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Yeah, me. Violence is the eternal temper tantrum we (Men) throw after being ejected from Eden (the Womb (Eden)).

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I'd give you the real answer plain and simple (testosterone). But let's instead say it's because he secretly wants to have sex with his mother (Oedipus Complex) but can't and as a result is frustrated and lashes it in any way he can.

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Because of The World!

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Testosterone nigger not everything has a deep philosophical meaning

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Yeah, a tumor in your adrenal gland, giving you massive shots of adrenaline at random intervals.

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Read The Lucifer Principle by Howard Bloom

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Exertion of force is not necessarily violence.

Nevertheless, the very act of violence is not statement out of acquisition of sense-data, say whether sensation of color red or smell of blood, it is from understanding of violation OF order, person, law, subject, object or status. So what you identify as violence is completely based upon culture and convention, quite often hidden behind taboo. (Taboo functions in a way that even questioning taboo is immoral, therefore ignorance is the ultimate moral act towards taboo)
Further, I would argue that need for 'violence' is not actually need for breaking of conventional norms or exertion of harm. Violence itself is identified within the act or intent of a child, while child might not be aware of it. Say accidentally strangling a pet while trying to lift it up.
So, being accidental in some cases, violent behaviour is not necessary, it is an exertion of one's will over the other, need for subject to establish itself. If subject has no problem in his being altering the world outside of him, there is no violence, nor any is needed. Also, that's why kids are quick to start crying and pulling tantrums, precisely because it is a violence (in a way) to protest the other not complying.

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Pretty much this. A lot of human behaviors can be stripped down of meaning and traced back to a biological route. We come out of the box with a lot more hardwired behavior than we tend to believe.

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