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What does /lit/ think of Joseph De Maistre?

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A literal who

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cringe trips

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His book on political constitutions is ok. His book on france is ok as well. He is much different than a modern author so it can be an unusual experience reading him at times. He is very clearly a classically trained man and he references classical works quite a lot. I found him to have a few great points, but having to get through a lot of less great points to get to it. Some of his work on France is simply about predicting the future and what would occur as a result of the revolution. Understandably so, his predictions did not fare too well in some regards.

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Anti leftman good, ideas good , books good

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Past a certain age, a man without Kant can be a bad thing. I'm glad to say de Maistre found him early on and didn't stray too far from liberalism.

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>butterfly enters on-topic thread about an author whose views she has, at best, only the vaguest sense of
>makes an effortless reply which affirms, I suppose, that she doesn't think de Maistre matters
>nevertheless bumps the thread to farm butthurt replies for obscure (but no doubt pathetic) reasons
OP, I would recommend just buying a reader of French counter-enlightenment/reactionary thought, because they all get at basically the same thing, and a lot of dM's primary stuff is expensive and dense

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I'm in awe. I read the pope recently and his letter to a protestant woman (as well as Considerations on France, Essay on generative principle etc. and four unedited chapters on Russia) and I am genuinely considering become Catholic.

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Unjustly ignored. While he had a vicious complex for prophecies and utopia, his writings on theism and freemasonry are one of the best France had to offer during that shitshow of a century

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Single greatest writer on political matters.
His correspondance is even better than his published works, but I don't think it's been translated. You speak French anyway, right?

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As if any of you would be members of the aristocratic class in the society he supported.

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wasted trips
get fucked troon

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Where to start with him?

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I remember stendhal in red and black a huge liberal seemed to even like him a bit because of his writing style

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