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What are some very strong opinions you hold on obscure topics? Share them.

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There isn't nothing you can never do. But there never isn't nothing you can't do. :3

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Qualia is epiphenomenal

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stop shilling DHMIS you fags, the ending was shit and I'm not going to watch your show

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miracle and shizuka are 300x better than sill in every way, you know what I'm talking about

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Ban transgenderism

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C is a deprecated and unsafe language that is impossible to maintain and introduces more vulnerabilities than its worth.

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Russia Cosmism is the best philosophy but people aren’t ready to accept it yet

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Nobody has topped Ridin n' da Chevy as the best rap song yet

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Hegel was playing the part of a villain so that, if we overcome him, we overcome the infinite recursion of reality as well.

Wanton use of renewable energies, but particularly wind and geothermal, is concerning to me since aside from things like very local environmental changes (particularly to fauna), they are considered to be environmentally neutral. I believe that, wide-scale usage of wind may have indeterminable and negative large-scale environmental effects. With all the concern over the ocean currents, it seems to me a huge blind spot to neglect completely the air currents as infrastructure themselves.

Mathematics, literature, philosophy, and every such limited field of inquiry are essentially separate languages deriving the same things to say, for the most part. Important concepts like recursion, infinity, zero, iteration, progression will invariably show up in every thing.

I believe that one of the huge gaps in STEM right now is basic philosophical naivety. I believe that both Physics and Maths have essentially become so involved in their own language that they forget what they are actually saying in any way expressable beyond that language. Particularly for Physics, it seems as though many of the conversations around M Theory / Holographic Principles / Entropic Analysis etc are usually incredibly poorly constructed in terms of metaphysical consistency/completeness. I think that almost all of Quantum Physics since QED is riddled with errors essentially due to too high a focus on progressing science rather than finding truth.

Paradox is necessary for our existence. I see no reason why AI wouldn't run into a problem of 'finding unresolvable problems faster than humans'.

Jews are an excellent case study in social dynamics and culture, whether or not you hate them or love them, Jewish history should be studied.

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Normal ethics are just a consequence of the majority being weak of mind and spirit.

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Kant's views on marriage are a testament to his overall autism and how poorly he understands people. His ethics are naive in general, what kind of socially disabled moron comes up with the categorical imperative and thinks "gee golly what a smart idea"?

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Conor wins the rematch

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there is literally nothing wrong with being jewish

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>Hegel was playing the part of a villain so that, if we overcome him, we overcome the infinite recursion of reality as well.

And what does that look like? Flying cars?

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No, I think it's something more like self-liberation.
If you aggressively maintained that you were your Self, and your Self could free itself from all contingencies, and there were things your Self wanted to do, then wouldn't it be the case that they then could be done?

In other words, not trapped in a reality where you do not exist. Not trapped in a reality where you exist, but only as an instrument for greater entities than yourself. Experiencing life for yourself, rather than being forced to experience because experience is necessary.

Not committing suicide in some form or another.

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bro... that’s... like... really...deep

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I feel strongly that it is not only beneficial for Pokemon trainers to form romantic and sexual relationships with their Pokemon, but also completely ethical. As any seasoned Pokemon trainer is aware, while most Pokemon are not capable of human speech, they do contain a level of intelligence not far of from that of a human's, in some cases, far surpassing that. Furthermore, these relationships help bring out the full potential of Pokemon, as it is a well-recorded fact that the more bonded a Pokemon is to its trainer, the more powerful it becomes.

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I suspect that IQ, SAT, and school grades are tests designed by nerds so they can get high scores in order to call each other intelligent.

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Attractive people are just better human beings.

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Odysseus isn't really a hero and the only people who admire him are people with superiority complexes.

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I think that people who like the wrong kind of sneakers should unironically kys themselves. Also people who don't engage in watersports (swimming, water polo, marco polo) should be gassed

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Only ugly nerdy white boys like slim boogie

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god I just want to watch my wife shit out a fat log but she won't let meeeeeeeeee

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Meanwhile Butterfly is dreaming of slamming her pussy on my cock for hours on end outdoors and screaming loud enough for everyone around to hear. :3

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uhhh, you know butterfly is a guy right?

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>kys themselves

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You wish bud :3

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Time is already complete and fixed. Whether or not classical determinism can hold with stuff like quantum uncertainty, all sufficiently defined events fixed in relation to each other, so only one thing actually does happen, at least locally.

Even under a many worlds interpretation, if an event goes differently, that event is a different event in a different location, and has no relation beyond similarity to the first.

Basically only what actually does happen (here, this time) really can happen (here, this time), so modal speech isn't truly grounded in anything but inference.

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I think that chinese crossdressers are way cuter than the japanese ones

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Okay. In what language would you program a microcontroller if not C?

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Physical attractiveness is directly correlated with the net purity of one’s soul across time.

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that's might bold claim, anon. care to share anything to back this up? for science, of course.

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Kierkegaard as crypto-Mormon. Amusingly I actually met a Mormon named Soren (after the big K) recently who completely agrees with this.

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I play my trap card right away

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A matrix isn't a rectangular array or box, those are just representations of a matrix.

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he seems quite cute for sure, as far as i can tell. have you ever done it yourself?

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This is not a terminal stage cumbrain thread. This is for the discussion of ideas.

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Good good man! Get some help!

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immigration is necessary to break the cultural miasma created by protestant Christianity.

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Fuck off Taleb

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Of all the curses social media has inflicted upon us, twitter is by far the worst.

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I read one paragraph of Florensky and it was too much for my feeble brain already.

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Parajanov's adaptation of Lermontov's transcription of Azerbaijani folk tale "Ashik-kerib" is a masterpiece of postmodern cinema.

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>Jews are an excellent case study in social dynamics and culture, whether or not you hate them or love them, Jewish history should be studied.

The White man must study his Jewish enemy with the vigor his Jewish enemy has studied him. Previously this was difficult due to how insular and deceptive the jew is, but race and evolutionary science + the internet has created a breakthrough in our knowledge of this internal enemy parasite.

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can't we be friends?

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JFK was assassinated by only one man

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ill be your friend if you let me wear the little hat

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as you wish

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That man's name? Albert Einstein.

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Odysseus is a hero but he’s not really a good person. He is the predecessor to bugs bunny. cunning, with a wicked sense of humor and doesn’t give a shit. I would imagine your right about the superiority complex thing though.

Also Odysseus was the first bro in literature.

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You are a friend of none, jew. So no.

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>has never read Gilgamesh

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Bugs Bunny is the most powerful character in all of fiction

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Who gives a flying fuck about the difference between being and substance? Who gives a flying fuck about the difference between ontology and metaphysics?

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Y-You do acknowledge a difference between being and existence, r-right, senpai?

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Tolstoy's novels are really just shittier, fluffed up versions of his novellas and no one with any serious interest in literature should be fooled into wasting their time reading them.

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YYYY/MM/DD is the only correct form of writing dates and should be the international standard, particularly for historical writing.
DD/MM/YYYY is completely ass-backwards, and MM/DD/YYYY is only half correct. Numbers and times are ordered largest to smallest and left to right, so why shouldn't dates?

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this is the best neo-psych album of the 90s and I will fight you to death

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The distinction seems more stylistic/historical/linguistic than something real, why not just use idealism (being) and realism (existence)

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art (painting, sculpting, music, literature, poetry) is largely worthless except as a way to agreeably pass time.

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Purple Dawn Theory is entirely correct. Our pre-historic ancestors lived under a sky that was entirely purple due to the plasma sheath of the brown dwarf Saturn blocking out all light but that which it radiated itself. Our ancestors all became so obsessed with astronomy because the sheath dissipated slowly revealing the stars and sun for the first time to them just as they began to transition into the earliest stages of antiquity.

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If you had a good grounding (both in practice and knowledge) in at least one science, one art form, and read a lot of literature, you would have more insight and depth than 99% of philosophers.

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It's not being jewish which is the problem. It's ACTING jewish.

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I mean dont get me wrong that's awesome but how do you propose to demonstrate that?

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No, being jewish is the problem, as said problem stems from genetics specific to jews, and the evolutionary and cultural selection pressures jews have specifically undergone over the course of thousands of years.

