreadable. Couldn’t even make it past the first chapter. I don’t know why but everything about it seemed to be “cheapening” the original content. I don’t know anything about the author but I would imagine the feeling I got from reading it would be similar to if I attempted to read a John Green adaptation of The Aeneid.

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It's good for a laugh, but that's about it.

This anon got it right.

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There's a racist bit in the Book of Merlyn where the wizard says that "lower races" can't tell the difference between themselves and the rest of the world, so they spit to try and make it rain.

There's also the racist bird >>14980119 but he's meant to be crazy, not sympathetic.

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