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2010's are wrapping up quickly. What's your vote for the best novel that came out in the past decade?
Alternatively, what's the best book you've personally read since 2010? Can be any book, as long as you think it's the best one you've read in the past 10 years.

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The "2010"s is a bit of a misconception. The first decade AD was 1-10 AD; there is no 0 BC or 0 AD. 11 AD marked the following decade, and so on. So this decade will progress for another year.

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The Pale King

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Correct! I'm aware of that fact. However I'm also aware of the public's ignorance of this pretty obvious fact and simply rounds decades my the 10's. 0 - 0.

Regardless, I still would love some discussion about recent books. The only books I have personally picked up have just been simple novels. Nothing ground-breaking.

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Who the hell cares

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I'm not a big fan of unfinished releases. It's worth it despite that I take it?

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It’s very episodic anyway. For me Oblivion and The Pale King are DFW’s best by far, he seemed to be taking a slightly different direction that I really liked a lot

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It is pretty great. The only unfinished novel I have ever managed to finish, and have since read again.

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