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How do you judge whether something is well written?

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I only really read and reread Hubbard's work now and it is so well written that it can't be judged in the same way that normal authors can.

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Whether or not it resonates with me

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spine tingles

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How many big words are crammed in there.

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do you think she's ever actually buried her tongue that far up another girl's snatch or butthole?

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How they present themes; there's a fine line of being subtle enough. Most authors either beat you over the head with their themes or cover them under a mountain of shit to the point most people will draw a different meaning from the work.

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checked Nazi dubs, I want proof of your conviction, post link to amateur rimjob

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It's actually quite hard to get your tongue into the anus, unless it's already relaxed and gaping. The natural position of the anal sphincter is too narrow to admit a non rigid object like the tongue. You can get into the folds but not inside properly.

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you don't need to coach me on eating ass, my friend

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Is like to put my peepee in there

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Same as I judge if OP reeks of coom.

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Based fellow ass-eater

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OP is that that weird tankie twitter girl?

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Relatablity or Relatableness or how Relatable it is. And that, unfortunaetely, is what makes any sort of "critic" about writing completelly and utterly biased whether you like it or not.

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When I was a girl, I made this gesture to a bunch of construction workers from the back of a school bus and absolutely scandalized them.

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Is that Butterfly?

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I'm 90% sure it's @sovietfangirl

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>I've been following this girl for a while, I believe she is 17 or 18. Her pictures are pretty provocative and seem to have a common theme (her tongue or her ass.) She used to post a lot of pictures with captions about eating pussy and sex (which I can't find, probably deleted or edited) and also led her followers to believe she was lesbian, which was evident when she posted pics with a man (I'm not sure if they're still together) and everyone was confused. She has changed her username and gone private multiple times for whatever reason. I've watched her live once and she seemed to be very rude, not only to her followers but to her family and whoever else was with her during it, not to mention she also was saying the n-word. Also I don't think she photoshops anything, but what are your opinions?

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stop posting your tranny selfies

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>I believe she is 17 or 18

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nice dsl

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>when i was a girl
are you a guy now? oO

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what way is that?

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how do you know her?

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She was cringe famous a few years ago

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ah, i use to talk to her intimately, so i find it strange you post her. gave me a dark shock of synchroncity

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the idea that bigger implies a more enjoyable experience is just a shitty meme perpetuated by the fuckin jews

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Can transmit complex information clearly and appeals to some aesthetic sense that I appreciate

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