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When and why did /lit/ start hating Jordan Peterson?

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Reminder to ignore all pseudointellectial rhetoriticians and petit bougeois bugmen who have no taste for aesthetics and read theory instead.

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When I read this by him in Maps of Meaning:
"I dreamed I saw my maternal grandmother sitting by the bank of a swimming pool, that was also a river. In real life, she had been a victim of Alzheimer’s disease, and had regressed, before her death, to a semi-conscious state. In the dream, as well, she had lost her capacity for self-control. Her genital region was exposed, dimly; it had the appearance of a thick mat of hair. She was stroking herself, absent-mindedly. She walked over to me, with a handful of pubic hair, compacted into something resembling a large artist’s paint-brush. She pushed this at my face. I raised my arm, several times, to deflect her hand; finally, unwilling to hurt her, or interfere with her any farther, I let her have her way. She stroked my face with the brush, gently, and said, like a child, “isn’t it soft?” I looked at her ruined face and said, “yes, Grandma, it’s soft."

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what did he mean by this

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he got famous in the internet political arena. His association with alt-right shit has shoehorned his reputation forever.

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Kek who the fuck publishes this unironically

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alzheimers is very sad and i hope we begin combating it effectively soon

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t. Bugman who thinks the word of "man" is the ultimate truth

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He is pushed on us by the Koch brothers. He’s an idiot.
Stop posting about him and go clean your room

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>ultimate truth
please stop posting cringe and read theory so you can stop talking about things you know nothing about

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>Thinks a list of postmodernist literature as the exact opposite of what it talks about
this is why nobody respects Christ cucks

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He acts as siv to catch median IQ atomized young men. That’s his purpose. He’s trying to prevent a coherent collective of these people from forming. Because frankly that would disrupt the status quo

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>When and why did /lit/ start hating Jordan Peterson?
When we saw the fear in his eyes at the consideration of answering the Jewish question.

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he's a charlatan

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JP got big, people liked the new big thing. Especially because of the controversy. People began dissecting / looking deeper into new big thing. People analyize new big thing. Groups / movements that didn't like new big thing to begin with begin to solidify their opinions with examples. People who were once enamored with the new big thing become bored of said thing. Begin to poke fun at those still enamored with the new big thing.
New big thing's charisma beings to ween. People all over in the public sphere of influence grow tired of new big thing. New big thing is no longer new, it's old news, it's old and tired. Now it's annoying. Big thing go away. Not welcomed here. We have newer, bigger, things.
New big thing fades into relative obscurity. Becomes kind of a joke. Niche groups of fans still like new big thing, but still actively look for the newer bigger things inspired by new big thing.

Eventually. The newest people don't even know new big thing. New big thing essentially continuously gets rediscovered over and over again.

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He was never lit and this thread will likely get deleted.

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nah I think it's just a case of /pol/ being retarded.

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>it's just a case of /pol/ being retarded
Are you positing that /pol/ is responsible for the waxing or the waning of his popularity?

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more or less, he caught on around the same time muh trad life became a big thing and he blew up because of his pick yerself up off yer own bootstraps hard livin Alberta stuff.

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He seemed solid to me at first but once he was well established he didn't face criticism very well - with his low point being unable to address the Holodomor question. Otheranon pretty squarely expressed my view of his timeline except for failing to illustrate JBP's Achilles heel that was always present, waiting to get pricked.

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/Lit/ prefers it when their unnecessarily labyrinthine works of comparative religion and mythology to lead them to strange and esoteric conclusions, not boomer conservatism.

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go away pol

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Believe it or not most smart people don't live their lives entirely by dogma

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Cause once he leaves the realm of psychology he turns into a blithering imbecile

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Believe it or not most smart people don't browse this board.

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I actually feel deeply bad for Jordan Peterson. Despite his idiosyncratic faults and weaker rationale I always got this vibe that he was, at his core, a deeply caring and kind man. I don't want to imply that his popularity did him more harm than good because I'm sure he's making more money now than ever but I can't imagine the affects going from a basically nobody college professor to champion of several online movements and a influential public figure practically over the span of a year or two must be monstrous.

He seems to be struggling a bit right now. The rehab thing and all. Also his wife's (terminal?) illness. I hope he gets along okay.