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And the kinks are far better than the Beatles.

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No. Makes sense for hystorical dating but in no other context you'll need to write the year first. In most context you don't need to write the year at all. DD then MM also is obviously better than MM then DD which only exists for a quirk of the english language.

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I kneel to your dubs.

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>DD then MM also is obviously better than MM then DD
I honestly have a hard time understanding how someone could actually believe this. Dates are numbers, they should be written in the same order as any other number.

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Doki Doki Literature club is a shitty VN and Katawa Shoujo is the only good Western made VN.

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Grow the fuck up.

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Isn't it just modern cinema? I don't really find the term 'post-modern' helpful in this case; even 'world cinema', as vague as it is, could be a better description?

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achievement capes and the g/e ruined runescape far more than removing the wildy did

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Adam Malysz in his peak is the greatest ski jumper of all time. His gold medal jumps in Sapporo 2007 are still the best individual performances in the history of the sport.

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the 4th dimension is not time and if you think it is we cannot be friends

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Well, that's the thing, it's a postmodern film, deconstructing itself

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Shostakovich is one of the best Russian composers of all time and everyone who calls him a hack is too retarded to realize that his symphonies were literally forced Soviet propaganda and haven't listened to the true genius of his string quartets

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>kys themselves

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7th symphony is an eternal masterpiece.
especially this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leningrad_première_of_Shostakovich%27s_Symphony_No._7
> The Leningrad première was performed by the surviving musicians of the Leningrad Radio Orchestra, supplemented with military performers.
> Most of the musicians were suffering from starvation, which made rehearsing difficult: musicians frequently collapsed during rehearsals, and three died.
> The symphony was broadcast to the German lines by loudspeaker as a form of psychological warfare.

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BvS is the best superhero movie ever made.

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Assfags are literally gayboys

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Tacticus, Pliny and others never really wrote about Jesus. Shit was all made up in the Middle Ages. History is always used to suit present purposes.

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Lol, you silly billy... C is not a language, it's a letter!

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Literally first year undergrad material, the worst possible take, and incorrect use of the singular.
You deserve this (you) for crafting such exquisite bait.

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While MOTHER2 was objectively just a more realized version of MOTHER, the latter still stands on its own and is worth at least one playthrough.

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Holy shit this is good

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Everybody is allowed to have opinions, except when there's an objective truth about the subject.

If you disagree with a concrete fact, you are just objectively wrong and ignorant in the proper sense of the word.

For example: it's cultural in China to not shave at all.
It is, but it's also fucking disgusting and a problem of hygiene. Because seat, piss and shit are all things that get stuck on those hairs.
Therefore, it's cultural in China for you to be a disgusting and smelly litteral piece of shit.

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>C is a deprecated and unsafe language
>impossible to maintain
>introduces more vulnerabilities than its worth

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we should be more accepting of pedophiles that understand their wrongdoing and admit it.

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>his body hairs are so disgustingly long they tangle his seat in them

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the punishment for such a sin should be execution

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The topic isn't obscure, but the argument is. Ahem. MIRRORS ARE NOT WHITE DIPSHITS!

yes, I know there's no such thing as "mirror colored light" that's not the fucking problem. if RGB, RYB and CMY were the only color systems, id have no problem with that. the issue is that when you add RGBA to the mix, now suddenly transparency is granted color status. So now clear is a color but mirrored isn't?

and while we're at it, why stop there. light can be absorbed, emitted, transmitted, refracted, reflected and scattered. A full color system should capture all of this, but graphics and rendering software dismiss everything else as separate. What the fuck?

also, alcohol is spicy. live with it bitch

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The Coke Freestyle machines are the worst thing to happen to fast food restaurants.

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One thing I learned in electrodynamics is that light never ever interacts with any object very simply. Color is a MUCH more complicated concept than the average person understands, and color alone still cannot come close to fully describing what you see when you look at something.

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Ok. but you have to be my friend before I you. I am pompey and you are Ceaser at the Rubicon. Neither one of us wants to step down first. The die will be cast and we will see the outcome.

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Numbers should be writen the way arabs do with the smallest numeral at the begining of the number and the largest at the end.

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This thread turned out to be very interesting. Looks like /lit/ has a very wide range of posters. Anyway, I'll have a go.

1. If you use closures, lambdas, or any other "elegant" paradigms which compromise readability for future readers you're a fucking moron and can't write stable code. The reason OOP is popular is because it's harder to write write-only shit that you see all over Haskell and Lisp repos.

2. Powerlifting lifts are retarded and lifting equipped is even more inane. The bench becomes a contest of who fit into the tightest shirt and minimise ROM the most. The squat and deadlift are equally bastardized. The whole enterprise is a joke and I'm ashamed to ever have been part of it.

3. Khabib is overrated and hasn't been tested anywhere near enough to be in the conversation for GOAT. He beat a guy not even ranked top 5 to get the belt, then defended against a lightweight. Also Jones lost to both Gus and Santos.

4. The harshest critics of materialist metaphysics, genetic determinism, and reductionism are just mad because they're psychologically troubled by the thought that humans might not have a special, magical place in the universe.

5. The entirety of ethics is a backward rationalisations for "this is how I feel we should act".

6. If you watch "educational" videos on YouTube, like Crash Course or School of Life you are about as intelligent as somebody who watches the trashiest shows on television. You would get more of an education on pornhub than the garbage that parades as educational.

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I don't think it's a particularly obscure topic, but I don't think that suicide is immoral in any way.

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Brainiac 5 is a cute and underappreciated character

>> No.14037156

>If you use closures, lambdas
brainlet detected
these are for limiting scope and not for showing off to smooth brain script kiddie faggots like you

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aside from #5 you are officially the dumbest person on 4chan

>> No.14037179

This thread is not for discussion but you're both wrong.

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The Philly Cheesesteak is America's greatest culinary contribution to the world

>> No.14037869

>Khabib is overrated and hasn't been tested anywhere near enough to be in the conversation for GOAT.
Absolutely. Based Tony Sperguson is going to take Kebab's ugly fuckin head off

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Sidewalk cafes and grocery store fruit stands should require a license from the State.

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This shit right here. The Kinks are arguably the best band of the 60s.

>> No.14038394

fuck no. you know dis

>> No.14038430

I like Have a Cup of Tea tbf.

>> No.14038608

they don't?

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I strongly believe that too many threads on /lit/ are off-topic, and only by purging those that create such threads through authoritarian moderation will we ever have a functional literature board.

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This is a terrible take and a true midwit post if ever I saw one.

As far as Kierkegaard critiquing mainstream Protestant/Lutheran Christianity of his time, spot on. That much is true.

>"Peter didn't like the Mormon's ideas, but Soren didn't like Peter's ideas (therefore Soren would have liked the Mornon's ideas, implied)."

This logic is dogshit. I disagree with Islam, but Islam disagrees with Judaism, therefore I am Jewish? I disagree with Vegetarians but Vegetarians disagree with Vegans so therefore I should be inclined to Veganism? Horrible.

As far as the threefold division, these are frequently overstated in their importance to his overall philosophical and religious work, and were intended to satirize/comment upon Hegel more than anything.

>"Mormonism emphasizes very strongly that each individual must hear the voice of God directly."

Good thing Kierkegaard thinks the exact opposite, and completely downplays the role of direct experience in faith, even going so far as to say it is a hindrance.

All of this is merely a side note to the fact that Mormonism is every bit as institutionally rigid and mediating as Kierkegaard's usual targets, and would have been completely unsuitable for the truly Christian individual as he envisioned.

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Underrated boast

>> No.14038747

>I disagree with Islam, but Islam disagrees with Judaism, therefore I am Jewish?
If you were, you wouldn't be welcome here, but that's a bad analogy. Islam doesn't disagree with judaism, and was likely created by jews. Jews and arabs are genetic cousins in lovers' spats, but all semites are highly inbred, and thus mentally sick and hostile towards others by nature.

>> No.14038808

How is that a bad analogy when the disagreement in question is over two family members of the same faith and their relationship to a third, similar yet distinct, interpretation of that faith? Besides, you're getting stuck on the wrong part. The logic is identical, and it sucks. The specific examples could be anything.

