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Try to talk me out of solipsism.

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>try to talk me out of
the entire phrasing of the question itself is proof of skepticism already

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If you are the only thing that exists, then how are you posting on /lit/?

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No need, because it's right. It's a little more nuanced than schopenhauerian transcendental egoism. It's a necessary consequence of a few phenomenological considerations, namely that the transcendental subject stands outside the world and that when he dies it is not just the subject that comes to an end but the world absolutely. The mere presence of experience in each individual subject means that this must be the case for all subjects. Perforce solipsism is true, but it is pluralistic.

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>As against solipsism, it is to be said, in the first place, that it is psychologically impossible to believe, and is rejected in fact even by those who mean to accept it. I once received a letter from an eminent logician, Mrs. Christine Ladd-Franklin, saying that she was a solipsist, and was surprised that there were no others. Coming from a logician, this surprised me. The fact that I cannot believe something does not prove that it is false, but it does prove that I am insincere and frivolous if I pretend to believe it.

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What would be the point? You're not real

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Nice try, me.

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You can't be sure of anything.
But if you don't at least take what your eyes see as being real, then you might as well be a madman; no connection or consequences with reality.
Yes, our sense aren't absolute, or even immutable. But it's all we've got to start with, so don't throw them away.

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No. Fuck off.

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>Bhodi Mantra
I'm surprised to see him again.

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Not even what Solipsism implies.I'm not one myself, but doesn't it just mean you beleive that your cognition or awareness or soul or self or being which uses thoughts to think, is the only one of it's kind and nobody else has any? Much like NPC meme.

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people become solipsists through external world skepticism. it's skepticism about other minds

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Why don't ""you"" talk Me out of solipsism, figment?

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solipsism is good because whenever i read a great book it feels nice to know i created it

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Your brain has chemicals flowing around in it just like everyone elses. So how come you get to be the only sentient being here?

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Even the solipsist should concede that the images of other persons act in a similar way to himself. These other persons, even if they were nothing but projections of your being, act—if not consciously—at the least »in a conscious way».

Now ask yourself, not »How can i prove?» but instead »What is the meaningfull differerence?». What is the meaningfull difference between acting consciously, and acting in a conscious way? It appears it makes no difference whether solipsism is correct or incorrect; the question being asked is already meaningless.

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This is such a retarded argument. Other minds not existing has tremendous implications and would radically alter how one operates and behaves within the world (or his world rather).

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The problems in philosophy arent that solipsism is some highground for you to take refuge in, but that the problem of other bodies/other minds is argued for despite the inability to prove with certainty despite our best insights.

At most we can know we are thrown among people and that despite our best efforts, vulnerable against the other

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no minds exist

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The question does not concern if minds exist, only what label to place on that already-present phenomenon – that is my point.

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Why do you make yourself experience pain and why do you have an idea of infinite pain?

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>believe solipsism
>uses words like "me" and "I"


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There would be no point. Coronavirus would be a fairly strong indication as to the existence of other people (who else would've infected you)?. You won't be acting cool on your deathbed, and I imagine you'll be coping very hard to justify your newfound theism

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you kinda did

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Why would the only self be as much as a loser as you are? I mean if there was only one consciousness, it would make sense for them to be doing something relevant or making something transcendental.

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Op btfo

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Have a drink.

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You’re just role playing as an actual solipsist would shoot up a mall or cut off his own arm or something schizophrenic like that. You’re just a run of the mill teenage LARPer dipshit who probably dabbles in Neo Nazism as an escape from his chronic virginity

Did I hit the nail on the head?

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Do you think i care wether you believe in me or not? I will make you hurt, i will make all of the phenomena as painful and real as i can, so that you will be convinced im real. When truly its not only you, its you and me. And i am in control :3

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Why would you choose to be faggot if you could choose otherwise?

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>>14883712 you're welcome

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