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Hey /lit/ I'm thinking about subscribing to NatGeo to get access to their archives.

is it worth it?

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thot posters should be shot on site.

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More feet

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I wouldn’t. They’ve always been a YA picture book kind of thing. Not sure the writing was any better back then either. Go ahead if it interests you though.

Die in a fire

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I didn't know you were into traps

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>women without makeup are literally men.

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Yes, most women look like men. After all, women were created from a man's rib.

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Ha! A myth. You are a literal deformity.

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>if it looks manly at it's a man
definitely not what I was implying Miss(?) Flutterby

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Women are cockless men with tits. YOU are a deformity.

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But males start as females in utero

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And then they evolve into huMANs.

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that doesn't change the fact that the default state is female so male is altered (deformed?) state of being

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Male is the evolved state. The ultimate human. Female is the lower state, meant as a human factory and nothing more.

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holy shit

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Based. Reminder masturbation drains energy and distracts you and once you remove sexual distractions from your life your sex drive and arousal dramatically decrease allowing a monk like state of peace where you are free to read and have energy again.

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Tits look fake.

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Cope, nipple boy

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All the great writers, poets, artists, musicians, scientists, inventors, etc. are MALE. Cope more lower human.

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OP if you have the money to toss around like a flippant dandy, by all means. I've enjoyed many a natgeo article

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My load should be shot on (this) site.

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