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I think Carl Jung’ s work should be taken in consideration more seriously in philosophy. If you think about it his theory on Uncounscious goes way much deeper than Hegel, Heidegger Sartre and all existentialists put together

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The classic video games are art but no one gives a flying fuck anymore cause it's not that contested of a topic

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Julius Caesar did not exist
Dolphins were created by humans in labs
Olive Garden breadsticks, are in fact, not unlimited
The reason the government pushes against global warming is because something will be revealed under Antarctica like a giant spaceship or something

>> No.14038928

1. It is of the utmost importance that the idiom, syntax and pronunciation of the Irish language is safeguarded from anglicisation. Language is tailored to the world view of the people who speak it. If the Irish language becomes anglicised in the aforementioned areas, one might as well speak English; for they will be English thoughts and utterances under the thin veneer of an Irish vocabulary. Furthermore, the linguistic phenomenon of 'urban Irish' is neither a linguistic phenomenon nor Irish, but poorly learnt Irish. If one intends to learn and speak a language, do so properly. No bloody foolish rationalisations of a poor mastery should be tolerated.

2. Homogeneous and largely Arcadian republics, or principalities, with a common cultural idiom, small population, restricted franchise and erudite representatives are the most ideal form of a state.

3. There is an oversupply of university graduates in the market. The universities have become overly oriented towards the same. They should become centres of restricted learning once again. Moreover, Classical Studies and the Trivium should be compulsory.

>> No.14038965

>t. Polyphemus

>> No.14039060

Imagine sitting there waiting for any possible opportunity to bring this shit up in every single thread

>> No.14039071

All quantum mechanics interpretations are awful and even having an opinion on the topic makes you a moron.

>> No.14039134

reading about Russian Cosmism was the best literature decision i've made

>> No.14039180

What is this

>> No.14039219

Not him, but qualia is plural, quale is singular.

>> No.14039235

Number 4 is a bit dumb in assuming that most idealist metaphysicians aren’t quite open about their belief in humanity having a special place in the universe (at least in the known universe). I agree with most of your other points, though.

>> No.14039280

Anybody who doesn't legitimately understand the math behind it will always have a brainlet take, you're right
There are also a shocking number of pop scientists that blatantly misrepresent it and contribute to the confusion by pretending to be authorities on it, either because they specialized in other things and never fully grasped physics or because they're just whores for clickbait

>> No.14039294

You cannot empirically validate subjectivity.

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I think that Kigu is the only acceptable gender from an accelerationist perspective.

>> No.14039379

i don't care about china or hong kong either way

>> No.14039392

99% of people discussing this problem are just defending their own extremely subjective preferences and experiences without ever systematically analysing it from a theoretical or philosophical standpoint. I'm literally going to write a book on this question.

>> No.14039465

You’re in for a rough one, lad

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hardline abstract geometricism painting is much better at capturing the ideas of suprematism then actual suprematist art

>> No.14039470

3D animation pipelines are a soulless sweatshop.

>> No.14039472

explain yourself, i am intrested

>> No.14039473

I fucking hate the French.

>> No.14039479

t'es jaloux

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>> No.14039501

>explain yourself

Well he did say he's going to write a book about it.

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I'm PISSED off because I can't refute this.

>> No.14039637

Just because no one likes your shitty tweets

>> No.14039647

Nick Land liked one of my tweets once
Where is your god now

>> No.14039670

I hate it when people say “onvelope”.
It’s *en*-velope. As in *envelopment* a surrounding cover.

These things are awful
Is there hentai of it yet?

>> No.14039678

Nirvana and the Beatles are over rated

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File: 2.55 MB, 3024x3024, 7FE74A97-B0B2-48A0-AA54-DEDB3A0981B1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was gonna post a picture

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It's because it comes from French you stupid fucking tripfag nigger
>Lol why isn't everything in english spelled exactly how it sounds??? Wtf?!?

>> No.14039831

-Justinian is an overrated emperor
-Height is more important than your face or your weight, both can be ignored if you are tall
-Epicureans were the only folk who are closest to truth, but no one can be victorious on the question of death
-It is better to live modestly as a NEET than as an above averag wagecuk, the problem occurs when you can't even modestly live as a NEET, so you have to wagecuck
-d&d is a shit system, if you only play d&d and discovered rpgs after 2014, I will look down on you

>> No.14039888

How pathetic is it to be so hated on an anonymous website of dubious quality?

>> No.14039900

>-d&d is a shit system, if you only play d&d and discovered rpgs after 2014, I will look down on you
I will eviscerate you dumb nigger

>> No.14039939

Philosophy is just a gigantic cope and self-delusion to help ignore mortality

>> No.14039963

Egoism is right about everything, everyone loves themselves and are entirely self-centered

>> No.14039982

Maximalism could have been great if it hadn't been born as a reaction to minimalism.

>> No.14040000

Thinking isn't worth it, just going by your instinct and feeling without understanding yourself leads to a lot happier life

>> No.14040009

Incest between brother and sister is the only way to have healthy relationships in the modern world.

>> No.14040027

You go too far.

>> No.14040104

fucking zoomers, get out of my hobby reee

>> No.14040133

this album is a masterpiece

>> No.14040145

So you are past adolescence and admitting to playing video games? Lmao.

>> No.14040157
File: 111 KB, 1080x1336, noh58l84or511.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>video games
Excuse me I only play tabletop, and superior ones at that. Pendragon, Classic Traveller, Wraith, Ars Magica.

>> No.14040191

come on give some recs, fags

>> No.14040208


>> No.14040278

Of the City of the Saved is leagues better than anything else in the same setting, barring the short story sequel the original author did for Obverse.

>> No.14040282

wtff is that real

>> No.14040298


Rust is probably an improvement but 99% of the code written in either
does not need to be, and rust makes this more obvious

>> No.14040304

>not one single response
Yeah that's what I thought. Bugs reigns supreme

>> No.14040317

Reactionaries should be disposed of in a garbage disposal, and televised nationally to deter any further toxic culture

>> No.14040319

Phenomena doesn't particularly exist but is a event caused by small changes escalated to a big change in a chain of reactions led by a Omnipresent force. So everything has an explanation whether natural or a condition of Chaos Theory.

>> No.14040328


Based. Thoughts on compatibilism?

>> No.14040338
File: 107 KB, 640x480, 1379290205982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He's a CGI, kid.

>> No.14040344
File: 181 KB, 467x700, 749b22e4ab8dddd83611660a6b31d81b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


This just clicked for me. It's a difference between the level of immanence anon, the ancients projected everything out there with the word metaphysics and relegated physics to being secondary characteristics.

Now it seems to have flipped. Physics has become the study of what is outside and external, metaphysics the inside and internal, but calling it "meta" maybe is misleading since we don't normally think of of our sense of being as something "behind" physics, but more accurately something "in front of" physics, because our sense of Self is "in front of" external reality

So this was some good shit in the progression of philosophical canon if I'm not being an idiot so maybe everyone can start prophesying as divine agents again or maybe at least I can.

>> No.14040348

Wow beyond based

>> No.14040360

Roman elites, especially landholders, when merging with the Late Roman bureaucracy in the late 4th C, destroyed the Empire.

Law 7.13.7 from the Theodosian Code is essential in the story. Landholders were allowed to commute their recruitment obligations to gold. Thus the beginning of the ad hoc armies and 'barbarian cohorts'.

Understudied topic, and therefore my PhD project.

>> No.14040362

Women are just garbage.

>> No.14040384

Mm cute

>> No.14040385

agree completely. non-cosmetic achievement/max capes are the worst update in osrs. It incentives people who dont like skilling to skill and then champion afk/ezscape methods of increasing speed. Effort isnt rewarded enough, and the game is going down the same path as rs3

>> No.14040395

"Imppp. valentinianus, valens et gratianus aaa. ad modestum praefectum praetorio. tironum praebitio in patrimoniorum viribus potius quam in personarum muneribus collocetur, ut proto.. munus, quod provinciarum interna depascitur, ab imis, ut dicitur, radicibus eruatur. nam inter reliqua vitia haec duo vel maxime intolerabilia iudicamus, quod aurum saepe pro corporibus inmane deposcitur atque advenarum coemptio iuniorum insolentius quam convenit aestimatur. contra haec sane reperta est et facilitas et commoditas exigendi, cum neque excusari quisquam poterit, ut ante privilegio consueta fuerat hominis vindicatio, nec ullus, qui relevandus fuerit, perpetuae ingravationi addici. (375 iun. 2)."

