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my nigga

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he's fun for a week, then you can tell how much shit he's full of

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Retroactively redpill me on this plump bald fellow

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classic arrogant traditionalist trapped in the modern condition. needs to read some philosophy of science imo

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>expert metaphysician
>translates Greek and Pali
>owns the rights to Coomaraswamy's works
>expert amateur photographer
>discover the truth about what magnetism is and how anti-gravity will work using metaphysics, he book on magnetism is furtively read underground across physics departments all across north american and europe

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fucking based desu

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This guy single-handedly makes me ashamed to be associated with anyone related to the traditionalist school. He is so arrogant it isn't even a meme, it is just pathetic. I am literally laughing at the thought that such a horribly tattooed fat literal-who on YouTube considers himself to be the recipient of divine sophia. I don't know how he became associated with Rama Coomaraswamy when Rama is so mellow and understated in his interviews.

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oh get over yourelf already

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He's American. What did you expect? Americans can't receive divine sophia, only divine McChickens.

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t. disciple of the fat man

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What is a divine McChicken exactly

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McChickens are divine because they're only $1 each and 2-3 of them can fill you up. Best food for the money.

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Thank you for the wisdom. I must've missed that in his reviews of Shankara

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if i was as intelligent as him i'd be a bit of a dick too. out of any meme celebrity, here he is the most legitimate

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>expert amateur photographer
>expert amateur

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you are thinking of a junior chicken, not a McChicken

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I knew that from the start on his commentaries on Plotinus. You can tell by Ken's words, actions and thoughts that he does not take Plotinus to heart. Wheeler brags about sex. Plotinus held celibacy to be the highest form of human existence and thought the loss of seed was harmful. Ken Wheeler's gluttony and unchastity makes me dismiss him as a neoplotinus entirely, and see him as a pseud hobbiest that talks the talk, but does not walk the walk.

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shut up leaf
it's still a good amount of cals, protein, etc. for $1

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wait, america doesn't have the junior chicken? or is your McChicken a junior chicken? how does Canada have more burgers than burgerland

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mcchicken is your junior mcchicken
there is no other mcchicken here
but again it's $1 for 370 cals 15g protein
best fast food deal

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He is well-read, that´s for sure.

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>Wheeler brags about sex.


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Yeah gonna need to see a source on this

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I don't think he's a traditionalist as such, he only mentions coomaraswamy, he's also said he doesn't want anything to do with religion, so he seems to simply be a Neoplatonist.

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This guy rants about almost nothing for ten minutes, interspersed with bragging and insulting others. very annoying imo

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If you are aware of the Jason incident, Ken allegedly messaged him about and told him he was having sex followed by an Emjoi. This said, I hate Jason, and could see it being fabricated. I also have nothing against Ken's photography opinions in general, so if he didn't claim to be a neoplatonist, I would not have thought much of it. He's also referred to photography objectives as "porn" before, which not only serves by extension to endorse the toleration of an immutable evil (i.e. actual pornography), but an insult if you actually know Ancient Greek because porne = whore, so to apply "porn" to anything from "food porn" to "glass porn", is to actually denigrate the subject matter. All of this show his soul is polluted and will never be unified with any of Plotinus's thogut.

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Yeah, sometimes I think he's insane, he repeats himself alot

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>Why yes, I am insane, how could you tell?

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I can't take fat metaphysicians seriously. Maybe a little pudgy, but Ken's level, ehhh

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What a 'coincidence', he's Livestreaming right now

>> No.14136939

Then hopefully he sees this thread and addresses it.

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One question, do you think you are what you do?

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>could see it being fabricated

this most likely the answer

>but an insult if you actually know Ancient Greek...

this is an unusual criticism, is he supposed to completely abandon any vernacular to show how holy he is? he might be dismissive of some ethical issues but i don't agree with your conclusions

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