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Guenonanon wrote the wikipedia page for Guenon
kek'd when i saw this

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that's genuinely hilarious

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Here's his edit

>> No.14223571

How will the Whiteheadians recover

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retroactively based

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Op is probably Guenonfag, too? I have rarely seen such a narcissistic turd such as you, Guenonfag.

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Whiteheadfag retroactively seething

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he's a notorious wiki editor, I once made a trap into outing him which worked, pic related

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WTF bros

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Anti-Guenonfags are seething itt

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so basically anyone who isn't guenonfag

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you're either with guenonfag or against guenonfag

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There is clearly an anon obsessed with Guenon on this board. You can easily see at any hour of the day how many threads about Guenon are in the catalog. Usually 3 or 4. He also replies to everyone.

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Guenonfag is a mexican feminist, who knew!

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I always thought he was a discord salafist larper

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Thank god, we need guenonanons

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It's the anon obsessed with the guenonfag that I've noticed desu
normally I'd say it's the same guy but it's too disproportionate for that

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there is more than one lol

>> No.14224654

not really, there are about 3-4 people (numbers are growing) who talk down the one guenonfag.

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there is definetely one seething anti-guenonfag who raids every thread spamming "COPECOPECOPECOPECOPE" to every Guenanon

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This, hardly a thread on anything eastern-related goes by without someone throwing a hissy fit and accusing someone else of being guenonfag

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He is an effective troll to say the least.

>> No.14224764

nah, I'd say there are more than a few. If anything its guenonfag (you?) who is entrenched in 4chan cultured words like 'HAHA COPE BTFO DESTROYED' etc

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that guy is definitely him, notice how he uses phrases like 'anti-guenonfag' and 'Guenanon' instead of referencing himself as guenonfag. He's been found out again hasn't he? lol

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Thanks for outing yourself as the anon obsessed with Guenonfags

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not everyone is this 'anti-guenonfag' boogeyman you silly shizo

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>n-no its the anti-guenonfag brigade, trust me

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Cope, Incel.

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Is guenonfag and anti-guenonfag actually the same person? Does he have split personality disorder?

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oh shit he's on to us, shut it down

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read theory brainlet

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>there is definetely one seething anti-guenonfag who raids every thread spamming "COPECOPECOPECOPECOPE" to every Guenanon
>t. guenonfag

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>ur Guenonfag
>No u

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t. guenonfag

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t. guenonfag

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t. anti-guenonfag

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Dumbass, everyone who supports guenon is a fucking brainlet

>> No.14224907

t. anti-guenonfag - guenonfag

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Everyone who says "Guenon" is a crypto Guenanon

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>guenonfag now trying to shitpost this thread to death coz he's been found out
every single time

>> No.14224936

>Anti-Guenonfag trying to shitpost Guenon thread to death. Every single Guenon thread

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Lmao whiteheadfag deleted the edit

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And that, dear reader, concludes this thread, in which all of the dozens of contradictory posters arguing about each others' identities and anxiously trying to deduce just how many guenonfags and anti-guenonfags populate the board and trying to plumb their insidious natures were all, in fact, me.
I hope you enjoyed my performance. For immersion's sake, I will reply to this post with feigned scorn.

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Remember he forced this meme for months and nobody even noticed

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Retroactively is the wrong word. Surely he means preemptively?

>> No.14224991

can confirm, i'm one of them

the weirdest part is i actually like guenon and i'm not a buddhist but i end up defending buddhists from his dementia, who knew

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t. not guenonfag

>> No.14224997

he's an ESL speaker

>> No.14225001

someone add him to the influenced section

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seguro64 is the foremost intellectual élite of our day

>> No.14225010

it was retroactively established that preemptively was preemptively debunked by the use of the word retroactively

>> No.14225015

t. guenonfag

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Yeah he outed himself as ESL in a couple small ways. The usual slight flubs an ESL speaker makes, the recent one being "since I am 8 years old, I thought ..." instead of "since I was 8 years old."