And so on and so forth

>> No.14040403

I agree wholeheartedly. He is so radically strict it's impossible to imagine anyone getting anything out of his writing unless they're genuinely autistic and already have a very strict inflexible way of thinking.

>> No.14040419

>ima post roman quotes to make it sound like im a history buff and can speak the tongue of my ancestors btw lol hey guys see this? check this out some roman text i found

>> No.14040427

I'm literally doing PhD topic on this one law. The thread is on OBSCURE TOPICS that we have VERY STRONG OPINIONS on. Eat shit

>> No.14040439

Go die, kid

>> No.14040454

Based. This is legitimately a cool thing to know a lot about and I hope it's gotten you pussy or will someday get you pussy, anon

>> No.14040461

Society must come to terms that human beings are violent creatures/have a strong tendency towards violence and that the best way of managing it is through voluntary blood sports.

>> No.14040471

This phrase is the most meaningless term ever devised. It's supposed to be some kind of marginalizing insult against conservatives, but it's solely employed by eternally assblasted faggots trying to rebel against the status quo in their faggoty limp wristed way
>the world: *exists*
>the world: I don't really want to do that
You look like a complete idiot if you use this word

>> No.14040478

Very true, all the flavors mix up together and the drinks are very watered down. Also the touch screen sucks and the software is laggy

>> No.14040489

It isn't immoral at all but it's still quite tragic to those in your life and people who have suicidal thoughts often don't realize just how many people would be devastated if they died

>> No.14040495

I agree

>> No.14040502

Your claim is that the word is meaningless, but then recite its meaning. Reactionaries are people whos politics are a reaction to others breaking the status quo.
You then kind of sperg out for a bit and assert that "you're a complete idiot if you use this word".
Well, you haven't really presented a criticism of the word, you sort of just sperged out there; I think you lost your train of thought. You may try again, but this time as a big boy. Comon, I believe in you.

>> No.14040503

doesn't this imply that quietly breaking/ghosting relationships is the moral thing to do?

>> No.14040509

The desire to reaffirm video games as an artistic medium has ruined video games. At the end of the day you're just pushing plastic buttons, why not have it be simple and fun? Now they're boring movies you have to push a joystick forward through to trigger the next scene

>> No.14040515

Frasier's take on maximalism is based. "Ah, but if less is more, then just think of how much more ‘more’ will be!"

>> No.14040519

"Your just pushing plastic buttons" is not a critique of art as an artistic medium ruining video games. Your going to have to explain why it's a bad thing, what you have done here is just explained the controls, which holds no relevance to your claim.

>> No.14040525

you are living in the best times in the history of the world right now

>> No.14040536

based and true

>> No.14040537

Purposefully? I don't think so. But the nature of all relationships outside of healthy familial ones and healthy romantic ones is to slowly fade away as people change and drift apart. Most people don't stay in touch with each other forever and I genuinely think one of the worst things about the embrace and dominance of social media in peoples lives is the denial that relationships/friendships have natural expiration dates

>> No.14040545

I don't have to do shit but die, faggot

>> No.14040550

How does one quantify "best times"?
Those who are challenging the status quo are more often than not doing it out of a desire for a positive shift in the material condition of humanity.
Thus, the argument "we already live in the best of times so there is no reason to change" holds no relevance to one with the politics and purpose of progress and innovation.

>> No.14040554

Not obscure in the slightest.

>> No.14040556

That's what I thought.

>> No.14040578

Okay little fella, keep ragin against the machine. You look like a fucking moron using that word while you screech about absolutely everything. And you know that too.

>> No.14040581

The material condition of humanity is constantly moving forward positively, with or without "challenging of the status quo".

>"we already live in the best of times so there is no reason to change"

I didn't say that. The times are getting better and better. People are being lifted out of poverty on a daily basis more than ever before. No need to destroy the system. Btw "challenging the status quo" has literally become the status quo.

>> No.14040641

Very true. I recently rewatched Haneke's Funny Games and hated it even more this time around than the first time I saw it. It's such a schoolmarm film. Haneke scolding the viewer for finding entertainment in fictional depictions of violence. Even the way we are biologically supposed to nourish ourselves (with the occasional consumption of meat) necessitates violence. Why not enjoy violence in movies? It's harmless. And anyone that's driven to senseless violent acts because of media's depiction of violence would have been driven to violence for a myriad of reasons. Fuck Haneke is what I'm trying to say. Pretentious dickhead. And he made that movie twice. To really drive that point home. Fucking idiot. Starship Troopers mocked depictions of violence in a more effective (and entertaining) manner anyway.

>> No.14040803

Both retarded and right

>> No.14041784


>> No.14041830

I have not listened to The Beta Band since the EPs were current, forgot all about them, thanks for the reminder anon.

>> No.14041847
File: 296 KB, 455x476, 1569632191345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14041873

moi aussi

>> No.14041958

I wanna get initiated but can't find a good book to start on, can you give me a recommendation for a good starting point?

>> No.14041985

Only the Gospels maintain the important core of Christianity (the doings and sayings of Christ). Paulism is a cancer and distortion of Christ's original teachings.
Christ can be said to be God in that he independently realized the nature of God, which is infinite and of limitless attributes, many of which beyond conditioned human perception and cognition.
Because of the failure of human knowledge of God save for revelation which then must be understood in a linear,
human (ego-centric) framework, Gods as manifest in history may serve as avenues through which man can receive
realization, as revelation and subsequent human reinterpretation. Ultimately, revelation is personal knowledge
of the complete alterity of God, as the Word of God penetrates creation, in an obliteration of
the material ego within and indistinct from creation. Gods as manifest in history are distinguished only by
human comprehension, and therefore are subject to creation and may be categorized into at least 2 constraining
classes: (1) gods who are dependent to creation, without realization, and (2) gods and entities who have received
realization and continue to manifest in linear history to transmit or maintain the transmission of the Word
of God. The lower case distinguishes various interpretations of gods and their presence in creation from God, the
incomprehensible principle. (Thou shall not have any God before me).
Christ, having realized the ultimate principle (God), escaped material ego, and chooses to manifest in creation to transmit an avenue for realization.
Christ is the Word of God in that he embodied in creation perfect understanding.

>> No.14042169

Russia Cosmism - Boris Groys is a good place to start. There are some good talks on YouTube on the topic of RC also. Godspeed, comrade

>> No.14043176

>ur pushing plastic buttons
Well, literature is looking at ink symbols and turning papers by your logic

>> No.14043185

Is she washing her penis?

>> No.14043223

The categorico-deductive method is lazy but helps cope; the hypothetico-deductive method is earnest but kills cope.

>> No.14043987

Bad, muddy, over-compressed production of rhythm sections (bass and drums) stripping the tonality out of songs to try and make them sound beefier was one of the single biggest factors in the collapse of the indie rock wave at the end of the 2000s, made every song on each post-debut album by Fratellis, Franz Ferdinand etc. sound the same no matter how different they sounded upon their conception

Swedish band Peter Bjorn And John, whose albums are almost all produced by their own bass guitarist and sound excellent, are far overlooked because of one twee hit that got popular with hipsters and have actually made some of the best rock music of the past two decades (their 2016 album was pretty hit-and-miss, but they're not blinkered poptimists & have moved onto a new direction since so all is forgiven)

>> No.14044059

The New York Times bestseller list is carefully crafted propaganda that does not reflect the actual sales of books in a given time period.

>> No.14044262

All pornography is art, and all art is pornography. Divorced from morality, they are one and the same.