I truly think he's actually growing a lot right now and I predict that when he "comes back" so to speak he will be absolutely set in his ways. He might even denounce some of his more controversial vies and moments and be a new man. Most likely with an intense beard.

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>I always got this vibe that he was, at his core, a deeply caring and kind man.
Based on what? He wrote Twelve Rules to make money (Maps of Meaning was to stay employed). He did the YouTube set to make money. All of his choices since entering the public eye were to maximize profit.

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Unironically source please I need to know

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not that anon but he gave away his self-authoring program with a coupon code PEPE because he wanted to help the young men whom society has neglected and abused. zero profit there. in fact he lost money he might have otherwise earned.

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I can hardly wait for his attempted comeback. Sympathy points for his dead wife are not going to shroud him. I'll make a meme of him as a Zulu warrior holding a skinshield made out of his wife.

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Well of course. However I don't believe that receiving a personal monetary or social gain from your efforts diminish the good quality of your work. His 12 rules for life seemed to really resonate with people. Peterson often became very emotional when he talked about young people approaching him and saying that his messages saved them from suicide, depression, and general indifference towards life. Peterson even cried when talking about male suicide rates (the specific conversation arising because Peterson's influence was a male majority).

I find it really interesting that you seem to think that just because someone publishes a book for profit that it removes any moral or caring nature from the work. Pretty funny considering we're on a literature forum and the overwhelming majority of artists receive monetary or social profit from their work. Is this, in your opinion, wrong?

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>he wanted to help the young men whom society has neglected and abused
Trojan Horses are often free.

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whatever helps you cope lol

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Wasted digits for a strawman.

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you on the payroll?

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i didn't say that

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The problem is not that he receives money for his work, but that this work is garbage, and I suspect he knows it and puts it out there because he knows it's the type of garbage that'll sell. He should have stayed in his lane; that work actually seems to have been of some quality.

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That video really is his most kino moment.

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Whoops, I meant this >>14280053 as a response.

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>be me
>RIS OP image
>look at first page of results
>... his greatness. You simply can't dismiss this man, I feel we can talk about Peterson for a millennia and we'll still only be scratching the surface ...
I smell a greasy, neckbeard stained fedora.

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I can't do it moment


He's supposed to be this hero who speaks the truth no matter what. He's nothing more than a gate keeper

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Incels can't resist sexual desire.

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he's a support character, not a hero.
He had already given you the tools to reach those conclusions yourself, no need to go and rub it in his face publicly.
He doesnt want to piledrive his career and family safety, most of us dont too.
May the heroes come forth.

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"Speak the truth and see what happens."

He pussied out, he writes this wise big words while he chugs SSRIs. Fuck this pseud!

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when it became clear that he says one thing and does another
we all do that btw but we all hate each other for it with good reason

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holy fuck....that was some powerful shit.

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fuck off tranny

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The question starts off with some truths, but then veers toward some massive oversimplification that even the book itself doesn't claim. I read it when it first came out when there were only a handful of chapters available. Addressing that while disentangling the added biases the asker put in also adds difficult in any context. Only a moron would have addressed it

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You must feel really sorry for not being able to read in german

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I disliked him and his message from the beginning. "Hate" implies that I care enough about a conman as a person to actually feel anything towards him but disgust. I do hate what he has put into the minds of people, though. Useless vitriol.

Self-help can only exist under capitalism. Disgusting.

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but what about OTHER book?

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how is it a trojan horse

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Read theory is one of the worst memes on /lit/. At least the guy who spams it isn't a tripfag I guess.

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Since befor he was famous, anyone have the cape screenacps ?

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t. twitter commie pseud

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0 for 3, but keep swinging in the dark

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>I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.
-twitter commie pseud

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Yes, a money hungry zealot is the same thing as a father providing to his children and his wife

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Correct. JBP is the former.

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Jordan Peterson is an anti-white globalist that rejects white identity and dodges the jewish question.


He also openly supports this woman and her book in which she endorses pedophelia as an innocent, playful thing. He also had her on his podcast where he again promoted this book: https://youtu.be/Ty3iP8-YooY
All in all: Jordan Peterson acts like a friend of young white men but this is just a clever disguise.

