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how do i become well-read whilst working 9 to 5 and all that?

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Just get a job where you can read, like as a security guard.

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Whatever your definition of “well read” is, it’s going to take a while. *work* gets in the way of life. Hope you do something you like.

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i have a job where i have to do maths with spreadsheets all day. at best if i can tear myself away for lunch i read for 30 minutes.

after work i just get home, cook, eat and try to study foreign languages or a bit of math before bed. not really time to become erudite besides spending my entire weekends reading.

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That job doesn’t allow you to read
Clerk at a hotel, gas station or parking lot attendant.
Not lovable jobs

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yeah my job is very intellectually stimulating.

but i want to have read and committed to memory more, than work seems to allow.

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>spending my entire weekends reading.
That was me, yeah.

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You don't

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>work 9hrs (assuming 30minute commute each way)
>sleep 8 hours
>making food 1hr
>exercise 1 hr
>misc tidying 30mins
>19hr30m, 4hr30m free per day
>each book averages between 3-7hrs reading
you could read for just 1 hours a day and still read 1-2 books a day, 52-104 per year but two hours a day would still be more than reasonable which ups it to 104-208 books per year, people who say they don't have time to read and other bullshit excuses just aren't willing to actually read, if they were then they would, and if they did they'd realize they've got more than enough time to read a fuck ton of books imagine if once every couple weeks you spent an extra 16 hours reading over the weekend as well

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Sacrifice your social life

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read 5 to 9

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Don't listen to NEETcucks in this thread, most great men worked jobs and were well-integrated, successful members of society.
Just use your free time and listen to this anon >>14663121

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>Wake up early and read
>read at lunch
>read on transit if possible
>read at like 9pm until bed
>read at least two hours as soon as you wake up on weekends

Stop making excuses op, if you dont want to read than do something else

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Understand that it's not a matter of finding time, but of finding energy. Concentration uses up your body's resources. If you're tired, you can't focus. If it's easy reading, then sure you can relax and do some after work, but if it's heavier stuff you'll be hard pressed to draw anything out of it after work / during work works. Do the tougher reading early on weekends after a good breakfast and coffee / tea, and keep light reading for workdays.

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>That job doesn’t allow you to read
I work as a security guard and all I do at work is sit and read and write

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False. He just told you what security jobs are like.

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I listen to audiobooks and podcasts while at work.

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It depends what place you get the job at. I had to stand around 12 hours in my shoes with holes in them on the first and last day as a security guard. I got paid well for that though.

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I've done secutity and can confirm it is based when it comes to reading and writing. You walk your rounds completely alone and immersed in thought, if you're lucky you do so outside. Then when you are done with your lap you have time to sit and write out your thoughts or read. It's the best.

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>tfw my mom is distressed at my lack of ambition
>she will never understand this blessed security guard feel

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By reading.

And maybe spend less time making stupid threads.

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read between 5 and 10

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Solution is spend your free time reading constantly. I haven't done it in years but in HS I would spend every moment I wasn't in classes or talking to other people reading. I didn't have any social life though so your gonna have to pick and choose

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Work part time

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Being "well-read" is a meme based entirely in insecurity. Read because you enjoy it. Read because you want to learn about a subject. Don't read just for the ability to say you've read something.

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If you take public transit to work, read then. Read when you get home instead of shitposting.

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>each book averages between 3-7hrs reading
good lord you people can read fast

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Nigga, that's like 6-7 hours of free time a day assuming you don't have any other commitments on that particular day, that's plenty of time to read.

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I often find that reading is a very laboring task, it takes a large amount of mental energy to absorb and understand books to the level where I dont feel like I'm just wasting my time staring at words. This is why i have trouble finding time to read: if i spend 11 hours one day in on campus/in class, the last thing I wanna do when I get home is break open finnigans wake, especially since i also have to find time to exercise and study a foreign language (two more laboring tasks). So yeah, even though I TECHNICALLY have about 2 hours of free time day, I am not going to spend them reading, I will be pleasuring myself to imouto doujins

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>dumb enough to get jewed into 9-5
>i want to be well read

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because he was dumb enough to get jewed into 9-5

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It's not just time but energy required to actually read difficult texts.

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Truly the highlife. Every other job and status is pure cope in comparison. I envy you all. I don't think you can become a security guard without graduating highschool in my country, which I did not.

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Read 6 to 8

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but thats dinner time!

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Ben Franklin would read and eat at the same time. You can even eat the pages to really digest the material. You can do it Anon!

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You don't. Becoming well-read is the preserve of the elite, and paradoxically the neet; not wagecucks. And no, you will not become well-read by simply reading for a couple of hours a day.

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>need a high school diploma
>to walk around and make sure thieves aren't breaking in

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Ben Franklin was a fattie
Ben Franklin read during his meals
Reading during your meals makes you a fattie QED

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I’ve never seen a security guard sat and read, but I’ll take your word for it.
It doesn’t always allow for it. I knew a guy who thought he was sneaking in audiobooks on the job. His employers wouldn’t like it.