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Almost done. 300 pages so far. Any tips for self-publishing or getting works picked up by publishers? I'm thinking of doing readings in festivals, book stores, and stuff like that as well.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you kindly.

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Find a writing group or mentor who can give you critiques one chapter at a time

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Thank you. I'm gonna start looking for writing groups. Any books you think everyone should read btw?

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What genre of book are you writing in? Try to read the best in your genre, as much as you can.

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Tragicomedy with a focus on romance, food, and drug addiction. Been reading Infinite Jest, Nora Ephron, High Fidelity, and a lot of Alan Moore lately.

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what movie / tv series is this from?

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I’ve heard good things about publishing on amazon. Go to local libraries and colleges.
Good luck.

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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With me

Thanks for the tips! Definitely looking more into local library readings

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If this is your first book I would recommend you to self-publish online, I know the market is prosperous in Russia, so in yours it should be even more developed, especially if you write in English. After publishing start pushing the book online: create a youtube channel dedicated to books and literature, start a group in social network, buy ads if you can, ask other fellow writers like you talk about your book and you could talk about theirs in return, make acquaintances in the publishing world like this and then think whether you would like to see your book in paper, because I know that online market is much more profitable and accessible. Also ask your friends and family to leave positive comments on the page of your book. I know that pushing your book is as important as writing, if you give the book to a publisher then its the job of the publisher, but for that you need to be well-known. Good luck!

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