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any good charts on getting into quantum physics/mechanics? any book recs in general?

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idk dude why don't you ask le based black science man

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Maybe sci would know better

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he stole my phone and said it was for reparations, so now i have to post from the library

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he just recs his own book, wondering if anybody else on here has something to recommend

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My undergrad quantum class used Townsend's A Modern Approach to Quantum Mechanics. I thought it was pretty good.

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I used griffiths' intro to QM, if you are serious about it (eg you can do calculus).

I think its a mistake to put the cart before the horse, and trying to dive into quantum if you can't do calculus, or cant do high school algebra, or cant do classical mechanics. You will likely just get frustrated and give up

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this looks good, thanks
I've taken physics courses on dynamics and electromagnetism, as well as two semesters of calc. nothing too advanced but got the basics down. Is that enough or should I take the extra courses (calc 3, linear algebra, etc)

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no, I think you are more than ready to take it on. there is a particular formalism of quantum mechanics based on linear algebra due to Heisenberg, so its good to learn eventually (even just the basics), but you wont really need it Quantum I / II

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You should learn linear algebra just to smooth out the edges

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I love how people turn their nose up at an ivy league educated physicist just because he's black and famous. I'm sure you know way more than him, anon.

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Things will make significantly more sense if you're willing to learn linear algebra first. Townsend relies on it heavily, why that anon recommended that book without a background in linear algebra I don't really understand. It is a good book though. Griffiths is also very well-regarded, but I didn't use it in undergrad so I can't speak for it myself. I would read the first chapter of both and compare them.
You don't really need a chart if you have this math background. Grasping all of the chapters in Griffiths or Townsend, so long as you really work at it and can complete the majority of the problems, will give you as much of an understanding of quantum mechanics as an undergrad gets in four years. If you have any particular end goal in mind after that (QFT, particle physics, quantum information theory, etc) I can tell you what books I know are worth reading in those fields.
It's not because he's black, it's because he's a pompous asshole.
t. Physicist

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Stay mad a black man will he more famous, successful and a bigger dong than your lineage will ever be/have

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>quantum physics

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Why do you feel the need to defend a nu-atheist media darling?

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>this is a 'scientist'


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Thanks for the info, will try and get into linear. Really just want to get into theory, both field and information, I'll take down whatever recs you have, really appreciate the help
thanks for the tip, will try and follow through

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accidentally replied to the same guy twice, refer to >>14364703

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no hes just a nigger

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It's clearly a joke. A very lame "dad tier" joke, but clearly a joke.

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it's not because he's black, even leftie reddit types make fun of him because of his pseudo-deep fedoraistic euphoric Twitter content

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>Invented by humans
Doesnt understand co-evolution

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It has nothing to do with him being black and everything to do with him being intellectualist pseud. An Ivy League education means nothing anymore and meant even less when he went through. “Humans invented cows as milk machines.” Wow so profound Mr. Science Man. It’s not even correct. That’s how retarded it is.

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>with his being black
learn to English, serf.

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>quantum physics/mechanics

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there is nothing wrong with that phrase, actually

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see >>14364502

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>go to /sci/
>get sent to /lit/ because books are it’s thing
Can’t you just make a rec or shut the fuck up?

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Tyson has no publications lel

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Try Carlo Rovelli's books. They're accessible and can be read in a day.

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>A dog is a complex manipulation machine created by humans to fool themselves

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I have a degree in physics and I would definitely recommend Griffiths's Introduction to Quantum Mechanics. It reads very nicely and demands little prior knowledge.

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WTF Neil deGrasse Tyson is based now?

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>I'm sure you know way more than him, anon.
this, but unironically

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What's your current level of mathematics/physics knowledge?
To know QM you first need to have a solid grasp of linear algebra, know some PDEs, and know electrodynamics.

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that honestly makes it worse

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He already posted this. Linear algebra I agree with but the vast majority of undergrads that take multiple courses in QM have never taken a dedicated course in PDEs.
Emag is useful for many concepts but the content my professors called "electrodynamics" is honestly a higher level than you need to get anything in Townsend or Griffiths. I don't think either of them broach subjects like the Zeeman Effect without holding your hand through the parts that brush electrodynamics.

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