In my opinion, his style of ESL is very typical of an Indian. They know surprisingly good formal English sometimes but often break down when it comes to colloquial expressions. Guenonfag is definitely living in the West though. He's usually online and posting at 5AM~ American time, so my guess is he's in Britain. I think he uses British slang sometimes. That's why I wonder whether the Wikipedia/Seguro64 guy was him, though you never know I guess.

Also this is correct >>14224676
Guenonfag at some point started wanting to fit in, so he started making a lot of forced meme images and saying shit like SEETHE COPE BTFO LMAO!!! He still melts down and does this like a spastic sometimes (see >>https://warosu.org/lit/thread/S14177852#p14185535 for example, also note he says "ming-mongs")

This is also correct. For a long time he would never say Guenonfag, he would just say Guenon poster or Guenonanon. He is more likely to call himself Guenonfag (while not admitting he is him, of course).

You can also usually tell it's him because nobody would bother defending some random guy they don't know so vehemently. But he'll respond to ANY post calling out Guenonfag by saying his usual "obsessed seethe cringe cope" and defending himself while pretending to be anonymous. I think part of the problem is that he thinks /lit/ is livelier or more populous than it really is, so he thinks he's fading into some big crowd, like Mr. Snrub, going "I think Guenonfag is the tops!" But it's fairly obvious to any regular 4chan user that he's samefagging to an embarrassing degree.

Truly the Guenonfag saga is one of the most interesting on /lit/. I sometimes feel bad for ragging on him because I honestly assume he's mentally ill and deeply unhappy. I've known perennialists like him in real life, especially immigrant ones who are trying to reconnect with their roots, and they're often very troubled. I wish him the best, I just wish he'd stop being so horrible to people who disagree with him. Fundamentally, I don't think he's a troll, I think it's more that he has a real problem tolerating opposing views. This fits in well with him being a Hindu nationalist, they and Chinese nationalists are some of the most cartoonish online.

>> No.14225054

you're officially more insane than guenonfag at this point
the lols i have at you and him going back and forth are deeply appreciated

>> No.14225062

You're him, aren't you?

>> No.14225063

t. guenonfag

>> No.14225065

>He is more likely to call himself Guenonfag (while not admitting he is him, of course).

Meant to say, he's more likely to do it nowadays. He's relaxed a bit. I do wonder whether he's become more of a typical 4chan poster over time.

Altogether though I think he thinks he's fighting some kind of war against anti-Guenonfags by spamming 15 Guenon or Parmenides threads a day, and it's just not the case. A few of us obviously do notice but that's it.

Yeah I sometimes think this myself, I am staring into the abyss as it stares into me. Especially at first when he would make his Eastern Thought threads and horribly abuse the people who disagreed with him, I would get very annoyed on their behalf. Some people seemed genuinely hurt. That's what originally made me start to notice him.

But it's definitely not just me. For example, I'm not the guy making the investigative images or screenshots outing him.


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The anti-guenon/whiteheadfags are honestly more unhinged at this point. Guenonfag is definitely still around but "retroactive posting" has just become a board meme

>> No.14225099

No it hasn't. Nobody used it except Guenonfag. This is what I hate about him and what triggers my own autism, he's self-aggrandizing and narcissistic.

The Whitehead guy was fucking irritating too though, I agree. This board in general seems to attract a lot of _____fags. The Peirce guy, there's a Spinoza guy I'm pretty sure, there's some Osho guy now, it's neverending. Again, if you hang out with perennialists in real life you will notice this obsessive behavior in spades. They're always onto some new guru for 6 months.

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honestly man you cannot understand how fucking funny this whole thing is to me. I dont even have the conceptual tools to express how funny it is, the combination of so many incredibly unrelated things that coalesce in this debate on this retarded website. I literally have a small laughing fit every time I see a thread about hindu or buddhist lit on here, and as soon as i see a post about advaita it reaches a kind of fever pitch that erupts as soon as some post says it's guenonfag

the sheer dissonance between the subject matter, the style of language, the supposed intention of the posts, the historical context in which we exist and the specific subset of that situation that is the literature board on 4chan

you know how there is that part of the knee that if you touch it the calf and foot move up automatically, whatever the fuck you guy are doing has that effect on my mind, it provokes uncontrollable laughter every single time, and it seems like it just keeps being buried under more layers of plausible obfsucation, so that each hint towards it gets exponentionally funnier if its confirmed as being part of it

