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>guy at work says he likes Greek mythology
>ask him if he's read The Iliad as I recently read it and enjoyed it a lot
>gives me a weird look and says no he has not
>goes on to talk about how much he likes Disney's Hercules

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Riveting thread. Great work, OP.

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The virgin Iliad reader vs the chad disney mythologist

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this might be a shitpost but i had an eerily similar experience regarding some tribal tattoo retard and Assassins Creed Odyssey

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>this might be a shitpost

it literally happened to me today and looking back I thought it was kinda funny, although at the time was quite awkward.

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same hapened to me but it with nordic mythology. the guy claimed he "loved" norse myth and when i asked him if he had read any of the eddas he clarified that he only read comics but it was "basically the same but with drawings lol"
that's actually what he said

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i hope you learned your lesson today. act like you are more retarded than you are and you will make a lot more friends and have an easier go at life.

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Yeah me too I loved Gladiator

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Sad but true.
Normalfag need you to easy in when you mention subjects outside of the americanized midia(Disney's Hercules and assassin's Creed above), otherwise they will straight up "cancel" you thinking you are either a weirdo or someone trying to threaten his intelect

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More Chads would unironically love the Iliad if they ever read it and weren’t filtered by the catalogue of ships

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Extremely based co-worker.
Imagine wasting your time reading shit everyone already knows inside out via osmosis.

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nah I'm glad plebs get filtered by the catalogue of ships

same with moby dick at the cetology chapter

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Oh and Hercules is the best Disney renaissance movie

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>no trojan horse

It’s shit. No, this is not Virgil typing this, I promise.

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It’s pretty clear that “Homer” understood the concept of less being more unlike Virgin who literally bent history and myth to do whatever made Rome look better and his underworld scenes, good as they are, start to sound like a propaganda piece after a while, ignoring that Virgil basically tries to cram every reference to the Iliad and Odyssey as possible in his epic.

The Iliad on the other hand takes place in the course of 40 days in what otherwise was a 10 years war, telling what is essentially a psychological piece and its larger consequences. With Hector dead one does not even need to know about the Trojan horse to infer that Trou is doomed. If that’s not literary kino I dunno what is

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Herculad was my favourite character

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The catalog of ships wasn't even bad. Isn't the actual catalog only described for like two pages, and the rest of the chapter is dialogue?

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nah its meaningless for people living outside of Greece. Only pseuds read it thinking that by reading something cover to cover, they understand it better

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Yeah. It's a pointless piece for modern audiences. In his day, it tied into the broader tactic Homer uses to show how War Is Hell by making everyone who dies a character with hopes and dreams and a history and then they spend their last moments alive wallowing in blood, shit, and piss wracked with pain and crying to their mothers. Being unable to easily recognize Greek names and relate to the places these people are from, this is likely lost on a modern audience (even modern Greeks, as many of the places mentioned no longer exist, or the names are no longer used for being "too Greek" for Byzantine tastes). That also weakens its second goal, of establishing who is on which side and giving everyone someone to root for, as you'll like forget who Epistodolocletes is within a line and Dorophoriotos hasn't been inhabited since Muslims kidnapped and enslaved the entire populace in 1271AD.

It's still really cool, however.

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literally a map of greece at the front, mate

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Yeah but the Aeneid is better

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This but unironically.

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he wasn't wrong faggot

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You plebs probably didn't even read it in Greek.

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extremely based coworker. /lit/ nerds btfo

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ad absurdum faggot, you didn't hear recited it in the academy with the rest of your catamite bros

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you didn't even write it yourself, fucking nigger

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same shit happend to me i talked to a guy which was making fun of my friend for enjoying Norse mythology only through comics and he himself reading edda, i then asked this guy if he read them in the original old Norse with the help from understanding Icelandic and he gave me a weird look lol, when will they learn

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Threads like this are why /lit/ is necessary. Even now, as much as this board has degraded, at least I can come here and talk about great literature and actually get people to say something about it, even if it's just a shitpost. IRL if you bring up the Iliad or the Divine Comedy or Paradise Lost most people don't even know what you're talking about.

