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Let's go faggots.

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Bernard Black is peak /lit/

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Hamfisted, goes for easy gags. I liked the show when I was a teenager, but lately I just find it unwatchable.

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Honestly I'm pretty much the same but I still appreciate the character

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Humour causes joy, and /lit/ is the opposite of joy - it's about suffering, being a self-hating little fag and refusing to listen to anyone reasonable, except reading your sad, depressing, russian books.

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Can't handle all this projection, senpai.

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I'll take 2 Serena's please.

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>in Proust

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You're allowed to leave, you know

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I take great joy in being a misanthrope thank you very much

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why are there only 3 truly patrician boards?

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Where the fuck is cornposting? /lit/ used to be better

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>pretentious contrarian boards filled with people who have no taste
>S tier

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Spot on. That ink analogy is pure Zizek.

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>why are there only 3 truly patrician boards?
/o/, /vg/, /out/, /toy/, and /an/ Are 100x better than anything in s tier.

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I like /ck/ but moreso I like cooking, and spend much less time there

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I never cook but go on /ck/ regularly

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Best joke yet

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Made some oc for you

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>it's real

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the best board is /vg/ because people there actually talk about the thread topic
but the "best" board is /tv/ because the shitposting is at least somewhat tolerable on certain days, everything else is trash

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r/poptimism isn’t a good board.

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>another "/lit/ humor" thread posted by a retarded discord tranny who constantly spams "HEHE THIS IS A REFERENCE TO SOMETHING OUR IN-GROUP VALUES BUT THERE'S NO PUNCHLINE THOUGH" facebook memes from a clearly college leftist milieu with smartphone filenames until hitting the image limit and nobody laughs and nobody has fun and most regular /lit/ users simply wonder half-consciously why the /lit/ humor threads have been so shit for the last 6 months before dismissing the thought

Thanks discord tranny. You truly make the board better with your 41 photoshops of Zizek and Nick Land's faces replacing Loony Tunes characters with text that says "My gott bugs Bunny, being a cartoon is capitalism." This is way better than when these threads used to post actual board culture and generate fond reminiscences from regular posters.

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/ck/ is easily the funniest board

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former /mu/tant here
/mu/ is shit

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I am howling

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/mu/ is ok if you find one interesting thread and sit in it with the other 3 or 5 anons that actually want to and can discuss that topic, otherwise it's shit yeah it is.

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t. Werewolf

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More like /lit/, /pol/ and /x/.

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>LGBT and pony in c

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it's perfect

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add Sex and Character by Weininger

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