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Is futurism actually any good, and if so what are some of the best works from it?

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deez nuts on your chin. Besides that, a plethora of architecture, art, styles of engineering vehicles etc., fashion, and many influences in contemporary and later art styles like art deco

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yeh nah thanks, but that's not really literature is it

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You're asking about a movement primarily associated with visual arts where even literary productions were tied to the aesthetic potential of experimental typography and probably don't translate to English very well. Their essays are entertaining though and written with the kind of inflammatory vigor you'd expect..

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fair enough, I only found out about it through marinetti yesterday and was wondering if there was any other good stuff knocking about

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There are a handful of Futurist novels in English like Marinetti's Mafarka you could look into. I think Aldo Palazzeschi's Man of Smoke is one of the few (only?) still in print.

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cheers boss

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