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Who is this guy and why is he so bad?

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he's a cuck
because he's a cuck

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he leaked military secrets to wikileaks, stop watching joe rogan

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>he leaked military secrets to wikileaks
seems pretty fucking based to me

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Eat the cum encrusted cheerios goy

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He is the ultimate pleb filter. Someone who writes very competently but comes at things from a perspective that is diametrically opposed to the average /lit/ goers world view. The plebs focus only on content and fail to grasp form. Most people who read him are exposed as the larping charlatans they are and promptly filtered.

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Is that Edward snowden?

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Is this John Green or Edward Snowden? The former is cringe but somewhat enjoyable and the latter is based.

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yes. he likes his surveillance cameras to film 47 dicks before he uses them

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Cereal that has Serially had Penises in it

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>Who is this guy and why is he so based?

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I don't get your joke. Is Edward Snowden gay? Or are you talking about that trans cadet that leaked secrets, Tiffany Weirden or whatever. I can't remember her name.

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He appeals to women, the most plugged in and least aware people of all time

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He's Murakami for twelve year olds

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I can’t tell if you’re dense or if this is your first day on /lit/.

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I don't hate his books. I read one out of sheer boredom and it was a perfectly serviceable example off a genre I don't like. But his whole style as a writer is so repetitively idiosyncratic that I'm 100 percent sure I could write the next John Greene book under his name and it would be considered a strong addition to his bibliography.

Set it during the new school year at a prestigious boarding school for musically gifted teens. Previous semester a girl was staying a few days extra after every one went home for the summer and died in a fire. The story is from the point of view of her girl best friend and a guy who didn't really know her but was infatuated with her. They find out that she'd hidden cyphered pieces of her first full composition across campus, and the guy and girl start teaming up to hunt them down. Over the course of the search they find evidence that she had a shit home life and had more complexity than the idealized image either of them had of her would allow. There's friction throughout the whole process as the still alive girl finds the boy's commitment disrespectful and a mockery of her own real loss when he didn't even really know the girl, but as new details of the dead girls life come to the fore this friction is increasingly a way of the living girl taking her insecurity and sense of betrayal out at not really knowing her friend out on the guy. These two inevitably end up getting together.

Call it Starlight and belabour the fact that you can see light from stars that have gone out as a cringy metaphor for hearing a musical composition from someone dead. You can add to this a metaphor for the girls personal life being worse than they knew by talking about how the insides of stars are actually hellish, churning cauldrons of unimaginable force and heat, not the neat, dazzling jewels they appear to be at a distance.

I could fucking steal this guys life right now and nobody would be any the wiser

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holy shit

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>John Greene using food analogies

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Fair play, anon. Fair play.

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Content is far more essential than form.

God I hate semantictards. The act of the literature itself is only relevant insofar as the literature is correlative. You can write a beautiful piece of shit and if that’s all it is then it is fundamentally shit.

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Wow, you weren't bluffing

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And you can write something magnificent like complete shit, and it's fundamentally shit as the meaning is lost because it's conveyed like shit.

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which one did you read? My guess is Paper Towns.

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Write a YA novel and make a cool couple hundred thousand bro

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Pedophile who writes awfully sappy teenage "literature".

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Do it anon! I'm sure you can make some money out of it. You've got it down to perfection.

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Fuck I genuinely like this idea.
Am I the John Green audience?

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fuck just out-do him at his own game

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I swear that John Green nigger writes highschool anime movies

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Anon write this and put a cryptic reference to /lit/ in the book

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This dude looks like John Green

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Nah I read Fault in our Stars cause it was lying around.

I did see the paper towns movie. Those things combined pretty much tell you all the commonalities of his writing.

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No, it’s not FUNDAMENTALLY shit. In that case, it would be something beautiful that is lost, not something that is FUNDSMENTALLY, i.e. at the most basic level, shit.

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it's the little guy from Entourage

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a more apt analogy would be him eating cheerios pre-chewed and partially digested by someone else

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Anyone got a link to that scottish tof's song about john green? The pseudo right wing pomo guy.

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>His career: D E S T R O Y E D
>His artistic reputation: D E S T R O Y E D
>His whole fucking joke of an existence: D E S T R O Y E D
Fucking do it Anon

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This is the kind of quality content I come to this board for. Wp anon

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holy shit lol do it

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/lit/'s keit ai

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Write this as john red

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Imagine being this weak

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Five star post

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by shit you mean poor quality content?

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put me in le screencap

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He may be a cuck and a sjw but his crash course on youtube is probably the best history and philosophy intro guides there are on the Internet

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Fucking supreme lad

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Huh, that's really convincing. You could do what that other anons suggested and write this book.

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This guy is incredibly lucky, if whoever made that random accusation on tumblr had just waited a year or two he would've been cancelled so hard.

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Impressive anon, very nice

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Holy shit mang.

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if you're not already his ghostwriter, fucking write this on your own now. I'll buy it for you anon.

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His episode on the Odyssey is so bad as to make me question literally everything he has ever done.

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