>> No.14044285


>> No.14044302

>all art is pornography

That's some crazy pseudery you've got going there

>> No.14044381

The licencing for art should live and die with the artist him-or-herself, and be made nontransferable. While often made for money, the purpose of art is to convey an idea, and is incredibly hindered through indefinite ownership.

>> No.14044445

I'll give it a shot since the other guy's a faggot. The inherent part that sets appart video games from any other art medium is interactivity between the consumer and the medium. In a game, the amount of enjoyment and the "tightness" of its core mechanics are an essential part of the experience. As it is with games today, most of them are too focused in telling a story "worthy" of the art qualifier that they set appart the very same thing that made them special in the first place, making them more akin to a movie and therefore moot

>> No.14044458

The London System is the most boring opening in chess and the English Opening is the most exciting.

>> No.14044467


>> No.14044603

forget microcontrollers.
ever heard of system programming?
pascal compares, but C is better suited in my book

>> No.14044610

As industrial society develops transvestism will turn its attention from becoming women, to becoming waterfowl. I only had this revelation this morning while admiring a coot and thinking back on my age of insufficient narcissism. Waterfowl, as the psychic manifestions of geographic perfection NEVER suffer, women will. Transvestism is primarily a replacement of the power process and thus a way to relieve suffering, when women become objects of suffering just as much as men, men will become magpies instead. Insanity is exponential.

>> No.14044625

don't forget Queen.
can't understand why enyone would listen to that shit, maybe other than Freddie's voice if someone's into that

>> No.14044636

I've read some stuff of his that I would rather classify as playful. granted this was not the meat of any great works, but still. I love his way of expressing hiimself, at least in forewords and essays on peace.

>> No.14044651

>Time is already complete and fixed.
here's my woke take:
this axis of time is a fixed set that is being modified along another axis. "our" time at the very least exists as a plane, but we are one dimensional in time.

>> No.14044668

>when women become objects of suffering just as much as men, men will become magpies instead
this is possibly the craziest thing I've ever read on 4chan.

>> No.14044678
File: 231 KB, 3000x1800, ah75un4165b31.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The term "incel" is now incredibly far removed from it's clever portmanteau-based functional definition: "involuntary celibate". Being a nebulous term, it's perceived meaning has been clouded when it's acting members just allowed themselves to fall into extreme reactionary thought. "Left wing" isn't appropriate. Anyone with a conscious (for lack of a better term) has attributed the label to these reactionary ideas, and for good fucking reason. Go into these forums. You will see a wanton lack of disregard for the autonomy and even humanity of women.

We all know this, and me even typing this far about the subject doesn't make sense until I establish that I have emotional stock in this useless issue. All things considered and then disregarded, the life of an incel is that of persistent tantalizing suffering.

I consider this important because I don't think that anyone really recognizes that these young men (less so but often women as well*, I haven't met a trans incel who wasn't asexual because let's be real) who can be defined as "incel" is suffering from individual sexual failure. "Inceldom" (shoot me) is usually attributed to a borderline comical series of failures to court women. Yet it's christ icon, Elliot Rodger, has never even approached one.

At this point I might start contradicting myself. I'm starting to get high because there is no other way for me to cope with this without being distant or intense with others, in whom I must somehow find a sexual partner. I just want to say that virginity isn't a problem intrinsically, it's just the absolute murder-blow to the existing suffering self-esteem. These young (again mostly) men were fed a bad bit in whatever this capitalist establishment had managed to socially construct and now we must rightfully castigate them for advocating for brutal rape and stochastic murder. As a leftist who still needs to save hex I feel like I'm fighting against myself. Books for this feel?

*This is just anecdotal, but during it's infancy there was actually a small fight to consider women as possible incels as well. This was abandoned.

>> No.14044697

based but certainly not redpilled

>> No.14044713

I believe that art is determined by the perceiver. That being said, I think a valid distinction to make would be based on how you choose to react to the work. You are treating it as art when you just look at it, erections aside. When you start to jerk off, then it becomes porn.
Pic isn't me btw. Once I get my license then the real online suffering might begin.

>> No.14044719

>this axis of time is a fixed set
at any given time in another framework

>> No.14044740

Watch the magpies if they are where you are. They know what's going on. No contempt flashes through their eyes, they have transcended that, they simply don't care for us, I flick them bits of pastry because they are truly fantastic beings. I always say hello to birds and waterfowl, I can tell they love themselves just as I love I. And that's the root of it. Men with no purpouse beyond acting as extensions of automated machinery desperately search for genuine struggle to stimulate their primitive genes, as well as to be in a group. Being in a group is key to transvestism, giving yourself gender dysphoria is not a big cost to pay to stop feeling alone. The struggle right now is to be something fantastic, to be something not lonely, and lonely men perceive women as some greatly social creature with a 3.5billion strong in group. But soon the truth shall arise. Once women are moved from childcare to wage slavery by the industrial revolution, lonely men will realise they are just as dejected and alienated as them, and thus not trying to become one is no longer a worthy goal. And so animals become the last bastion of hope, animals do bicker, you can see it in their pounding gestures, but they bicker together. Men merely bicker alone in a dark room, staring at a black mirror. And so they wish to be magpies, for those and waterfowl will be the only animals left soon. Only the urbanised creatures shall survive, those animals less able to see industrial society as a machinic horror (as we do), and more able to see industrial society as a collection of bricks in between which crumbs may fall.

>> No.14044759

>Being in a group is key to transvestism, giving yourself gender dysphoria is not a big cost to pay to stop feeling alone. The struggle right now is to be something fantastic, to be something not lonely, and lonely men perceive women as some greatly social creature with a 3.5billion strong in group.
I grant you this is very woke, and I do like magpies and sometimes greet them too.
>Only the urbanised creatures shall survive, those animals less able to see industrial society as a machinic horror (as we do), and more able to see industrial society as a collection of bricks in between which crumbs may fall.
this too.
I take it back anon.

>> No.14044914
File: 1.92 MB, 2989x2988, download (18).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I noticed that there is a discussion (on video games as an art form) already going on here similar to the one I was trying to get started on a thread only tangentially related so I'll just copy past my point here:
"I don't think DDLC is an art piece - it's clear that comparing it to Moby Dick would just be plain offensive, but think about this: is there any book that could fulfill OP's request - and without a much greater effort than it would take by just doing it in video form instead?
Now of course for that particular request a movie could work just as well but there are qualities and perspectives that a video game offers and that a movie doesn't.
When I think about, say, "The STanley Parable" i don't think of it as an art piece but as a stepping stone of what seems to be unrealized potential. Video games allow you to add a whole new dimension and it's a shame that it's going to be all wasted because the general public, critics and academics have, for the most part, come to associate such a fertile medium with "just" FIFA or Super Mario (I added the quotation marks because I don't think htat those kind of titles have less merits, just as genre fiction or tv seires or whatever do - they're just for a different audience I guess, but unlike in other fields they are obstructing the field of view and delegittimizing this whole claim to fame)"

>> No.14045041

This is true of all human endeavors desu

>> No.14045054

determinism / predestination

>> No.14045083


>> No.14045140 [DELETED] 

Vriska was fine when she died and met John in the dreambubbles. Her character arc was ruined when that pirate ship bullshit happened and she had her "I don't need to be a good person to be a hero speech".

>> No.14045161
File: 60 KB, 599x647, IMG_20190528_130713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Vriska's arc had the perfect end when she died and met John in the dreambubbles because it was her chance to have a normal life with the person she loved. Her character arc was ruined when that pirate ship bullshit happened and she had her "I don't need to be a good person to be a hero speech". And then it was obliterated when she was brought back to life.

>> No.14045207

vriska's pirate bullshit made sense. She was a thief of light, she was always meant to steal the spotlight. What pissed me off was basically everything to do with her character arc following Game Over. Griska's meandering relationship with Meenah was completely unnecessary and the resurrection was fucking retarded. Everything would have been better if she had stayed dead. I might have accepted it if during collapse John was downed and while he was waiting to be revived he met with Griska one last time and she handed over her luck hoard so he could use it to roll up an ancestral awakening (which wwe know she can do since Hussie made a point of telling us Condy turned over a small amount of her life to the Helmsman despite being a thief), but that never happened either so all we got was an ambiguous ending with tons of loose plot threads and some shitty fanfic epilogues

>> No.14045216

Is this an Animorphs fanfic

>> No.14045236

Socrate was probably right. Knowledge is only for the gods. He really did not know anything, and he knew it. He wasn't being ironic when he said he is no one's teacher and that he merely serves the oracle of Delphi. I think true philosophy began and ended with Socrates. The closest to Socrates has been Kierkegaard and Heidegger.