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I haven't found this to be true. Where do you live?

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Disney Hercules is great

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I had a friend send me a bunch of youtube videos on Athens (yes, including whatever Green brother does the history videos). I asked him if he was getting into Greek history, I have a philosophy degree and love talking Athens, so I tried to engage him on a few things. Turns out the only reason he had any interest in the topic was because he was playing AC. Ended up in an argument because he thought the life of an Athenian slave was better than being poor today

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Even the most midwitted /lit/ user is infinitely more learned than the sort OP encountered today, and for that at least we ought to be grateful to each other.

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>he thought the life of an Athenian slave was better than being poor today
Your dumb friend is right,.mr. philosophy beta fag

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jesus. the absolute state of modern society. sad thing is i know that 99% of people i have met would say the same shit. they "love" stuff...they've only watched some marvel movie about once or twice. or guys who will go on and on about how they're an expert on some subject, and it turns out they just browse the subreddit and occasionally read a wikipedia article.

dunning kruger. and the sad thing is these are university graduates i'm talking about, not even the average bumble-joe. like, universities you know the name of that would cost someone's salary as annual tuition.

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>ywn oil wrestle ancient greek men and fuck them afterwards

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y'ever wonder maybe what if the Iliad and the Odyssey were actually among the worst the Epic Cycle had to offer and they just unfortunately happened to be the ones that ended up being preserved?

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itt: hey! i found someone slightly more retarded than I am and now I feel superior!

Turn that slightly into greatly and you'll see how I feel reading this garbage thread.

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>t. I found someone slightly more retarded than I am and now I feel superior

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>girl in class has a pin on her bookbag about Greek mythology
>ask her if she has read the Illiad
>she gives me a 5 minute lecture on the Iliad and Odyssey
>we have a wide ranging conversation about the classics in which she makes puns about Cicero's orations against Catiline
>she gives me her number
>text her that night with a quote from Shakespeare
>she replies that "Julius Caesar was not a tyrant"
I'm not even making this shit up

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>Yeah. It's a pointless piece for modern audiences. In his day, it tied into the broader tactic Homer uses to show how War Is Hell by making everyone who dies a character with hopes and dreams and a history and then they spend their last moments alive wallowing in blood, shit, and piss wracked with pain and crying to their mothers.
That's not really it. Homer isn't a pacifist, and his primary audience of aristocrats was well aware of the horrors of war, seeing as they were the ones that made up their city's hoplite infantry. They weren't some zoomers who needed to be told How Horrible War Is so that they won't go "fascist" (which means not disputing the regime's policies and its thuggish enforcers and the aimless foreign wars it deems useful, of course).
To a degree it's a local pride thing- same as the march of flags at the Olypmics or the bit where the football players walk onto the field.
But this is even more important, seeing as the heroes were worshipped (not as gods, as dead men) in their cities; to name them is religiously vital. Not to mention that many of the nobles likely claimed personal, not just communal, descent from the heroes.
Moreover, the Catalog is simply nice to read, full of little details and minor stories, and every fragment of sacred history is important.
The trick is realize that Virgil is trying something very, very different from Homer. Whereas Homer wants to vividly tell you what (actually) happened, Virgil, writing a fictional piece, wants you to decipher all the little contradictions & omissions & see how clever he is.

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>she replies that "Julius Caesar was not a tyrant"
She's a keeper.

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>ask her if she wants to hang out
>she invites me to her apartment
>she has books on epigraphy, archaeology, Latin grammar, and the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure strewn about her room
>she has a vintage Nintendo 64 plugged into her TV, with her laptop having Guts from Berserk as her wallpaper
>dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep and blackout curtains on her windows
>we talk about Elagabalus, the Crisis of the Third Century, and Shakespeare for a couple hours
>she has every Roman emperor, including the ones from the Crisis, memorized in chronological order and knows what they did
>ask her what she does for a living
>she pauses for a moment and doesn't say anything

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>he thought the life of an Athenian slave was better than being poor today
It definitely was if you don't live in a developed country. Aside from literal slavery in many countries, economically you are locked into barely living with no upwards mobility.