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Juden Peterstein

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Prove it

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Fuck me it's a real quote

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This honestly

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Cringe. Nationalism is anti intellectual and anti philosophy. Go back

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>Can't properly stipulate opinion
>Reverts to stock phrases
Yep, bugman.
>Thinks anything postmodern is relevant to anything besides pseudo ramblings

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Here you go

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>Author sells a 1 of 1 piece for fans
>What a jew, kek!!

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Just because you're too fucking dumb to understand something doesn't make it pseud ramblings
Prove you know what postmodernism means right now or fuck off and dilate

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The fact that a psychologist is more concerned with his merchandising, fanbase, and celebrity than with his work is why he is a pseud and his followers are retards.

>> No.14282623

>No no ... Y-you prove it!!
Cringe. Start with the Greeks bro

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It takes nothing to sell merch and makes both parties happy. How ironic it only upsets the guy who speaks as if it doesn't concern him. Neck yourself

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Imagine being so unironically autistic that you think a public political figure could talk openly about his opinions on jews

>> No.14282631

Psued e-celeb
I can agree with someone yet still dislike them

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Funny how YouTube politicians constantly pushed by The Algorithm, like Peterson and Shapiro, so often support pedophilia, white genocide, and Zionism.
Wow what a good argument anon. I'm afraid of being an outcast too. Better openly support Zionism and pedophilia!

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Personally I used to be a big fan of Peterson, but his dismissal of "identity politics" is one of the most toxic poison apples on the modern stage. Political ends are only ever achieved through collective action, and by dismissing group cohesion hes basically saying theres nothing fundamentally wrong with neo-liberal capitalism, you've just got too much smegma to find a healthy niche. When he debated Jizzneck it was laughable, all he could come up with was how well global-capitalism has increased material production. Jizz then told him in a lot of words that man cant live on bread alone, and despite Peterstein being well read in existentialism and religions, was totally dumbfounded by this. It totally revealed that any political message Peterson has is simply a sopophoric, and that you should be happy washing your penis inside your Amazon cage.

Theres also the literally endless hundred stop book tour, where he charges 300usd to touch his feminine suit. Or the fact that his diet advice is unhinged. Or the fact that instead of stopping his endless book tour to be with his dying wife he chomps xanax like they're maltesers. Or the fact that despite touting the Christian ethic he sits by as his daughter obliterates her marriage to fuck a mulatto pickup artist who pimped Romanian teenagers. Does all this dismiss his work? No, but it definitely suggests his meandering rants are just as vapid and blockheaded as he is.

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>Platonic forms
Even they knew their ideals weren't referring to real things but rather devices for motivation
but tell me more about how they were "based" because their teleology somehow legitimizes your mouth breather christcuck dogma

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Yeah let's turn the whole planet into on big gray homogenenized easy digestable solid.

>> No.14282658

I'm not Christian, rent free points for them.

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Oh no he knows how to market his work, burn the witch!

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Fuck this is my grandfather summed up in one picture.
He told me to read western canon when I was 17

>> No.14282662

You're a hypocrite and a coward
You wouldn't discuss these things in public if your life depended on it

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Based. God I haven’t read anything that good on here in a while

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>Let's create borders that inhibit knowledge, trade, camaraderie just because arbitrary bias

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His work is secondary to his celebrity, that's the point. See all these other posts about his book tours, charging for pictures, etc

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>Let's open the gates to barbarians because I'm so oversocialized that I can't imagine someone wanting to fuck my shit up for no reason at all.

>> No.14282706


And therefore he is wrong? Don't you see how that's a fallacy?

>> No.14282707

That's the idea behind neoliberalism, which philosophy also has big problems with
It's not an either fascism or neoliberalism thing, there are other options

>> No.14282713

The day he ordered me to wash my penis.

>> No.14282719

>Anti nationalism means open borders and no laws
Making money to spread his opinions. Where's the fault? You're not getting hurt in this trade . Why are you so upset?

>> No.14282734


Same. Who is he to say I can't cultivate cheese down there?

>> No.14282744

It means he should not be taken very seriously. I don't know what step in this process is so hard for you to grasp. It's not fallacious to distrust conmen.

