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>The Foucault vs Chomsky of our time

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>So, how about that Marxism, eh? Pretty destructive amiright?
>Acthually I'm noth really a Markthist and so on and so forth
>Then, what are we debating?
>Pffth kabluphth pure ideology mfthlpfft et cetera et cetera

It was a joke lol. Kermit the frog attempting to grapple with a man covered in his own mucous.

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You forgot
>audience condescending laughter
>audience clapping
>audience whooping
>gay moderator

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While Zizek, judging by his non-pop work, could probably rise to the occasion of a real debate, he chose to take the piss instead, probably because he felt the audience were all boors who should kill themselves. However, even if Zizek had put on his big-kid pants, Peterson either doesn't have the inclination, intellect, or interest to seriously engage his own subject of critique. He's taken Harris at his word on post modernism, and Harris doesn't know a fucking thing.

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Sounds pretty based. They should add some boxing to make it a fitlit debate.

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More like the Russell vs Copleston of our time.

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So wait, Zizek didn't even try to debate him and Peterson turned into a drug-addicted mess anyways?

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It was never much of a debate, but it got close when Zizek asked Peterson where all the Marxists he kept railing against were hiding, and Peterson couldn't say anything because he's full of shit on this point.

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> Peterson is a charlatan.
> Zizek is post-marxist.
> Foucault was an original thinker and on the left.
> Chomsky is an anarchist.

One of these is not like the other

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