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How? Poor & vile with modern sanitation is better than poor & vile without.
I mean, maybe if you were a handmaiden to some kind rich lady that would be better than working in a modern sweatshop, but that's not the comparison that should be made.

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It's more like your birthplace is important to ancients, especially warriors. Homer does not believe in 'War is Hell' nonsense. You don't understand ancient cultures. No one believed that shit until post ww2. It's simply acknowledging who they were so they won't be forgotten. Fame and recognition of warrior virtues are important.

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>ancients didn't have sanitation
>moderns all have good sanitation
Not even in developed countries does the last apply.

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I'm not saying that there aren't people like that, but I don't see how OP's case could be drunning kruger fault since his co-worker could be very aware of how little he knew about greek mythology and still like it, I read a lot of percy jackson as a kid and I could see something similar happening with me, but it can't be drunning kruger just because of that, what you're doing is closer to gatekeeping than to pointing modern society problems
>dude I love star wars
>oh yeah me too my favorite story is the one from that x book
>weird looking.png
>ooohhh look at the state of modern society

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I'd say perfect but
>Julius Caesar was not a tyrant
is a deal-breaker

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Follow your leader, Optimate

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>work up the nerve to ask her if she wants to go see a comic opera with me
>she says yes
>go, have a nice time, we talk and she smiles and laughs towards me
>I pay $60 for her ticket plus $60 for mine
>I'm dressed in a nice shirt, she's wearing a military jacket and combat boots
>on the way back, we talk about Alexander the Great
>dropping her off
>"I had a great time, Anon, thanks for taking me out, I'll talk to you tomorrow."
>meet up with her for lunch the next day
>tell her I love her
>she kind of gets an awkward look on her face and looks around nervously
>"Well, uh, I'm really sorry, anon, I just don't see you that way, but I still want to be friends."
>tell her that's okay
>go back to my apartment and cry for several days

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>kill tyrant and lead a military campaign that would have succeeded if not for miscommunications
>be venerated as a hero for all time while the tyrant in question becomes a synonym for amoral ambition
I will, thanks

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Fuck, anon, I'm sorry.

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That was 3 months ago now. She and I are still friends. We have gone to dinner a few times, she has introduced me to some of her friends, and I to mine. I still love her, but don't wish to pester her with my affections. I sometimes imagine that she is flirting, but I do not wish to make such an assumption and get hurt more.

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>murder a merciful, progressive ruler because he compromises your inane oligarchical privileges, which you're only able to do since he personally pardoned you & all your co-conspirators and didn't militarily occupy the city like a tyrant would
>kill yourself after setting off events of atrocity Cæsar would never have dreamed of and several decades more of civil war, while you rot in Satan's gnashing mouth for all eternity, while Heaven declares the man you murdered a god
Fixed that for you.

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My roommates used to call me pretentious because I read books other than fantasy genre fiction. One of them was a decent conversationist, but the other wouldn’t care about a subject if it didn’t pertain to a meme, piece of media, normie-kino films, or the minutiae of his day. The only hobby he ever took interest in was d&d, but his campaigns were the most generic fantasy trite, I wouldn’t bring this up if he wasn’t taking it so seriously.

I’ve learned the art of small talk to blend in, but I need something more than that to take you seriously.

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Achilles is literally the archetypal chad of literature.

>> No.14370455

Imagine trying to read Ulysses without understanding any of the references, imagine being content to absorb all the great works of humanity through adjacent references in pop culture.

>> No.14370458

It was the first postmodern Disney movie.

>> No.14370462

Odysseus more desu. Achilleus is closer to a school shooter bitch boy.

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Ulysses is too shrewd to fit either the virgin or chad archetype, it’s being too kind to either side.

>> No.14370471

Honestly Agamemnon fits the chad trope more

>> No.14370474

Apologies, I thought we were using chad in the purely positive sense.