>> No.14045247

by the way, to anyone not commenting about some incredibly esoteric facet of literature or philosophy, your opinion is sophomoric and trivial. Saying gay shit about some cartoon, videogame, or mystical garbage is the invention of pseuds who lack the cognitive prowess to think properly.

>> No.14045269

>Yet it's christ icon, Elliot Rodger, has never even approached one.
t. didn't read the manifesto.

Beautiful and utterly autistic, nice to know that there are still nuggets of gold to be found on this board

>> No.14045279

not obscure in the slightest

>> No.14045481

if you really think about it transgenderism is just white males using wealth to transform into a more oppressed class

>> No.14045508

I do not know if this topic is obscure, but at least it is something MOST PEOPLE haven't paid any attention to. It's the TYRANNY OF SOCIAL MEDIA on people's lives, the way it affects their lives more so than many other things. In order not to drop out of society, people need to have a PROPER SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT, with a good, decent life to present. They need to have friends and parties, and relationships, or then a spouse and children and a nice house and great holidays to present. AND, a decent amount of FOLLOWERS for their account, to become hired by someone or to find collaboration. As no one hires a loser with no followers and most employers check their applicants' social media accounts. And no one follows a loser with no friends and life. You at least need to have FRIENDS to pose with, to get some followers. And you won't have any friends, if you are too WEAK, FAILED or TOO DIFFERENT somehow. For example, if you are sexually failed, a virgin at the age of 30 or have spent decades without having sex, you won't have any friends, unless you are lucky enough to find someone like you. Or, if you have been unemployed for decades, the same thing. So there you are, you WILL DROP OUT OF SOCIETY for good, thanks to social media. UNLESS you choose to be a FREAK and do something that is shocking to get some following, in the case of which no one hires you via traditional route but you might find some collaboration or at least customers among your followers for a short period of time.

Yeah, that is that. TYRANNY OF SOCIAL MEDIA SHOULD BE REMOVED, as it makes THOUSANDS of intelligent, talented people to drop, just because they are SOCIALLY REJECTED, not having any friends to pose with on their social media pages.

And now I guess there will be sadistic pieces of shit telling me that I have issues and that I should go to see a psychiatrist, just because they are BLIND NORMIES who do not have to be aware of the same things non-normies have to, or because they are fucking AFRAID of someone blaming them for having it better, not having to drop out of society in the lack of friends. It happened once already today or /adv/ and I doubt this place is any better. Normies are the same everywhere. They deny other people's problems for their own benefit.

Also I have strong opinion of most people of today being brainless apes not being capable of objective thinking, but judging other people for their own benefit, to strike down their enemy pack. They see a person who has ONE opinion that is the same that the people in their enemy pack have, and they judge that person as a representative of that pack, even if the person had TEN other opinions that are same as their own. You can clearly see this shit happening between the left and right wing.

Just FYI. Pay attention to these things. Maybe you are intelligent enough not to deny their existence. A lot of others are not.

>> No.14045511

he's just saying that people shouldn't idolize him and his beliefs particularly concerning race and age

>> No.14045536

Unless you're extremely wealthy, extremely influential, or willing to passionately devote your life to a cause, you have no personal reason to invest yourself in politics above the level of a small-town election.

>> No.14045587

>today oN /adv/ and
Just for the sake of clarity.

Btw, just read some of the posts and I can see most of the people are not serious with their stuff. Is that because you can only present STRONG opinions on OBSCURE topics, if they are HUMOROUS enough, or if you choose to present them in a humorous manner? I guess it is. Because if you are SERIOUS about your strong opinion on an obscure topic, people will think that you are crazy. Because people always think that if someone perceives things the others did not pay attention to, they are mentally ill. Better to keep up that façade of a normal person, or a normie.

>> No.14045639

Yes it is

>> No.14045764

>there was actually a small fight to consider women as possible incels as well
Women can be incels as well. It is nothing but MANIPULATIVE LIE to say that they can not, to use it against women, for the benefit of men. If you present a LIE that women can't be incels, only men, then you have something to build you request of women to be enslaved on. If you need to realize that women can be incels too, that is the TRUTH, then you haven't got much. I will explain it under to all SOCIOPATHIC LIARS in what way women can be incels too.

1.Females were moulded by EVOLUTION to be sexually more selective than males. That is why women can find only a small percentage of men genuinely attractive.
2. Women feel PHYSICAL PAIN, if they try to have sexual intercourse with a man who is not turning them on. That is because their vagina does not get wet or dilated, when they are not turned on.
3. Most women do not want to feel pain or be injured during sex. If that is their only choice, to have sexual intercourse with men who would cause those, they rather stay alone.
4. If a woman can not find a man who would turn her on, to make her vagina wet and dilated, for her to not feel pain or have injuries for sexual intercourse, she has to stay alone, INVOLUNTARILY SO. In other words, if a woman has to remain without sex because her only choice are men who will cause her pain and injuries, because evolution made her not want them, she is involuntarily celibate.

It's amazing how many full-blown retards there are among men, who think that women only have to spread their legs to have sex and that there's no problem with it.

>> No.14045864

PIE is made up bullshit and the way they constructed it makes me think of how they forced a computer model that showed global warming by feeding only certain data into it that confirmed what they wanted to see.

>> No.14045923

i've always thought that people overstate qualia's subjective qualities, when everyone has similar circuitry and see everything the same anyways. Exercises like the red/green exercise just muddle things up. Qualia can easily fit into a functionalist view.

>> No.14045954

Politics in general are a waste of time. The idealistic only works in theory and often fails in practice and means-tested policy has a tendency of letting people fall through the crack. Presidential elections here in the United States and I suspect their counterparts in a lot of other western liberal nations are just protracted forms of culture war, which better no ones lives. Politicians are barely real people, with every word they say carefully chosen by a group of staffers that have studied what plays best with what demographic. They're basically people by committee. It's all just a waste of time. I really feel sorry for people who become enamored by politics.

>> No.14045974
File: 13 KB, 624x415, AAHxtKw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And yeah, I seriously hope someone would make a study and write a book on this topic, rather do a SCIENTIFICAL research on it. As it is a SERIOUS PROBLEM, hundreds of thousands of intelligent, educated, talented, skilled people dropping out of society, not being able to utilize what they have got, just because they are being SOCIALLY REJECTED, that shows in their social media account or in the lack of it. There's also plenty of such people here on this board, people who are talented, educated and intelligent, but do not get anywhere in life, because they are being socially rejected, not having social media accounts or if they have, no friends to pose with on them. It's high time to do something about this UTTER SHIT, the tyranny of social media. And by that I do not mean removing or trashing it, but demanding the employers to use different criteria for hiring people than staring at their applicants' social shit in the internet. So, I seriously hope that you are not dismissing this topic just because I am appearing less well-read than most of the people here (that is because I have working class background and degree on art/design, mostly having practiced my artistic and creative abilities in uni) or because I see most people as what they are, even according to modern zoology, hierarchic pack animals, species of apes. So, do not be fools and drop the issue just for who presented it.

But hey, maybe I will write that damn book myself, if I choose to take courses on social science at some point. Seems that no one else has "balls" to do it at this point of time in their tremendous fear of being labeled as someone "not following their time" or maybe even as "crazy".

>> No.14046004


Bitch you have no actual understanding of the animal kingdom do you?

>> No.14046017

Shut up

>> No.14046024



>> No.14046201

>Okay little fella, keep ragin against the machine.
This shit was cool

>> No.14046228

ACTUALLY Soren Kierkegaard was actually Joseph Smith himself. Every time I see that drawing of Kierkegaard in his early-to-mid-19th century attire, with his blond hair combed like that, looking youthful, I think I'm looking at Joseph Smith himself. You cannot refute my evidence. It's one and the same guy.

