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Hi /lit/ /polfit/ here.

I wonder how do you guys feel about fitness book?

What is your favorite fitness book?

Also would you join /polfit/?

It's still being worked on: >>>/pol/234953474

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No fuck off

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Seething leftist freak

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I don't like the wood on his AK

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Oh, god damn it, OP.
To clarify, for /lit/izens:
/pol/ found a copy of a censored book which was thought to be lost.
It's in German, it's fitness pamphlet.
Now "evil Russian hackers" are crowdsourcing translations into English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and -- kek -- Hungarian.
Anyone with relevant language skills is welcome to help, you are fighting censorship and preserving a book once believed to be lost.
/fit/ heard about it and joined in already (to be able to contrast modern and earlier exercise dogma).

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Fuck off 卐

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Militant meat eaters are silly.

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bump! c´mon we are editing things!

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fuck off nazi

/lit/ is a leftist board now

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>What is your favorite fitness book?
US Army FM 7-22 - Army Physical Readiness Training

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Who cares? I've read Sandows, Maxixs And Goerners books that weren't banned and I sincerely doubt this fucking pamphlet has any new information.

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I am excited to ironically get fit

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>/lit/ is a monarchist board

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Sun and Steel by Mishima

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>pol/ found a copy of a censored book which was thought to be lost.
You can literally buy this on the german amazon. Plus this will most likely be boring, as most Natso stuff is, because kikes exaggerated them so simply saying "Nazi" frightens people, even when it is about fitness.

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Why would you get your exercise advice from 4chan? It's 2019 and /fit/ is unironically doing Starting Strength, that's like still using Windows 98.

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Why would anyone care about an army fitness manual from the 1930's? do you retards think there is going to be some secret aryan magic that da joo's are trying to cover up? the wehrmacht wasn't filled with arno breker statues, but run of the mill soldiers like every other fighting force. if you want to get /fit/, then follow modern sports science. if you want to LARP as a nazi, then off yourself.

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Butthurt /lit/ upset that in 48 hours /pol/ has done more for translation and accessibility of written works of the past than /lit/ ever has. Yes, to the 2 people hating, this was a book from (((HITLERS))), grow the fuck up. And yes it's just fine as a fitness manual, and yes, people taking an interest in reading, translating, and being healthy is a great thing. Grow up.
I wonder what else we could get /pol/ to translate? They flip on the nazi and German stuff quick apparently...

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So what's the advantage of this exercise book over modern routines?

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