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t. dantard
>perpetrator of mass genocide and initiator of extremely long-winded and disastrous civil war leading a faction of gangsters who then proceed to tyrannise the state and cause decades more of civil wars the moment they're not supervised by a man who can pretend to be halfway ethical
>in any way peaceful and progressive
Oh but he made a half-hearted attempt at distributing land to a handful of people so clearly he was a saint

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I thought the point of the meme was that they’re both arrogant, but display it in the opposite way.

The virgin achilleus sulks and is willing to let the Greeks die because Agamemnon stole his waifu.

The chad Agamemnon is willing to fight without aid and lose the war because it would be shameful to not have a side piece.

>> No.14370544

That makes more sense. A lot of the recent examples I've seen seem to just be "chad good, virgin bad lol".
I've noted that Agamemnon and Priam, being the two high kings, make opposite errors and their people suffer for them. Agamemnon takes a woman away from his vassal out of arrogance & pride, while Priam fails to simply take Helen away from his son & return her out of frailty & weak-will.

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There are two types of people in life; those who stay, and those who set our lives aflame. You can never tell who's going to be what as time will reveal the truth. Both types of people are important. One is there for support, the other is to show us who we want to be.

You know what type of girl you like now. You made a cool friend. It hurts now, but maybe she has other friend's that she can introduce you to. Think of her as a person first, and a romantic interest later.

You rushed it. Learn from it. Own it. Life will change, whether it not it's for the worse or better is up to you.

>> No.14370589

That’s a good observation, Priam is too meek and Agamemnon is too quick to anger. Then you have the independent, prideful achilleus and the dutiful hector both acting as foils to each other and magnifiers of their king’s flaws.

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>She and I are still friends
You are only torturing yourself. You should drop her, and move on. It will be easier in the long run.

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If you are hanging around because you think things might still work out then walk away nigga. If she ever finds someone then prepare for gravel in your heart.

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How does getting cucked then killed by your cucker serve as a Chad's end?

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Diomedes did nothing wrong. He's actually the giga-chad of the entire epic.

>> No.14370665

So what are you waiting for?

>> No.14370667

He loved chryses more than his wife and then got killed by the man who cucked him because he didn’t see him as a threat.

>> No.14370669

Please specify what form of the meme you’re working from.

>> No.14370671

In that the chad is perfect and larger than life

>> No.14370733

I’m of the mind that the chad and virgin are the two extremes of masculinity. Both are flawed in the opposite ways and arrogant in their own right.

The best of chads can conquer nations and the best of virgins can invent calculus. Each one of these negative traits is also a positive in the rights hands and vice versa.

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I confess I only listened to the audiobook. But the reader was extremely gripping. I could never gotten as much out of it if I had read it instead.

>> No.14370877 [DELETED] 

It was originally intended to be orated to an audience, so nothing wrong with listening to it on an audiobook.

>> No.14370889

should read it aloud to yourself

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Hector too is arrogant, which is something that many miss because he's otherwise a virtuous man, and since his arrogance is so courageous in its manifestation.
After all, the Greek armed forces (specifically the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supreme_Military_Command_of_the_Interior_and_Islands)) currently use a quote of his, neverminding that "The only omen is defending the Fatherland" is his tragic flaw, ignoring both the advice of his friends & the omens of the gods and aiming to finish the war himself by force.
Before he fights Achilleus he wonders if he could make peace by returning Helen then, and then realizes it's too late for that. Thinking about it, I'd say the best time to open negotiations with the Argives would have been at the end of Book 8, when he had the advantage. But he wanted his victory, and thought by Zeus he could get it.

>> No.14370904

>would stay an incel for the republic
Based and Catopilled

>> No.14370930

Which version?

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>she replies that "Julius Caesar was not a tyrant"
Bro, you just posted cringe.

>> No.14371171

Fool. Your coworker recognized you as a fellow /lit/izen and acted stupid, hiding his power level, as a way to measure your true self. When you outed yourself as a pseud by not claiming to have read it on the original greek, he never dropped the act, as you weren't worthy enough.
t. passed the initiation rituals, posting from the super secret company library

>> No.14371228

I heard this version: https://youtu.be/zurYmDH1UYg
It's a public reading. And German.