>> No.14046259

Japanese and Swahili are the same language.

Chinese is just English, backwards.

>> No.14046265


>> No.14046266

cosmism is indeed cool

>> No.14046342
File: 96 KB, 750x800, 6034EA66-5F0E-4C6A-87CF-7A320FD79F8C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14046409

But this is the e plicit definition of a matrix. The rectangular array is irrelevant, but the doubly indexed set is the matrix. Of course the patrician way to look at it is to intuitively see the related endomorphism.

>> No.14046422

Double dubs confirm.

>> No.14046490

You don't understand the problem if you think making them cosmetic will fix anything. By rewarding players for reaching 99 you are creating players that will reach 99. The treadmill replaces the sandbox

>> No.14046503

Theres too many people and not enough resources though

like how can you deny the ecology won't collapse or that water and gas won't scarce within say 300 years

>> No.14046517
File: 40 KB, 600x450, pickup_01-img600x450-1266111377zi2flp82139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Surflines on classic cars should be treasured and anyone who butchers them with fender flares lacks good taste.

>> No.14047336

Brainlet tier. How do you explain moral reasoning then?

>> No.14047409

So, how are you superficial poseurs feeling about this research/book idea? Are you ape-like enough to ignore it just because its presenter is a bit "weird" for perceiving something most of you normies are not capable of perceiving? Even if the present prioritizing of social media is fucking up your lives too. After all apes, such as humans, assess their primates' intelligence and state of mental health according to how well they are emulation their primates around them. If there's an individual that is not capable of doing that, it will be seen as a sign of lack of intelligence or mental disturbance/illness. Because it's beyond the grasp of your usual ape to realize that it could be, that the individual who does not emulate others around them is not WISHING to emulate others, or is capable of doing things others are not, such as perceiving things others do not perceive, so that it is suffocating for them to emulate others anymore by hiding their capabilities.

(I use the pronoun "they" or "them" in connection of one individual, to refer to both sexes. Thank God there is not this idiotic problem in my language, where there is only ONE pronoun for both sexes.)

>> No.14047423

not him but how is this even a response? i don't think you understand what rationalising means. seems like you're the brainlet.

>> No.14047430

>(I use the pronoun "they" or "them" in connection of one individual, to refer to both sexes. Thank God there is not this idiotic problem in my language, where there is only ONE pronoun for both sexes.)
Yeah God forbid you use proper English and risk offending some prissy faggot in their mansion wracked with mental illness and more likely to kill themselves than die of old age with nothing to do except cry about how their faggot gender is discriminated against

>> No.14047431

>...according to how well they are emulaTING...
Sorry my English crashed.

>> No.14047432

i find suicide absolutely pathetic and i look down on anyone an hero seriously i feel such disgust towards the people even for considering it unless your like 12-18

>> No.14047438


>> No.14047439

>Yeah God forbid you use proper English and risk offending some prissy faggot in their mansion wracked
Just thought that it is a way of saving some time to type "they" instead of "he or she". Have seen a lot of this being done in the internet and thought that saving time and effort was the reason for it, not being PC.

>> No.14047444
File: 16 KB, 205x274, nice.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Manners are their own reward.

>> No.14047456

Disregarding Metaphysics or Ontology. Or reducing it to abstract concepts like symbolic logic is sign of smooth-brainism.

>> No.14047478

Individuals (their essence so to speak) are rarely in control/responsible for their actions.

Reconstruction Era/last third of the 1800s was much more brutal and tragic for the white southerners than it was for the former slaves. There is no entire large group of people in the past 150 years (perhaps except Japanese after WWII) that is more deserving of sympathy, and they very rarely get it.

The best art on the planet is created in reactions to intense suffering

>> No.14047505
File: 446 KB, 618x623, power pose.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The ending to Taxi Driver was not a fucking dream or fantasy. The protagonist was rewarded in the end for fulfilling his "destiny" so to speak, for being an active role in the narrative instead of the passive as a taxi driver who just watches everything happen from his car. The events that take place are completely absurd but this is meant as a reflection of the society he is living in, not as a reflection of his own delusion.

>> No.14047538


>> No.14047582

>Classical Studies and the Trivium should be compulsory.
good luck teaching niggers latin

>> No.14047589

Man I agree with some of the points you're making, but you blame social media for too much. Social circles and esteem have been the most important factor for success since before we walked on two legs, and social media is just making the hierarchy very transparent. You can be a total recluse and make something of your life, you just won't get hired into large firms. Employ yourself, do something worthwhile, write a book.

>> No.14047733

t. Houellebecq

>> No.14047862

the problem isnt watching educational videos in itself, the problem is that loads of people who watch them think it makes them knowledgeable about the subject and that knowing useless trivia makes them more intelligent. they're ok as entertainment

>> No.14047878

As if they would be let into the universities - If they can't learn Latin, they are not at the level of intellect to attend higher education.
Niggers definitely don't reach that level, in fact, they should be educated AT ALL.

>> No.14047916
File: 14 KB, 334x449, 50593D5A-C0CC-4305-A674-34379D0CE28A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14047930

I would say the same for coetaneous Anglo-Saxons and those of the Anglosphere in general.

>> No.14048144

Im actually impressed by this way of thought. Thanks for sharing

>> No.14048146

>Social circles and esteem have been the most important factor for success since before we walked on two legs, and social media is just making the hierarchy very transparent.
Yes, people have always used social connections to succeed, and to employ themselves. But today, their importance is too big. Mainly because half of jobs in West are being taken away by automation and globalization so that YOU NEED to use your social circles to proceed, be them in the real life or in the internet, being unable to do that without any social circles. Also, like I described, the existence of social media and the employers checking their applicants' accounts means that it is extremely difficult for anyone with no friends and the right kind of life and the following coming as a result of that, to get hired by anyone. It is a new form of DISCRIMINATION that did not exist before. Before, it mattered what kind of resume, what kind of education and work experience you had. As a result of that, it had NO SIGNIFICANCE to anyone how your private life was, how many and what kind of friends you had, or how did you lead your life otherwise. Those things were NEVER asked and they could not be checked anywhere.
>You can be a total recluse and make something of your life, you just won't get hired into large firms.
Yes, if you choose to be a freak in the internet, getting followers and attention for that. In that case there is no need to prove that you are socially accepted person in the real life. The other choice is to be a GENIUS, so that you get attention for that, and maybe even work offers from the traditional route, but only one in a million is a genius.
>Employ yourself, do something worthwhile, write a book.
It is NOT ENOUGH these days, to do something worthwhile to employ yourself, you also need to have that social media following to be able to employ yourself. If you have an enterprise, you need to advertise it via social networks. And no one really pays attention to an enterprise the social media pages of which do not have big enough a following. And that you can have only if you are interesting enough as a person, having a life interesting enough, with friends and parities or a spouse, children and luxurious vacations. You may barely survive as an entrepreneur without social media following, if your products are good enough, but it won't last long. And yeah, if you write a book, it WON'T SELL unless you have a needed number of followers on your social media page. People are not that interested in reading anymore, so you have to be highly interesting as a person to get some readers. People do not read books for the sake of their story anymore, but for the sake of the writer.

>> No.14048150
File: 31 KB, 640x658, bugs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14048160
File: 46 KB, 560x560, nyx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14048167

Anyone want to give me a quick rundown on why shit seems intuitively disgusting to me but not so much piss? I'm guessing that it's the difference in consequences. You take a shit in the woods and it's still there. You take a piss and it seems gone. But that can't be quite right, because I could imagine someone wetting their clothes and it's not a huge turnoff. Ideas?

>> No.14048196

And to add: most job seekers today have that LinkedIn account to display their resume. EVEN THERE, you need to be socially acceptable, to become hired. You need to have recommenders to make yourself interesting, and the only way to get recommenders is really to have friends in the real life or followers in social media elsewhere, who will recommend you in LinkedIn when you ask or tell about your account. If you haven't got any recommenders, no one hires you after checking your profile and no one will offer you a job or a project via LinkedIn unless your resume is absolutely impressive.

