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Thoughts on this? Did you enjoy the format?

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yeah it was lots of fun. People should do more random shit like this

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Used to be my favorite book when I was 20. Ive outgrown it but from I can remember it's pretty cool. Also the idea with the house was awesome.

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Eat onions and die.

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not that guy but what was the point of your post? what are you even trying to say? is this how you communicate all your ideas? with autistic fits?

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>no fun allowed
ok fag

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i thought it was spooky and fun. it was a good book to get me into the habit of reading many years back. people say the gimmick wears out fast but that didnt happen to me

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Shut up, onions boy.
Go bingewatch netflix. Cringe. Yikes.

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im literally bingewatching netflix as we speak kek

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so you actually go around spurning fun? im genuinely curious, do you have friends? do they do the same thing? is it just one big circlejerk of who has the least amount of fun? and alternatively, if you don't have friends, that would explain everything

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imagine having fun

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based autist

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Yeah man, the eeriness of it was really novel and otherwordly. Have you read anything else from him? i was looking at goodreads and the reviews were pretty shit but again the reviews suck ass pretty much on every book entry

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i did because it reveals the chasmic hell of cosmic femininity

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I hated it. That being said, I applaud trying something different. It's a shame though that everything this guy writes is like this.

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I imagine viewing it unfavourably as a "gimmick book" really makes it easy for the gimmick to get old. I never felt like anything in the book was done without purpose or meaning behind it, which is a big reason why it's so impressive, considering the amount of unorthodox things it experiments with.

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could you elaborate on that? Haven't really thought about this aspect

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the house has the character of a primordial ocean, it's formless but also dissolves all concept of form.. classical metaphysics are patriarchal, heavenly, absolutist and the principle of the primordial ocean, the abyss, is matriarchy, dissolution, chaos, and liberty

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Fascinating. Have you read his next series, The Familiar? My girlfriend got me the first volume for christmas, but wondering if it holds up.

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sadly no! I wish I could tell you about it. I have heard that some of his projects outside of house of leaves are a little spotty but I can't speak to it myself

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I'll make a thread about it when I get around to reading it. It's seriously the heaviest book I've ever held, when it's moderate size is taken into account. Makes me wonder what the fuck kinda paper he used for it.

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It's definitely not as good imo sorry to say anon

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That's okay, as long as it's interesting in it's own right. I don't need everything to be better than similar things I've experienced in the past.
Honestly if people told me it was better I'd be skeptical.

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I love house of leaves but I will say it's the only one of his works were it feels like the formatting is justified from a narrative and structural point of view. Only Revolutions is a meme that I dropped and Fifty Year Sword is a glorified short story that feels actively hampered by its formatting.

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Unironically think it's a masterpiece of close to a masterpiece

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