>> No.14371254

Am I a freak if I found the iliad quite easy to read? Admittedly it was the Lattimore version which it fairly simplified. But I don't understand all the fuss about it.

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This is nothing new

>I love science!
(Loves pretending to love science i.e. calling themselves a "nerd", watching Big Bang theory)

This kind of shit has been going on before internet.

>> No.14371267

This. Fucking this. Normies think science is just browsing Facebook for epic space photographs. It couldn't possibly be about tedious statistical analysis, could it?

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No you stupid faggots, DOMINATE people. Laugh and say "dude come on, that's a kids show" while hitting him on the back forcefully. He may develop inferior resentment from your rugged good looks, height and charisma but at least you'll be dominant, just remember to say high to stacy every now and then so the weak don't team up.

The workings of this process are extremely complex and interrelated, partially built on the Hegelian dialectic, psychoanalysis, Heidegger's Dasein, my many years study the human psyche, and the joining explanatory factor of intuition. This is but one expression of this complex process, however considering that you will be unlikely to understand its actual movement unless you spend years of studying just know that it works.

>> No.14371339

>The best of chads can conquer nations and the best of virgins can invent calculus. Each one of these negative traits is also a positive in the rights hands and vice versa.
You're retarded and somehow miss the purpose of the chad/virgin meme.

>> No.14371359

>imagine not being a chad/virgin byronic hero

>> No.14371373

>your rugged good looks, height and charisma

>> No.14371399

Why not a play?

>> No.14371417

>hitting on the back forcefully

No you stupid faggots, COMPENSATE

>> No.14371515

> She and I are still friends. We have gone to dinner a few times, she has introduced me to some of her friends, and I to mine. I still love her, but don't wish to pester her with my affections. I sometimes imagine that she is flirting, but I do not wish to make such an assumption and get hurt more.
this doesn't sound like a good idea anon, unless her friends have the potential to become more interesting than she is

>> No.14371601

Oh yes, silly me,my mistake! I assumed anon ws also ruggedly good looking and tall, but at least he can develop charisma.

Why what do you mean anon?

>> No.14371676

this but its my younger brother who wont stop playing overwatch and betting on UFC

>> No.14371777

Yes, thank you for restating exactly what I already said. I was considering just copypastaing my post twice, but you've fone the work for me.

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File: 596 KB, 943x753, 1499507303674.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw a girl likes me who agrees that Caesar was a tyrant

>> No.14371948

this woman does not exist and you made her up.

>> No.14371975

snownigger cavemen fables are in no way intellectually superior to capeshit, /pol/turd

>> No.14372000

I didn't, she's a genuinely real person. She goes to my uni, and we're graduating together next semester. She's a major in Classics and plans to go to grad school to become a professor in epigraphy. Why would I make up such a specific person?

>> No.14372122

You should discuss the literature of your penis with her

>> No.14372136

I wouldn't know. I havent spoken to women in years

>> No.14372146

>imply Chad isn’t the modern distillation of Plato’s ideal form of man

>> No.14372169

Tbh she was the first girl I spoke to in like 3 years, and I only did so because I heard her talking about some ancient history course she took and figured she was interesting.

>> No.14372235

>She's a student we go to uni together
>Ask her what she does for a living
Which is it?

>> No.14372314

She lives on her own off campus, so I figure she has to do something for a living.

>> No.14372469

Break her anon. Turn her friends against her. Turn her family against her. Turn her very self against her. See her broken financially, physically, mentally and spiritually. Then you can move on. Trust me , its the only way you can restore your dignity and honour.

>> No.14372542

>The anthology of Oneiticus, as depicted by the poet Virgin in his journey through hades.

>> No.14372554

Imagine trying to flex on others with Plato when you haven't even read Plato. Disgusting.