>> No.14225116

We are all guenonfags, meanwhile there is only one desperate whiteheadfag

>> No.14225117

why tf is this the best thread on lit

>> No.14225151

I like Rene Guenon but its tiring seeing him getting shilled so hard then seeing whiteheadfag come and shitpost threads to death

>> No.14225155

okay, who retroactively debunked who? please put it in plain english

>> No.14225181

shankara retroactively debunked the vedas by using buddhist logic to show that 98% of vedic thought is irrelevant and only a few passages that can be twisted into supporting a buddhist monist idealism from 400AD are important. it was retroactive because it happened in 850AD

>> No.14225191

>This fits in well with him being a Hindu nationalist
every time I bring up why he isn't a Sufi/muslim like his literary father figure, he responds with 'well he considered advaita to be the best but besides, Allah is the same as Brahman bro'. He speaks more about vedanta than islam. Imagine spearheading a supposedly universalist movement in an onlineyet favoring only one subgroup. Its as if he's using it as a vehicle to advance his own nationalist agenda.

>> No.14225212

Absolutely BASED

>> No.14225223

wait who gives a fuck if the vedas don't correlate to Buddhist logic?

>> No.14225229

All I see is people triggered by guenonfag.
If you really don't like him - ignore him.

He probably rekt your ass with advaita while you larp as Buddhist

>> No.14225231

the only who uses this term is guenonfag. Meanwhile guenonfag was a thing way before whitehead was popular (around 6 months ago).

guenonfag outs himself again, he can't help it.

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>> No.14225237

>If you really don't like him - ignore him.
ironic considering he constantly butts his brown head into threads and shits it up

>> No.14225240

Parmenides retroactively refuted Whitehead. Guenon retroactively refuted Whitehead only by virtue of Parmenides' retroactive refutation.

>> No.14225246

Whiteheadfag is actually 3 fags from the society of the spectacle reddit discord

>> No.14225253

t. guenonfag pretending to be guenon hater

>> No.14225268

You claim he's a narcissist, then don't pay him any attention, it fucks them hard. He spends time replying to everybody in a thread - zero replies, it doesn't matter.

Your autistic screeching is feeding his ego

>> No.14225269

Butterfly is actually guenonfag who is trying to recover primordial androgyny and social order through anarchism and practices alchemaic homosex

>> No.14225274

Is there a basic gestalt on the butterflyfag?

>> No.14225280

>He spends time replying to everybody in a thread
damn you know a lot about some random anon, do you love him?

>> No.14225283

t. guenonfag

>> No.14225284

Either a menopausal uggo or a tranny who thinks her/his/its opinion matters significantly more than it does

>> No.14225286

He's whiteheadfag. The veritable yin to guenonfag's yang

>> No.14225287

Yea I do, you have a problem with that?

He's funny and informative. The best kind of poster.

>> No.14225292

Interesting take. How do we transcend this caduceus of falsity?

>> No.14225298

Yeah this. He's doing it in another thread right now too.

He does this a lot. For a while, everybody who rebukes him will be "Whiteheadfag" or "Buddhistfag" or some other person he got into one minor argument with in June of that year. Then he'll forget and pick someone new, or he'll blend them together and accuse the Whiteheadfag of being a Buddhistfag.

He's also, still, replying to every single fucking post that mentions him.

>> No.14225306

You're glowing whiteheadfag. You and guenonfag should should just get trips. It would make this tango a lot easier to follow

>> No.14225307

You forgot to say "SEETHE" and "CRINGE," but don't worry, you still have time to reply to yourself with BASED.

Get help man.

>> No.14225309

based guenonfag

cringe whiteheadfag

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>> No.14225312

t. guenonfag

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>only 20 seconds apart

was that even done as a joke. please tell me it was done intentionally as a joke

>> No.14225316

you're fucking unhinged dude. take heed of your daddy whitehead and just go with the flow

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Get help, schizo.

