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Books to make me completely asexual and separated from attraction to any gender (I'm straight so if it's a book bashing women that'd be based too)

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a biology textbook

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haha funny namefag funny namefag

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You're not going to read a book and overcome your physical instincts, that's really overestimating the power of mind over matter

George Jackson wrote in his letters that he managed to repress sexual urges in prison doing a thousand push-ups every day, try something like that instead

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Mind over matter nigga

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His life sounds like pure Hell. No leisure at all.

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Weren't Spinoza and Kirkegaard also celibate? It can be done

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But how? I need some books or something nigga

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Try reading philosophy, maybe it will make you autistic enough to not care about sex. As always start with the greeks

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Kreutzer Sonata

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Critique of Pure Reason

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Careful substitution of sex/intimacy/affection/etc and eventually weaning yourself off to minimal upkeep. Easy to become addicted or otherwise worsen it.

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>start with the greeks

Take this guys advice, OP, seems pretty based to me.

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Sexuality is a blight on eroticism, which is integral to Theology. Don't conflate them.

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