>> No.14372657


>> No.14372673

They are obviously the best IF they were preserved, you should think of them that way. Aristotle basically confirms this and it’s even further illustrated when you consider how the Iliad and Odyssey have the most books dedicated to them supposedly in the cycle. We also know from historical summaries what the rest of them say too and the 2 we know are some of the most interesting I would say if we could look at them objectively

>> No.14372994

Tell her, because of him the library of alexandria burned down and thus the advancement of science has been set back by 2 melennials.

>> No.14373029

Being poor in today's economical climate has far greater implications than simply not being a free person: your ecology is fucked, your state is mostly likely fucked, and many corporate powers will do all they can do keep milking your territory...

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> Oh, so then you don’t aaactually like Greek mythology. Have you read Eurydice


> Oh dude Hercules can lead you down the rabbit hole. Remember when he mentions Oedipus, and says “I thought I had problems”? You should look into it dude that guy was a motherfucker

>> No.14373349

Hahaha bro you mean he should FUCK her right bro? Hahaha

>> No.14373417

I have to do this constantly but never with friends. If you have some sort of non typical type of passion or knowledge on something very specefic normies just can't understand. NPC are real.

>> No.14373582

Maybe I should fuck you anon haha ;^)

>> No.14373758

God damn op you made me laugh

Loving the gratitude. /lit/ is the funniest board on this site.

>> No.14374674

I don't remember him.

>> No.14374790

That’s not Prince of Egypt

>> No.14375228

What should I read before getting into Homer? Is Disney a good entryway?

>> No.14375235

Depends. What Disney were you thinking of reading?

>> No.14375247

I've been enjoying my reading of the illiad.
It's great for before-bed material.

>> No.14375537

How about instead of being an arsehole you buy him a copy

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>How? Poor & vile with modern sanitation is better than poor & vile without.
Dude don't ever go to India

>> No.14375644

Haha no homo bro hah

>> No.14375660

Remember, he's a kid dressed like Hercules who comes up and says he's his biggest fan

>> No.14375670

>Where do you live?
He lives in his head.

>> No.14375821

part 2
>laugh and say that Hercules was such a Chad
>fill him in on interesting parts of the story that Disney's version skipped over
>become friends
>date his sister

>> No.14375853

can confirm that's how i dated this anon's sister

>> No.14375908

prince of egypt is not from disney

>> No.14375940

I would unironically rather be a slave in the American South (and hope I don't have one of the perverted psychopathic massas) than an Athenian rower in the iron age. Or a medieval rower in northern Europe, which is a fate much worse than death.

>> No.14375944

>goes on to talk about how much he likes Disney's Hercules
I chuckled. Good shit, man.

>> No.14375971

absolute mad man. you think african slaves were better?

anyway id rather be a peasant in middle ages than live the life i live today

>> No.14376099

A lot of us are just shitposting pseuds, but at least we’re still interested in this stuff and for that should appreciate one another.

>> No.14376330
File: 287 KB, 1082x695, 1513003956270.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you guys are alright

>> No.14376434
File: 803 KB, 1100x700, JSyG4lN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14376435


>> No.14376648
File: 9 KB, 222x227, Houghton_AC85_B9345_911s_-_Secret_Garden,_1911_-_cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had a bad day and I a bit feel better now, thank you frens

>> No.14377088

Unless you're a literal autist nobody (NOBODY) will "look at you weird" for mentioning a book they haven't read. How fucking stupid are you? Do you unironically think normies feel a sense of discomfort when they hear a title they haven't read? Why the fuck would they? They aren't autistic and insecure like you apparently are. Stop telling yourself everybody else is a mindless buffoon, find a less pathetic way to appease your inferiority complex.

