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I don't believe women are sentient enough to insult.

A man can imagine some argument to be made about how they are lacking in some way to be insulting. A man can imagine something going against what they believe to be right or appropriate to be insulting. It is objective reality which is insulting to a man.

Conversely, women are creatures that cannot understand argumentation or fact. The concept of presenting some logical rationale as to why something is objectively one way or another means nothing to a woman. It is only social influence that can insult women. A woman has a purely superficial reaction to judgement by society. This is all that women can conprehend and nothing else.

Therefore, women are not sentient enough to be insulted directly and social control is required to offend women.

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shut up stupid those are the gayest reasons to hate women ever.. pansy. something objective reality bla bla. what the hell lol. imagine needing a REASOn to hate women... they're fucking women!!

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it's true, OP. they're just stupid pieces of fuckmeat. they're like animals. men who love and protect and believe women are no better than animals, too. they're not real men.

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Whether that matters or not, I don't know. That is one impressive painting. I get some sense of the women in the scene showing their admiration to the philosopher living in his pot.

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that would never happen in this day and age, bitch would call the cops on the hobo after yelling at him, go home, beat her children, and fuck her rich husband.

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based based based based based based based!

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Nope. I wish I had a time machine.

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Is your OP an elaborate psy-op desgined to make yourself able to call people cunts in public without being held by a fear of retaliation? Because it does sound like it is.

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