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As far as I can tell, all of these are real.
Which one's your favorite

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Anarcho-Monarchism, the reign of the Übermensch.

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>Transgender Sharia

I am dead

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somalia but unrionically

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90% of western humans are within the first two rows

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Sure, all the western dolphins are esoteric nazis

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The one not on the chart

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>Primordial Conservatism
Absolutely based

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>no Dengism

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Anarcho-Fascism, Anarcho-Monarchism and Hoppeanism are basically the same though.

And Judeo-Nazism is like the basic ideology of modern Israel, nothing occult there. A National-Socialist state for the Jews by the Jews. They may play democracy, but for all we know the Kosher Fuerer might as well be some rabbi somewhere, or maybe better yet Jared Kushner.

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40% of them just blow up.

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They're all right and they're all wrong

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This is the funniest fucking thing I’ve seen all day

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Stuff like this makes me cringe to no end. When you realise it's all bullshit and all these overly convoluted names and ideals mean nothing. So tribal and disgusting embarrassing.

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But libertarian left might be the most retarded.

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holy crap this is prescient

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Holy shit this is based

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> Somalia bur unironically
kek. but what does it mean?

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Why would you say kek if you didn't understand the joke?

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The statement itself is funny, but i dont know if there's some autistic meaning behind it.

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Quick rundown on Liber 333 and the Arabic writing?

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>no Memritv quotes

Shit image

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This asks a question specifically meant to get that response. It presupposes we want law and order.

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For me, it's post-left anarchism and anarcho-primitivism with just a dash of Somolia but unironically thrown in for good measure.

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I thought you people claimed anarchy was the mother of order

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>It presupposes we want law and order.

i guess you could just live like a fucking animal and sleep in your own shit

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40% of them throw themselves off buildings

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> Posadism
> nuke capitalism
> never work again
> travel to outer space


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الشريعة الأناركية ذات السمات الصومالة.
Somali influemced Anarcho-Sharia

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Meant for >>14283490

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Judeo-Nazism unironically

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Its somalia, but unironically

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posadism should be on its own with the dolphin sea creature thing

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>all of these are real
do you think it's real because some idiot claimed it was their ideology? cuz like this can't exist

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Well it looks like I have to rethink my beliefs now.

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>not accelerating his insights through the dialectical process

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first time I laugh on /lit/ in months

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based Anprims

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National Egoism aka human behaviour.

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Stern gang
Stern gang
Stern gang

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>Without parental support
And that's a good thing

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Brain dead compass

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racist occultists like o9a

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What exactly is Esoteric Hitlerism?

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where do us Neo-Caesarean land?

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>no psychedelic-Juche

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Unironically where's the x/Acc?

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Imagine being so narcissistic that you either bring your entire family down with your delusion or you kill yourself, also ruining them.

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"Neoreactionary" is a very broad term.

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Which one was that?

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kek I know gender is the last bastion of modern dogma but let's not pretend treating your kid like a piece of garbage for an arbitrary social presentation is nothing more than an act of conformity, cowardice, and supreme self loathing

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meant the x as in a variable
so all of the different accelerationisms

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>an arbitrary social presentation
Then why is it so important to you? Go dilate and disappoint your parents a bit more still.

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There's l, r, u, g, anything else I missed?

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but they're moving so fast, how could one ever hope to count them?

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Posadism deserves to be on the lowest tier simply because of how insane it is that this is a real thing with real people in it and not just the result of a Wiki edit war.

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One could say their classification is... accelerating.

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gotta admit tho, gluttony, lust and greed are the patrician deadly sins.

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fuck politics is right wing libertarian tho

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>not wrath and pride

There are no sins that lend themselves to artistic depiction like towering pride or terrifying wrath.

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Ehh depends on the country desu, it's probably more libertarian in the US. If you live in a country where you're used to paying comparatively more taxes but have public education and healthcare you might be ok with that.

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This makes authoritarian left look good because we unironically need AIDS to kill the faggots.

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or you know... we could just kill the faggots ourselves...

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Patrician: envy, pride, wrath
Bourgeois: gluttony, lust, greed
Plebeian(Patrician?): sloth

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pride and wrath are what makes a lolcow

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>golf rumors
be careful, you don't want this thread taken down

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Based. Someone who can admit they're envious, prideful and wrathful is alpha as fuck. Admitting gluttony, lust and greed is for thirsty porn-addicted losers. And admitting sloth is either dudeweedlmao nihilism or just genuine depression.

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Isnt that called 'Zionism'?

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>he doesn't know...

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Hahahaha how stupid are ameriburgers? My sides!!!!!

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Hitler’s (real) dad was a Rothschild.

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Thats a myth and this is not /x/

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Are you calling Achilles a lolcow, Anon?

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>High Tory Gang
>Transgender Sharia
>Anarchoan Archism
i hate myself for not thinking of these before

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>that pic

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Too good of a thread to die. Bumping for you OP

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