>> No.14377898
File: 111 KB, 1034x895, 1576748797689.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>read 1 classic
>instantly superior to all the retards who only reads YA trash
I'm /lit/ personified

>> No.14378005

Αληθές, εφόσον δεν διαβασθεί στα αρχαία η Ιλιάδα
συν ο πραγματικός ακαδημαϊκός δίσνεϊ θα έχει φρέσκο και στάζον μουνί ευρέως διαθέσιμο

>> No.14378006

But it’s true

>> No.14378038

To be fair, you can like Greek Mythology and just learn about it from articles and youtube videos. I could say I like Taoism despite not reading any of their texts, for instance. As someone who absolutely hates Disney, that last part is really irritating. But it's important to ask how Disney's Hercules came up in the conversation. If he was saying it in a way that implied it was his source of knowledge about Greek mythology then that's pretty bad. (Interestingly enough, it wouldn't be bad if it were the other way around and you guys were talking about Disney's Hercules and then he said he liked Greek mythology) But if Disney's Hercules just got brought up light heartily then I see no reason to be bothered about it.

>> No.14378067

this is literally true, but beware the man of a single book

>> No.14379482

would you mind posting a pic of her?
could even be censored if you're paranoid, I'm just interested in seeing what such a girl looks like

>> No.14379526

Mfw I enjoy both the Iliad and Disney’s Hercules and can see the artistic value of both knowing that they’re very different.

I think Hercules is entertaining, the songs are strangely r&b influenced, the animation’s alright, the humour hits in places and is postmodern and a product of the 90s. Jsyk I don’t like the ethics of Disney and their creative integrity very much, but I enjoy some of their 2d animated stuff.

>> No.14379545

Trying bringing up Faust to a normie and watch as their eyes glaze over as they try to change the subject. For those of us that want to talk about the canon it’s either a humanities department, or /lit/.

>> No.14379646

“thinking that by reading something cover to cover , they understand it better “ mate are you dense? i think that’s kind of the point of fucking reading something in general

>> No.14379749

Anybody else listen to the soundtrack in greek while pacing around the room?

>> No.14379854

something can be the point without it being the case

>> No.14380497

>she replies that "Julius Caesar was not a tyrant"
based and redpilled
>the advancement of science has been set back by 2 melennials.
I'm assuming you mean "millennia." If so:
>advancement of science
>before or during ancient Rome
lmfao nothing of value was lost

>> No.14380536

Vinland Saga is better than all the eddas

>> No.14380765

I don't have to do that's what I'm bloody doing right now you cunt

>> No.14380980

So literally Achilles, then.

>> No.14381174

Achilles gets fucked by some twink's poisoned arrow. Diomedes survives and becomes the hero for the greeks.
So no, literally anything but Achilles, because he's better.

>> No.14381244

>needs the aid of a goddess to even compete
Sure thing kid

>> No.14381270

Is that the shit with the blond twink who naruto-runs into battle?
yeah, I'm sure it's great

>> No.14381276


>> No.14381372

>Needs to be dipped in river water to compete
Get a load of this guy. Agamemnon was absolutely right. The only reason Achilles is a "hero" is because of that river water. He has no real skill. Achilles is a fucking mommy's boy.

>> No.14381407

Won't post a pic because I'm afraid you guys would find her, and also because she knows I browse and post here, but she's got short hair kind of in a 1950's housewife hairstyle, but disshevled. It wouldn't look good on most people, but it improves her appearance tenfold because she has a strong jaw that, if her hair didn't enfold it, would look rather masculine. She's thin and tall, probably about 5'9" or so, and she is flatchested. She's not a great beauty by any means, though I think she's rather comely in the face, but I like her, and that is what matters to me. I've dated more attractive women before, but not more interesting women.

>> No.14382159

Because everyone isnt interested in every subject you're interested in. How would a one-sided conversation about a topic that one person knows nothing about be enjoyable for you either? I agree though that its a shame more people dont have at least a surface understanding of literature.

>> No.14382182

God I want tribal tattoed boyfriend. Or at least a friend.

>> No.14382244

Well you pretty much described all manga/anime desu

>> No.14382367

I’m not blaming them, I’m just saying those types of talks are rare.

>> No.14383134

are we talking about Achilles here?

>> No.14383186

Why do you lie on the internet ?

>> No.14383190

βασισμένος και αληθής

>> No.14383852

This reveals the sad state doesn't it.

>> No.14383875

And then you woke up and got anally reamed by your dad.

>> No.14384080

Why would I make up such an elaborate lie on a Javan spearfishing board?