>> No.14282782


The step that is ''hard for me to grasp'' is the step where apparently, if you are able to monetize your work you are automatically a conman. How does that work?
By that logic, the only people who should be taken seriously are bankrupt and care so much about their integrity that they leave their manuscript to rot in their desk drawer.

>> No.14282790

Globalism has served to spread American consumerism. I'd rather keep the vast multiplicity of human cultures over universal brotherly love of Starbucks drinks.

>> No.14282793

Where did the evil postmodernism touch you in the dogmas young man

>> No.14282801

Since you started the topic, you tell me why I should give a hoot about philosophy past 18th-19th century without resorting to memes or stock phrases. What have they offered of value to philosophy that is useful

>> No.14282812

"Barbarians" are and were a spook

>> No.14282822

It is, in fact, possible to work as a serious psychologist and writer without selling $300 handshakes and $2000 autographed rugs. You don't even have to be in crippling poverty. Many people have done it before.
Why are you so vehemently defending this behavior?

>> No.14282829

People only liked him back in 2016 because he was "le BTFO of SJWs man"

>> No.14282835

He's totally right about post-modern marxists

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The fascists, sadly, were the only mass political movement to oppose the material hell were heading towards. Marxists were globalists before it was co. Id say in theory they want people even more obedient to the herd and totally atomized when it comes to personal loyalties. Thankfully based Stalin had the sense to give these fuckers the ice pick.

Hopefully we have a movement that seeks to steer the human race away from running a big train on the earth to fuel our collective lust on easily disposable baubles. It would be pretty funny if we ran out of mineral resources and all we had to show for it was extremely intricate masturbation aids.

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>When and why
when he got popular and because they think hating on someone the public likes makes them seem unique and smart, same as people who shit talk your drugs whilst not being able to get any, they assume if they shit talk your drugs then it'll seem like they must have access to better drugs, if people hate on peterson they think it seems like they must be smarter than him or smarter than all the people who like him, similar to flat earthers or carnivore fags, insecurity leading to being a contrarian, I mean there are valid critiques of peterson but if you're just being vague and can't back up your opinion on him then you're the same as people who call trump racist but can't name a single reason why

>> No.14282846

Find another site to sully, you evil coward

>> No.14282848

Remember when he was absolutely blown the fuck out by Zizek schniffing all over his complete lack of knowledge on something he portrayed himself as an authority figure on?

>> No.14282855

im still a fan of the Kermit, despite agreeing with many of the things you said
i was also very disappointed in his debate with the Marxist 4channer reincarnate
>fat. sperg-like sniffling. autistic nose touching. ugly. literaly neckbeard.
one can acknowledge the great benefits capitalism has brought without hand-waiving some astute points of Marxism
he also uses "post-modernist" like someone would use the term "boogeyman" although to be fair, post-modernism is such a difficult term to define

i dont see anything wrong with him making money from his book tour. no ones putting a gun to the your head to pay $300 for a photo (although he appears to take photos free of charge during non-tour incidents)
imagine talking to a crowd of thousands of people who like you. if he took photos for free (after the event) with anyone who wanted to, he would never be able to leave
a healthy compromise may be charging people to take a photo with him during such high-traffic, time-limited events. people who really want to take a photo/have some personal interaction with him still can, while he can reasonably limit it so he can move on with his night.

the times ive heard his diet advice has been couched with the warning: "im not a dietitian, im just saying what ive tried and worked for me"
im not caught up with his whole wife saga, as i dont care about his personal life. but im pretty sure i saw a twitter screenshot where he said he was suspending his tour to take some time to be with his wife.
also his daughter is an adult. theres not much else he can do other than offer her his personal advice. she'll thot if she wants to thot.
reminds me of when Peterson was prodded with the hypergamy question. he acknowledged it, offered vague advice (soft-power monogamy, in the context of a convo about incels), and then quickly moved on without diving deeper into the issue

>"Does all this dismiss his work? No, but it definitely suggests his meandering rants are just as vapid and blockheaded as he is."
this sounds like thinly veiled "the message is shit because the messenger is shit"

>> No.14282857

>same as people who shit talk your drugs whilst not being able to get any, they assume if they shit talk your drugs then it'll seem like they must have access to better drugs
lmao, wtf are you projecting?? do people make fun of your drugs?? lol

>> No.14282862

This is hilarious.

