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please rec me some truly disturbing, unsettling, terrifying etc books. pic related?

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i only read 100 pages and well, it got some spooks - i kinda got a little scared of the dark.

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HoL is not even vaguely scary, it's just immensely comfy

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post rec then you dumb faggot
can you read?

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I replied to the question in the OP, cry more

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my diary desu

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Blood Meridian, in some ways.

>> No.14073838

The girl next door

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reading this right now because its supposed to be "one of the most disturbing ever" im like half way through and its really not that messed up

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books of blood
the house is just a good creepypasta. Johnny fucking sucks.

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bruh why are you scared of a book just fuckin close it

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Song for the Unraveling of the World

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this but post-ironically

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>being plebfiltered by johnny

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That's postmodern "look at me! I'm playing around with the medium and being 'original'" wankery, not horror.

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The Other Side of the Mountain by Michel Bernanos

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I think it was called hogg or something like that, literally a book about a contract rapist. Pretty fucked desu

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Ive wanted to read Evenson, have you read his novels or just short stories? I wanna read Last Days

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Nice one brainlet. Do you get scared by the crosswalk when mr. walk gets replaced by giant hand? Or when big sky god make dark time?

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okay recommend something then please

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cows by matthew stokoe

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The conspiracy against the human race by Ligotti.

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>Being scared by a book
Try looking out the window sometime. Look beneath the surface. Even the most apparently most trivially mundane happy thing you see is inherently more scary than some silly 'horror 'rubbish

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