>> No.14225350 [DELETED] 

T gunonfag

>> No.14225363

99 replies
30 ips

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>Be genon/whiteheadfag
>make thread about yourself
>spend entire thread arguing with yourself like you have a split personality
>pretend Guenonfag and Whiteheadfag are two different people
>proceed to blow the whistle on yourself >>14225350

Has there ever been a better psyop that Guenon/whiteheadfag?

>> No.14225379

Thanks for 98 (You)s, sucker! Nyeh heh heh heh
Off to edit wikipedia!

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>tfw I finally retroactive debunk Spinoza

>> No.14225404

t. guenonheadfag

>> No.14225458

Guenon Guenon Guenon Guenonfag!
Guenon Guenon Guenonfag! Guenon
Guenon Guenonfag! Guenon Guenon
Guenonfag! Guenon Guenon Guenon
Guenon Guenon Guenon Guenonfag!
Guenon Guenon Guenonfag! Guenon
Guenon Guenonfag! Guenon Guenon
Guenonfag! Guenon Guenon Guenon
Guenon Guenon Guenon Guenonfag!
Guenon Guenon Guenonfag! Guenon
Guenon Guenonfag! Guenon Guenon
Guenonfag! Guenon Guenon Guenon

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this is why i still come to this site
thanks for the laugh bros

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>> No.14225656


unhinged guenonfag is comedy gold (despite his mental illness)

>> No.14226261

guys we need to come up with a sort of secret sign/post type to distinguish ourselves from the guénonposter.
I like guénon but Im sick of this schizo making shit threads, and everyone keeps calling ME the guénonposter when I try and sage them

>> No.14226268


>> No.14226282

ok guénonpoeter

>> No.14226289

the best way to distinguish yourself from guenonfag is to make actually good posts and threads, and ignore his shitty ones. he does a perfectly good job of making himself stand out by acting like a hindu nationalist teenager on adderall everywhere he goes.

so many people recognize his shitposts at this point that the harm he causes to threads has been minimized anyway, nobody really bothers responding to him except to mock him at this point. i've seen multiple threads in the past two weeks where he's practically begging people to respond to some random article he found from 1955 "debunking" some imagined opponent, and people were just confused by his ramblings

>> No.14226290


>> No.14226291


>> No.14226299

Guenonfag here, once again I have opened /lit/ after not browsing for a few days to found a thread almost entirely centered around discussing me. These threads warm my heart when I see them, as if my constant btfoing and exposing of my enemies on /lit/ weren't enough, the knowledge that I live rent-free in their minds and cause them to collapse into fits of hysterical and unhinged accusations without even posting is just icing on the cake. Brilliant and erudite as I am, it appears that my own detractors have done a better job of discrediting themselves than I could have ever dreamed of. Thanks to all my supporters and fans, we couldn't have made it this far without you.

>> No.14226303

Hey, Guenonfag2 here. I have been larping as you for a couple of days now. Its fucking funny making antiguenonfags seethe

>> No.14226306

Reminder that guenonfag woke up from bed and is bumping his other threads again


notice the time gap between the posts is around 5-7 hours. This dude's life literally revolves around this board. Amazing.

>> No.14226331


>> No.14226338

Whiteheadfags are Seething

>> No.14226342

>René-Jean-Marie-Joseph Guénon was a pseudointellectual rheoritician with a bad reading in comparative religion. He was the Jordan Peterson of his time. There is nothing of value in his works and you should probably just read theory,

>> No.14226531

I-It’s an honor to finally meet you, guenonfag-san. You are sort of a legend here.

>> No.14226655

I think I might know the city where guenonanon lives. There has been “read guenon” spray painted on a wall in town for a year or so. I can take a picture later if anyone wants to see

>> No.14226704

Do it faggot

>> No.14226711

Nah man, thats just the cultural awakening thats currently occuring throughout most western countries.
People finally realising that Islam is the best path for salvation of the West

>> No.14226712

Triple trips confirm that Advaita Vedanta is superior, Guenon is infallible and Guenonanon is his prophet (and you should post the pics).