You should tell that to the recovery community

>> No.14282864

I don't do drugs but a lot of my friends are junkies here, you should have a read of this

>> No.14282866

Nigga kill yourself, a capable man can make a living off multiple endeavors. The question is why does that bother you? Are you poor and bitter?

>> No.14282873

you have autism

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>> No.14282885

epic, I'll let you have the last reply lad

>> No.14282889

Modernism thought it had it all figured out, but it wasn't even close
It caused a crisis of spirit through hard rationality that allowed Marxism and fascism to dominate the empty souls of men and usher in an age of death unlike anything ever experienced before
Postmodernism is the process of questioning what went so wrong, and how, while trying to reconcile the utility of rationality with the social and spiritual needs of men that it left forgotten in the past

>> No.14282908

I like you anon.
Most people here can't look past the basic advice or profit he brings in.

Basic advice is often the most needed. Like you said it resonated with a lot of people, so people obviously needed it.

And the money is fucking obvious. Too many people scoff at people for not going full Diogenes. They always scoff from the comfort of their own home.

>> No.14282917

>His work is secondary to his celebrity
He's been a a celebrity for a fraction of the time he's been alive. He's been working most of it.

>> No.14282926


>he's garbage because he sells his work which is garbage because he sells it

I think Peterson is mildly insane, but that's a stupid fucking argument.

>> No.14282938

As someone who experienced dementia in the family this is an incredibly sad and poignant moment. To incels this is just a LULZROFLMAOI XDDD SO RANDUM shit.

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File: 26 KB, 551x556, jj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He suspended his tour to go into rehab. And for his daughter, any well adjusted moral person would disown their child for doing such a thing. If someone does such a thing all you can do is cut then from your life. I came not to bring peace but a sword.
Him chasing an endless wildly profitable speaking tour isn't itself a sign of bad character, it's that he did so while the rest of his life crumbled around him.

He seemed at the start of this to be much more than he is. There is such a dire need for moralistic figures that he was hailed as some sort of prophet for a long time, but it turned out he was just another self help charlatan with dollar signs in his eyes.

>> No.14283027


Guy's making a buck, who cares? Wouldn't you charge 2k for an autographed rug if you could? I know I would.
How he chooses to make money says nothing about the merits of his work, which I have yet to see you address.

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File: 27 KB, 530x330, Jewtube-Jude-530x330.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, really makes you think, doesn't it?

>> No.14283092

my apologies, my mistake regarding him suspending his tour. although like i said, i dont really care about or pay attention to his personal life.

on one hand i see the way he dealt with his trials and tribulations as a testament that, he too, is only human. from the start, i thought it was important to NOT hail him as some sort of prophet.
on the other hand, if someone as upright as him can make such mistakes (as it seems, without a better understanding of the personal details of his family, such as maybe his wife saying: "ill be fine, i want you to chase your dreams, ill hit you up when it gets really bad"), it casts a morbid shadow on whether someone as low-life as me can really achieve the changes i wish

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The problem with Peterson is that people take him for more than he is, and that he's less than he could've been. After the initial tranny pronoun business he became quite a controversial figure because of the implications of what he was saying, but when he was pressed to actually pick a side, or name who "bloody postmodern neomarxists" are he waffled back and forth and sputtered on about "identity politics bad". He went on to use the publicity, and the legion of men looking at him for answers, to cash out by selling tickets, and selfies, and rugs, and books. He was born onto the public stage as one of these free speech martyrs, but fled from his duty for 30 pieces of silver. The Apostles gave their lives to speak the truth, yet Peterson couldn't be asked to risk his ten thousand dollar suits.

The fact that his personal life is in utter shambles is just further proof of his greed and cowardice.

>> No.14284361

Thoughtful take, I agree.
>people take him for more than he is
I've met people who treat him as a messiah, because he does offer positive messages and solid advice. But they don't treat his ideas critically, and believe all he has to say
>he's less than he could've been
He could've devoted his life to self-help and academic research, as a clinical psychologist.
Instead, as you said, he cashed out by going on speaking tours, and playing up his political beliefs (making a bogeyman out of post-modernism and humanities education, without taking the time to understand what they are).
It shows by his faded relevance and influence, compared to him in the past.

