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Has anyone here read this? Even if it is kind of slow it's still enveloping. The ending is fucking great.
Any opinion?

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Julien Sorel was the first >literally me character in the history of literature that I am aware of. Great novel.

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What’s it about. Also could you tell me in multiple posts, each with pictures of you getting more undressed, thanks

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Incredible novel.

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Is it like Barry Lyndon?

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Somewhat similar

About an ambitious Napoleon fanatic’s love life, basically. It is really good.
>Goes to shower

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you forgot the picture

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What happened to my innocent and intellectual /lit/ board. You were so pure where I left you. I was gone for some years of isolation and to comeback to this funnily disheartening

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Go back

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For me, it's the Duke from the 120 Days of Sodom

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Go back where? I was here back in the days discussing Derrida and Foucault post-modern take.
I guess I just want an explanation has to why the quality of this board went down? I need this to mourn my first lover (/lit/).

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Post tits

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Am I on /b/? (Quickly checks, oh the board is blue). Dont worry I like those quick bants. 4chan is all and only this. A quick rent on the world. Good job with this original (you).

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I assure you it was intentional

Christians and Christian larping snaked it’s way in and trolls everything pol style.


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Post tits for jesus

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I have read it as well as The Charterhouse of Parma. I preferred the Charterhouse of Parma. You get the impression from these that Stendhal was quite a bastard but they're both great.

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