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Why did god reject Cain's offering?

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God can see his porous heart of darkness

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shut the fuck up

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Because God hates urbanites and agriculturalists (unironically the reason why, evidenced by Cain being a farmer whose descendants built the first cities).

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Hold on I got critical thinking on the other line, let me ask...

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Holy shit that’s a good picture

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Cartoon semen is good? It’s a blue board and not allowed

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Because he felt like it.

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butterfly for fucks sakes

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kys animal

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God likes blood and the smell of burnt flesh. Most Christians gloss over this because it makes them uncomfortable

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I don't think you're a lesbian after all.

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Lesbians don’t like semen. What do you not get?

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it's sweat you disgusting coomer

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The picture is good because it mocks the trend of OP’s posting scantily clad women with banal topics to get more people talking about the image than the question posed.

It’s really fucking obvious what I meant in my post you god damn fucking idiot.

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What's wrong with sailors?

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Where the fuck is the semen you pretentious heterosexual?

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because then the fairy tale garbage wouldve ended and it isnt enough to make a cult out of retards

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A turtleneck sweater and bulky jacket is “scantily clad” now


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Yes, and it always has been.

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In the United Saudis of Arabia maybe.

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Because Abel came with a sacrifice, where’s Cain brought in a mere offering. What Abel did he did for the sake of his family, paid to his Father, and not some sort of bloodlust, such as the kind Cain would inflict on his brother. You can also see how this parallels the all ties with the idea of “family sacrifice”; Abel wickedly sacrificed by his brother Cain, Abel sacrificing himself for his brother/family, Cain’s offering being denied by God. Cain was a coward through and through, in all ways straight or tangled.

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He was on a low fibre diet and cain knew that.

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When did I say that idiot?

I was talking about the reaction image that mocks a trend on 4chan, not OP’s image.

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You are being obtuse, surely you know this?

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>turning off your trip because you got called out for being an idiot

You’re the one who thought I was referring to semen on an anime girl instead of the whole image as it relates to 4chan dimwit.

You have been thoroughly BTFO and are dismissed.

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You are an absolute idiot

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>Lesbians don’t like semen
you are embarrassingly stupid and a useless janny

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He was on the keto diet

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because he was pretty lazy, he never went after animals and just found vegetables which are easy to farm.

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