>> No.14284552

Selling a fucking carpet for $2000... really???

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For me it was his gotcha moment in the Kathy Newman interview

>> No.14284766

He doesn't have any association with white nationalists, other than he's looking to de-radicalize them. Stop paying attention to far leftist media.

>> No.14284772

>smacks SSRIs
>doesn't comprehend Marxism
>dies from drinking cider

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The exact moment and reason I began to hate Mr. Free Speech


>> No.14285075

>and playing up his political beliefs (making a bogeyman out of post-modernism and humanities education, without taking the time to understand what they are).
The problem wasn't that he played the politics card, its that he used it as a prop to prop up his speaking tour and stank of pandering. Peterson has been extremely coy when it comes to sharing his own beliefs on any topic that would shrink his fanbase, the God question is the best example of this. I would've liked if he was more brash with takes on politics and culture, not less. But like the rest of the "alt right" he very rapidly toned down his message after the post election smear campaign started to threaten the paychecks of all those right wing beggars
>He could've devoted his life to self-help and academic research, as a clinical psychologist.
12 rules is a self help book.

>> No.14285084

When it get full of trans retards

>> No.14285095
File: 625 KB, 1080x1522, TheyThem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That reminds me. What pronoun does your god prefer?

>> No.14285323

trannies and white chincels hate him so that means hes on the middle path of dharma

>> No.14285362

wtf he doesn't want to murder jews? what a piece of shit

>> No.14285378

It's that he equates speech with murder you fucking transexual Zionist son of a dead slut.

>> No.14285394

What free speech are talking here?

>> No.14285407

Because he said it’s okay to be a male

>> No.14285410

Yes, we all know that fringe extremists who blame all their problems on one group of people have peaceful bloodless solutions to society's problems.
Except for when it comes to criticizing white men. That + racemixing = LITERAL GENOCIDE

>> No.14285414

What the fuck are you talking about moth

>> No.14285423

>Except for when it comes to criticizing white men
I think you mean
>Except for when it comes to parenthesis

>> No.14285550

Because he actual know how destructive to the world Jews are but doesn't have the balls to kill his wife and Hebraic children. He also knows and is careful about encouraging healthy men from organizing because he knows this means his wife's people are accountable for their unending crimes against humanity

>> No.14285557

>It's that he equates speech with murder
>What free speech are *we talking [about] here?
Essentially what I’m asking

>> No.14285562

He also says "Jews have the highest IQ" but conveniently doesnt mention how they cheated on the SATs with Kaplan to get into the Ivy League


>> No.14285576

>you will never rip thicc lines of ket in your hotel-perfect room with JBP

>> No.14285589

That was my fault then. I should have said he equates speech with the incitement of murder. Yet if you were to tell Peterson that trans people have high suicidality rates and that calling them by non preferred pronouns could exacerbate that (bad logic but comparable) he will give you the "You have no right to dictate my freedom of speech" argument. Why does speech equal violence only when it is about Jewish people? Why does he throw his logic for pronouns out the window with parenthesis? And why do you have to be an insufferable cunt? You knew what I was talking about.

>> No.14285599

Anon you must really not like Jews to defend trans pronouns

>> No.14285600

>Having funds to pay for your kids SAT tutoring is now considered cheating

>> No.14285602

Lmfao I'll defend a tranny before I defend perpetual war, pedophilia and usery. It was for the sake of consistent logic though.

>> No.14285604


Well thanks now we know who in this thread was abused by his dementia-ridden grannies.

>> No.14285607

What is the sense of this infographic? Why does it start with Capital of all books?
>The German Ideology
Has the person who made this infographic even read these?

>> No.14285647

Your grandpa is an edgy reddit leftist?

>> No.14285659
File: 103 KB, 680x680, 294AF19D-373E-4C04-8E7E-21CCAF26EA26.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because I survived the fire.