>> No.14226730

>being a constantly mocked loser
>best path
okay guénonposter

>> No.14226732

tfw you realise that Guenanon is Imam Mahdi, the 12th Shia Imam currently in occultation

>> No.14226746

you'll be rotting in a french jail, at most

>> No.14226761

Ok I will post it later or in some other guenon thread should this one be dead

>> No.14226849


>> No.14226854

ok guénonposter

>> No.14226858

Is Guenonfag Muslim?

>> No.14226861

Schizo isnt Muslim. Some actual GuenonAnons are though

>> No.14226863

we can only guess but he is definitely a shitskin

>> No.14226867

Watch him say this in all of the guenon threads in order to bump them

>> No.14226869

See >>14225191

So probably not. I've seen him get roped into defending the Hindu caste system and India in general a few times.

>> No.14226872

Guenonfag hath set a fire unto the world, and it burneth magnificently.

>> No.14226879


Like Clockwork

>> No.14226885 [DELETED] 

ok guénonposter

>> No.14226900

lol ok guénonposter

>> No.14226906

He is the Imam Mahdi after all

>> No.14226982

It has become apparent that both guenonfag and antiguenonfagfag are fictitious personae, constructed and played by initiates of the same sinister discord cabal.
My theory is that by discrediting both Guénon and his detractors, two seemingly conflicting ends, they are trying to perform some sort of occult ritual.

>> No.14226989


>> No.14227046

Its a Psyop, schizo is just terrified of Islam.
the cycle is:
>Create terrible Guenon thread
>Reply to his own thread
>He then replies to his replies with >>14226900
>An actual Guenanon comes to thread and tries to contribute something constructive
>Schizo replies with something like >>14226989

Its just a way of discrediting Guenon and his work entirely.

>inb4 ok guénonposter

>> No.14227059

>terrified of Islam.
Only the Guénonposter would label Islam as terrifying.
Also: ok gp

>> No.14227072

guenon didn't really care for shi'ism

>> No.14227082

>An actual Guenanon comes to thread and tries to contribute something constructive

>> No.14227091

Lmao bullshit excuse. You're the one doing this 'psyop' (which is nothing but a poorly thought out shitpost to hide yourself).

>'Guenanon' is based lmao he's the schizo not me

>> No.14227100

Oh i get it now. Guenonfag is playing the opposite role meanwhile trying to portray himself as the good boy who dindu nuffin. That figures the 'okay guenonposter' spam.

>> No.14227130

It wasnt obvious to you? Heres a protip: he never shitposts with 'guenonfag' he hates identifiers that arent his and ones hes been ridiculed with for a long time. Thats why he uses terms like 'guenanon' or 'gueononposter'. Its a dead giveaway.

>> No.14227133


>> No.14227144


>> No.14227145

an even easier identifier is this: if someone is doing embarrassing schizo shit and can't laugh at himself, and it's in a thread about guenon, eastern philosophy or parmenides, it's probably guenonfag

>> No.14227191


>> No.14227215

okay guénonposter

>> No.14227222

the caste system is based and red-pilled, anyone who says otherwise is a sniveling libcuck

>> No.14227227

Hey can someone make the
>I can't tell who's jewing who anymore
into a Guenanon/Whiteheadfag meme. I don't know how but just do it. We need it top priority here.

Btw parmenides retroactively btfo'd Guenon.

>> No.14227230


>> No.14227237

India is one big nation of shudras though, they got enslaved by Europe and they literally live in their own shit. How can you justify there being any internal hierarchy to India? It's a nation of actual shit eating, actual street shitting rapists who got completely fucked by Europe and then fucked by every one of its neighbors, from Muslims to Chinese. If natural castes exist India is at the fucking bottom rank of humanity.

>> No.14227241

>Guenanon/Whiteheadfag meme
LOL you won't dethrone the Guénonposter/Saneposters... it is too strong.

>> No.14227252

yes maybe but muh René Guénon said otherwise

>> No.14227255

>imagine being so uneducated on India that you think there aren't higher cast Indians
You're a retard, and I'm not even a mutt.

yea right, least I'm not some Whiteheadian autist he flashes his tool to people.

>> No.14227266

The original higher caste Indians all got absorbed. India has been through centuries of being brutally raped and fucked up by Muslims, then Europeans, then Muslims again (Pakis).

