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What the fuck does 'open to different interpretations' mean?

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shut the fuck up faggot

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I want this dude’s balls on my face ngl

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Are you look at your computer monitor or is the monitor looking at you?

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Me too

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Actually not attracted to him. Don’t like the freckles on his nose, his eyes look sunken and there’s something about his lips and cheeks that just looks dumb. I suppose what it means by “open to different interpretations” is that some people will find different aesthetic value and importance in different areas due to different perceptions, like how I don’t find this guy hot at all. There, managed to connect OP picture to thread topic.

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I want to suck his dick.

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Why is this board so gay?
I mean I find him cute too, i'm legitimately asking why there's a correlation between liking lit and penis.

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>posting an 11/10 megachad
>acting surprised when people want to gobble his dick

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Literature has historically targeted gay men as an audience because you'd have to be gay to sit down and write all this shit for other gay nerds to read instead of getting mad pussy.

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I want my balls on HIS face :^)

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I consider myself straight but I enjoy gay sex very much.

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I’m a based bisexual. 90% attracted to chicks but will definitely gobble a cock for a megachad like op pic

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