By the time I discovered his sensationalist ramblings online, I’d already come out of several severe crises in my life. Trials of health, of violence, of abuse, and hardship. I was almost killed by the incompetence of a physician and his surrounding practitioners. I had to rebuild my body and mind. I did years of physical therapy just to be able to walk again and worked on myself to get over the psychological trauma and anger with professional help. These were events that I was able to somehow recover from terrible things, and they provided an opportunity for self-awareness and learning which led to self-improvement and a newfound focus, and a recognition that you only have one shot at a good and meaningful life.
So by the time I found Jordan Peterson, I understood how shallow he is. I could see that he is trying to communicate things to uninjured young men that can only be learned through the violence of exposure to a hostile world, and that he peddles his goods through chewed up bits of philosophy, the filtered and neutered thoughts of greater men, edited together to suit his narrative. His is an excellent rhetorician, but plainly communicates his misunderstanding of philosophy in how he constrains and edits it.

By the time I stumbled across Jordan Peterson, life had already shown me what he has to say, and with greater depth and meaning no less.

>> No.14285686

Is bringing home the actual test questions to build an answer key for studying compliant with national standards? Or is that only permissible for chosen people?

>> No.14285717

This guy is just rambling and stuttering like a stupid fuck. Peterson's a psychology teacher and he's smart enough to know when he's about to be baited by a loaded question. What a dumb video.

>> No.14285722

>says something retarded
>remember Rule 9 maybe I know something you don't so you should listen to meeee!

>> No.14285728

There's no winning with you fucks. You have a mind that seeks out conspiracy in everything.

>> No.14285730

>And why do you have to be an insufferable cunt? You knew what I was talking about.
No, I did not know. This is why I asked. Cunt.

>> No.14285738

I think most of 4chan is incapable of learning and appreciating people who have opposing views. Like I might disagree with him Peterson, and do, because of the way he views Jews and his political beliefs. But I think at the same time he is completely rational and only believes that because he is unaware of the danger of Jews and all that. I think he's a respectable, brilliant person that I occasionally disagree with.

>> No.14285748

Meh. I got into the Ivy League and I'm white. Graduated in 2017. Not Jewish, white. You people are fucking dumb.

>> No.14285777

No offense anon but I really could give less of a fuck about your life story and anecdotes. The point is did you bring home an answer key generated off individual smuggled test questions? And say, if you did, how would that affect your score compared to others?

>> No.14285797

>making money is bad
>making money and being a caring person are mutually exclusive

>> No.14286224

>all the shit about Jews in the thread


Back to your retard chamber.

>> No.14286231

>animeshit weeb
disregarded every book in there

>> No.14286254
File: 1.25 MB, 1000x2891, 151EBA00-D41B-44B4-BE24-3DFFCA21BED1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

t. Discord tranny pseud

>> No.14286260

Shut it down, I can’t answer that fucking goyim

>> No.14286268

Oh no. Quotations from a chess player. This definitely proves everything against Jews. How could I have been so blind?

>> No.14286270

>reddit's new favorite philosopher
Since the start.
Because he's a pseud, but also because he's popular.

>> No.14286328

>no Weber
>no Lyotard
>no Lacan
>no Habermas
>no Badiou

>> No.14286425

At least we'll always have the music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fx_HIfzsb58

>> No.14286429

he's an ape

>> No.14286433

Weber, Habernas, Lyotard are in there. Badiou and Lacan suck.

>> No.14286437

theory won't get you laid, and that's what it's all about baby

>> No.14286438

ah, i see now. sorry, i've been awake for days

>> No.14286483

go to sleep, fren.

>> No.14287438

based. if commie leftists read shit like this when they spoke about "theory" maybe i'd be able to have a productive discussion with them

>> No.14287727

june 2017

>> No.14287813


>> No.14287845

people that read your reading list use absurd made up words and jumbled sentence structure. you think it sounds cool (its not) and because its incomprehensible no one can challenge your ideology. therefore you think you are right (youre not).

as wolfgang pauli said: "not only is it not right, its not even wrong."

>> No.14287856

good point. because of this one passage it must mean everything he ever said is wrong.

>> No.14287857

spoken like someone that doesn't read

>> No.14288067

>I'm incomprehensible but thats because people don't read
I want you to use your big galaxy brain and think real hard about this one.