If they were higher caste would they really live in a giant dirty shithole of a country where tens of thousands of people literally die every year from diseases as a result of eating shit in the food? Whatever higher caste Indians existed in the Vedic period, they're gone now. It's a purely Dravidian country.

>> No.14227268

dunno what the hell is this shit, seems like another guénonian buzzword...

>> No.14227280

They used to be more than just a "caste", they were the whitest people you could think of.
>"Morning suvadutra, hows the spiritual calmness down there"
That sort of thing. Still I'm not saying they are prevalent but I am saying higher caste Indians still obviously exist in many places. You see them too often for otherwise.

>> No.14227284

trips of truth

>> No.14227287
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>seems like another guénonian buzzword...
w..wut ha-haha wwha..wat do you m- mean?

>> No.14227304

I mean the Guénonposter says anybody mocking or bullying him is a "whiteheadian", but nobody gives a fuck about this "whitehead" thing... as if people should care about reading René Guénon bullshit books in order to know what "whitehead" stands for... but nobody gives a shit about guénonian stuff.

>> No.14227320

Of course, it's called non-dualism

>> No.14227345

yeah, because mocking the guénonposter is just like being the guénonposter
you're a genius

>> No.14227364

170 replies
47 IPs

>> No.14227379

lol you care

>> No.14227961

Lemuria strikes again!

>> No.14228021

43 of those were me cycling through various proxies

>> No.14228292

This is one of the most absolutely absurd threads I've ever read in my life. Truly the height of the /lit/ medium. A combination of the pure, distilled autism of this board with the tinge of paranoia inherent to anonymous posting. It's fantastic.

>> No.14228549


>> No.14228883


Yes I find that guenon posts really raise the level of discussion here. I think guenonfag will go down as famous one day in the future.

>> No.14228892


>> No.14229070
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I don't know who's trolling who anymore

>> No.14229076

>t. has literally never read a londonfrog blogpost

>> No.14229078

He's Mexican

>> No.14229089

Didn't implicit bias get utterly btfo?

>> No.14229105

I like this guy.

>> No.14229155

Based guenonfag, you are the schizo heart and soul of this board. I disagree with you and your stance but you are a beautiful bastard nevertheless.

>> No.14229170

Guenon does not to deserve to be on that page. But Guenfag does.

>> No.14229180


>> No.14229206

This. It’s great.

>> No.14229276

Talebfags have invaded recently, they're the most annoying of the bunch imo

>> No.14229307

What the fuck is going on lmao

>> No.14229316

Yeah, there seems to be some fag who accuses anyone who opposes his agenda of being guenonfag. I was reading through the threads in the catalog and I couldn't help but notice this post >>14224847, which at face value just seems like some random /pol/ack who is butthurt that guenon betrayed the white race, but the replies to this post say that it was made by guenonfag. Why would guenonfag insult his own idol? Maybe there was a case of samefagging here, I can't really tell becuase I don't have the IP counts, but isn't there that picture that states that guenonfag often switches his IP around? Why would he not do it in this case?

It is very difficult trying to untangle who is behind this vast shitposting ring, but from what I've seen the common anti-geunonfag narrative is deeply flawed. Most of the time the only shitposting that I notice is from anti-guenonfag poster/s themselves.

t. guenonfag

>> No.14229338

why can't you ever do anything without forcing it really awkwardly?

>> No.14229354

Londonfrog was just a loser. His posts were uninteresting, and everybody either tried to help and had to listen to him whine or told him to kill himself.
The guenoniad unfolding on /lit/ now is a wildly different beast because it involves multiple posters having their identities confused and their motivations muddled and their sanity called into question. It's like going to a play where all of the characters are hidden and speaking through voice disguisers and lying about who they are, and we sit in the audience debating what's really happening while they sit with us and sling even more red herrings all over the place. It's beautiful and I've never experienced anything like it.

>> No.14229362

Nice try

>> No.14229378

At least we can all be sure at the end of the day that Shankara was ripping off Nagarjuna.