>> No.14288087
File: 497 KB, 594x598, 2CD60E49-D3EE-4DD5-B763-2C2C078AD6C2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good for you dude. The thing about Peterson is that he basically tells men that to be men, you have to confront the unknown. The better men, the good men, are the ones who confront the unknown with the most success. You got thrown into the furnace and made it out. He’s telling men they can start by putting out small fires, and become good at that, then become competent enough for big fires, then be able to withstand infernos. This is the “clean your room” meme. It’s a “little fire”, a small chaos. Nail it. Then your house. Then your job. Then so on and so forth.

He’s got his weirdness, but I still think he’s doing good work.

>> No.14288161

What I would give to kidnap Marie Kondo and make her life a living hell. I would force her to dress up in elf and leprechaun outfits and subject her to pure awfulness and humiliation. Just terrible degradation and shameful acts. It would be so easy to break her spirit and drive her to seppuku, but I wouldn't let her do it. If I could train a dog to rape on command then I would totally do that as well. A really big dog like a mastiff. She would be so completely and utterly powerless to stop it, not to mention terrified. A big ass dog is even scary and life-threatening to a normal human but to a midget? Might as well be a dragon. I'd keep her in a cell and what's more is that I would actually place the key inside with her but put it in a high place. Not extremely high but just ever so slightly out of reach. It would drive her mad. I would dress her like a baby and force feed her 99 cent store baby food. I'd also pick her up like a child and toss her from one corner to the next. I'd grab her by one leg and swing her as hard and as fast as I could then hurl her to see how far she goes. I'd rent one of those giant inflatable bounce houses and body slam her all day until my arms got tired. I'd hold her down with 1 hand and slowly stick things up her butt just to see her squirm. I would stick her in dryers and turn them on and leave her in there for long periods of time. I'd force her to fight other midgets to the death. Just so many things I'd do.

>> No.14288653

What few people understand is that he’s taking classic cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and applying them to the masses by tacking on bits of philosophical preposition to what is otherwise a pretty run of the mill psychotherapy technique which has existed since the late 80’s. Its an interesting idea, and I can’t tell if he’s a genius for doing this or a fool.


>> No.14289606

Whenever he became popular, because he became popular. His psychological advice is sound, and I am surprised that his expression of figurative, esoteric appreciation of sacred scripture isn't more popular among /lit/posters. His politics are a bit simple, but he is not primarily a politician. In fact, I would argue his work as a clinician as painted his individualist political views.

>> No.14290103
File: 1.81 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20191205-022241.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when he blasphemed against Christ https://youtu.be/3OxVX37Zbts

>> No.14290104
File: 286 KB, 861x667, Screenshot_20180817-175830_Manga Master.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Kondo posting this hard
gave me a giggle m8

>> No.14290108

When he went from a cult /fit/ icon for self improvement to a widely known public spectacle that even your grandma has probably heard about.

>> No.14290129

I read the foreword to 12 rules for life a week or two ago but then I went off and got my penis dirty again. I kinda like Peterson.

>> No.14290160

He looked a little unhealthy for a while but it got better.

>> No.14290578

Everyone on lit suddenly developed a lobster allergy.

>> No.14290882

Shellfish isn’t kosher you fuckin’ goy

>> No.14290943
File: 153 KB, 1080x1080, jbp_quote_inspirational.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God, I love this

>> No.14290958

i dont understand what issue you take with this? just that he is being honest about something nasty that came to him in sleep? no you only have normie chad dreams right

>> No.14291123

This comment was what turned me against him.

>> No.14291129

>you only have normie chad dreams right
of course :^)

>> No.14291132

Maps of Meanings is full of incest shit from his dreams. He also has dreams about wanting to have sex with his cousin. Sorry I am not a degenerate who reads pseudo science and self help from a man who wants to fuck his family.

>> No.14291135

You're storing data on someone else's servers.

>> No.14291220

The fact you are threatened by some one sharing whats in their dreams just shows that you are ashamed of what you dream. Tell us anon, what disgusting things do you dream of?

>> No.14291497

sad existence if thats your bar for success.

>> No.14291509

don't know how someone can hate him because of this. i know it's based off of personal opinion but holy shit was that a sad and vulnerable read. i have nothing but respect for someone letting something like that out

>> No.14291598

If you've actually read Jung this isn't absurd at all. It makes perfect sense in understanding dreams.

>> No.14292509

A world without grifters.

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