>> No.14229401

Parmenides retroactively refuted ethics desu

>> No.14229422

Yes, I see the error behind my ways now. From now on I will never make a post without identifying who I am.

t. guenonfag

>> No.14229441

It's because Guenonfag has the most on-point criticisms of Buddhism, the man knows it inside and out as a former Buddhist himself but he eventually saw the light and became an Advaitin. That's why Guenonfag drives them into such a frenzy, it's the materialist/atheists who reject Christianity and latch onto Buddhism and then start moralizing and proselytizing super hard about it, everything they hate about Christianity they start doing with Buddhism. Guenonfag exposes their inner contradictions and reveals them to be the spiteful and distraught people that they really are under the mask of tranquility and compassion that they like to wear. They can't handle it when someone criticizes their precious Tathagata, especially not someone who already knows and anticipates their circular Buddhist logic and who already knows the perfect answer to expose it as garbage. That's why you can't have any discussions about Hinduism or post a picture of Shankara on /lit/ without a bunch of butthurt Buddhists flooding into the thread and calling everyone in it Guenonfag and posting the same schizo images. Guenonfag evidently caused some sort of psychotic break with reality among a large portion of the Buddhists on /lit/.

>> No.14229457

Stupid projection

>> No.14229475

>someone who already knows and anticipates their circular Buddhist logic and who already knows the perfect answer

Yes, clearly you knew the "perfect answer" when you made this post a few days ago

>It's been 24 hours and none of you ming-mongs have replied to this. All the more embarrassing considering YoU CaN't HaVe Up WiThOuT dOwN mY dUdEz loooooollzzlz lmafaooo :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!1!111! was intended to be the epic GOTCHA retort. Writhing animals.

Such equanimity.. Such poise.. The Buddhists didn't stand a chance..

>> No.14229501

Stop pretending to be Guenonfag. we have already established that I am guenonfag.

>> No.14229509

all these guenon threads are made by one guy?

>> No.14229527
File: 1.27 MB, 1884x873, guenonfagspam.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Typically yes

>> No.14229537

Hey, I just noticed, this pic is a screenshot from months ago, and he reposted one of the exact threads from it today.


>> No.14230019
File: 126 KB, 1026x602, 1555958220490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, that's just what the seething schizo who has a burning resentment for Guenon wants you to think.

>> No.14230034

how do guenonfags get around everyone in the traditionalist/perennial philosophy (guenon, schuon, nasr, etc.) circles not believing in evolution and thus outing themselves as pseuds not worth listening to?

>> No.14230046


>> No.14230093

Because evolution isn't in the end incompatible with the metaphysics. Consciousness exists prior and is immaterial and there could be any number of different organisms developing across the universe for the purpose of providing a host for that same consciousness to temporarily inhabit, but without which it still exists.

>> No.14230204
File: 84 KB, 736x736, 1499292582_b8f6ba64076ed338cc53046daa1ecf54--attack-on-titan-funny-attack-on-titan-chibi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ay Dios mio! El Guenon anónimo! Muy basado.

>> No.14230209

Based Seguro64

>> No.14230290


>> No.14230960

okay guénonposter

>> No.14231746


>> No.14231779

this thread reads like schizophrenia

>> No.14231937

okay guénonposter.

Youre the only one here who uses the term "schizo" and 'schizophrenia'. Go spout sandnigger propaganda somewhere else

>> No.14231939

t. whiteheadfag

>> No.14231949

read theory, brainlet

>> No.14231976

>okay guénonposter
the new okay boomer

>> No.14231977

Shankara is all the theory I need mleccha

>> No.14232062

literally everyone who supports Guenon is falling for a sandnigger psyop. He was a freemason too

>> No.14232099 [DELETED] 
File: 212 KB, 1000x372, 200hrsmspt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14232104

based deleuzians win yet again

>> No.14232112

I have literally never seen anyone referred to as "islamocuck" which leads me to believe you are guenonfag or are whiteheadfag falseflagging as guenonfag.

>> No.14232129

give me a better term

>> No.14232139


>> No.14232174
File: 227 KB, 1000x372, 1574663964802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good call

>> No.14232577

okay guénonposter

>> No.14232630 [DELETED] 

Did it change?


>> No.14233254

Tbh Whitehead seems kinda gay
I'll support guenonfag

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