So, the social media is affecting people's lives IN EVERYTHING, when it comes to them being fully functional part of society. To put it simple, you need to be socially accepted in the real life first, then you get to do other things in life.

>> No.14048208

Skim milk, onions milk, smears on raw milk and the attack on milk as a symbol of white supremacy are a deliberate attempt to deny real humans the benefits of proper full cream milk.
Don't even get me started on baby formula.

>> No.14048236

The vast majority of regular jobs do not give a flying fuck about your social media. I don't have an instagram, facebook, snapchat, linkedin, twitter, or any of that shit and I have a nice job. You're constructing this as a scapegoat for your own personal failures. You also aren't capable of even posting your own points without preemptively attacking potential repliers with baseless railing against normies.
You seem like a caustic cunt unable to have a conversation without revealing it, which is the real reason you can't get a job or friends. You accuse everyone around you of disliking you because they're unable to understand you, but the truth is that they dislike you specifically because they DO understand you.

>> No.14048296

You talking about watersports in general? Our just the taught of piss?

I mean dogs use piss to mark their territory, maybe its an animalistic dominance that makes you like it?

Plus it's easier to convince someone to do than scat, less disgusting too

>> No.14048397

For day to day life it is far more useful to see the day first. Most people deal with information from a few days ago not a few years ago.

>> No.14048407
File: 120 KB, 500x624, download (21).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Through the history of the world, dumb people always had the same ideas and core beliefs. The struggle of humanity is that the smartest of us are either incapable of persuasion or realize their immense power over weaker minds and just use them for egotistical means instead of trying to sort shit out.

Btw I'm not trying to bundle myself in with smart people - my point is that us dumb/average sheeple wouldn't be able to recognize a revolutionary thinker if we were to talk to him face to face. We mistake revolutionary for shock value.

>> No.14048429

>The vast majority of regular jobs do not give a flying fuck about your social media. I don't have an instagram, ...
So what kind of jobs you have? What are you referring to with "regular jobs"? Low-paid jobs that do not require any education and have difficulties to find work force? Did you even count in that the situation might be different in different countries? Whereas the number of low-paid jobs in USA is HUGE, it is not that big in many European countries. In my country, many people have difficulties to find a low-paid service job and I BET the employers here on those fields too check their applicants' social media pages to check how their future workers are as people. Just because they CAN, because the number of applicants is so high per one job. And yes, there was an OFFICIAL STUDY made some years ago, an American one if I recall right, that said that about 60-70% of employers check their applicants' social media accounts before making their decision about who they hire. So NO, I am not constructing any sort of scapegoat for my own failure. What I have said has been proven by research. Also, A LOT of successors on any field say that it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to network via social media, and that they get at least half of their work offers via social media or their circles in the real life. It is a FACT, that a lot of talented, educated people can not find employment, because they lack social networks, both in the real life and in the internet. That is specifically prevalent on creative fields: You need to prove that you are an interesting person with your social media account, to become hired or to find some collaboration. It is not enough to prove that you are being socially accepted, you need to be interesting as well.
>You also aren't capable of even posting your own points without preemptively attacking ...
I only attacked AFTER I noticed no one is paying any attention to my posts, even if I made THREE posts on the same topic. If you get that, people are deliberately ignoring you. And if they ignore you for not a valid reason, such as you appearing too "weird" or "crazy" they pretty much deserve to hear about it.
>You seem like a caustic cunt...
COMPELETE BULLSHIT. There is nothing "caustic" about spelling out the truth of social media or humanity, or being angry for a reason. And I doubt you seriously think that I talk about these issues with people in the real life. It would be impossible, as they would take my remarks of social media as an ACCUSATION of them benefitting from it. You just try to invalidate everything I have said by calling me a "caustic cunt". And yeah, WHAT kind of a reason it is to DISLIKE anyone just because you do not understand them? If you do that, you're acting like spoiled brat.

All after all, I think you just got pissed about me calling people here "normies". That is why you presented a lie that I am a "caustic cunt" or that I am making a scapegoat for my own failure.

>> No.14048486

I can accept DD/MM as a colloquialism, but it shouldn't be used in historical writing as frequently as it is.
It's honestly a minor irritation, but what really makes me mad is that nobody else I know seems to think it's a problem. Thinking about it and reading this thread are making me realize that the more pointless and obscure an issue is, the angrier people are likely to get about it. You get the feeling that if you don't care about this particular issue nobody else will, but in the end it really isn't that important.

>> No.14048527

Who do you deem to be a evolutionary thinker ?

>> No.14048552

I'm a researcher in a lab. Nobody in my entire building is low-paid, and all of them have at least a bachelor's degree in physics, math, or engineering, most with education beyond that. Many of them scorn social media and share my distaste of it. If they bring it up when we discuss it, the majority of them say they'd like to delete some of it too, or at least have it play a smaller role in their lives. I'd be willing to bet that if you told that "60-70%" of employers you had no social media, they'd say it's fine and not care at all.
My point is not that social media is good, my point is that you vastly overestimate its influence because you need some excuse for why people don't want to hire or speak to you. You're convinced you're some misunderstood genius who would be wildly successful if it weren't for other people holding you back. Nobody responded to your posts because it's incredibly obvious you're an asshole.
>And yeah, WHAT kind of a reason it is to DISLIKE anyone just because you do not understand them? If you do that, you're acting like spoiled brat.
Read my last post again, you couldn't have missed the point harder if you tried.

>> No.14048573

The Doors were better

>> No.14048676

Impossibly based

>> No.14048792

I think that people have always been generally as smart as they are now Excluding great minds of course.

From a base intelligence standpoint we're always about the same and that people have a skewed view on it from what we've accomplished/discovered as a species.

When really it's a relative scale.

Would also explain all those anomalys in the buildings of ancient civs like the Mayas or Egyptians that nuts like to think we're caused by aliens.

>> No.14048824

I'm often surprised at how resistant people often are to the idea that their ancestors were just as smart as they are. Everyone wants to believe that they're a genius just because they were un/lucky enough to be born in the modern era.

>> No.14048840

>I'm a researcher in a lab. Nobody in my entire building is low-paid, and all of them have at least a bachelor's degree in physics, math, or engineering, most with education beyond that. ...
THAT is the situation on YOUR FIELD. Scientific and technical fields might be an exception of this rule of employers checking their applicants' social media accounts, as well as low-paid service jobs in places where there are plenty of them available. Then again, I have heard, that networks count a lot on some parts of the technical field as well, for example, in Silicon Valley, your networks are extremely important and you need to be in the right place at the right time and know the right people to find the best employment. In other words, if people in YOUR work place or on your field scorn social media, it DOES NOT MEAN that what I say about employers in general checking their applicants' social media accounts isn't true.
>My point is not that social media is good, my point is that you vastly overestimate its influence because you need some excuse for why people don't want to hire or speak to you. Complete bullshit again. I already gave you good enough arguments about why I say that social media has a tremendous effect on how people find an employment. If you are dismissing them, still stubbornly claiming that I say what I say to have an excuse for why people do not want to hire or speak to me, you probably have something personally against me, probably for the things I've said about humanity and the people here. After all, no one likes to be called an ape, yet that is what we are, even according to modern science. One of the ape species, even if a lot more evolved than others.
>Nobody responded to your posts because ... you're an asshole.
That is either a lie or then you haven't seen a true asshole in your life.
>Read my last post again, you couldn't have missed the point harder if you tried.
Sorry, I guess I was in a hurry. But that does not change much. Because if by saying that people dislike me because they do understand me, you mean that they make the same shitty conclusions about me trying to find excuses for my failure, then they are as blind as you are. But I guess people need to be blind at times to protect themselves. Your shit might fall into that category too. I mean, you have a nice, and probably well paid job, so you have to blame those who haven't got such, for not having it. So that NO ONE BLAMES YOU for having it better. If you actually admitted that there are factors affecting people's lives and abilities to find an employment, which they can not control, someone might actually blame you for having it better. It's a bit like when a filthy rich person accuses the hobos living on the streets for their own failure. The filthy rich needs to do that to avoid someone accusing him of having it better. It's a coping mechanism.

Now I need to quit. It's sucking too much of my time to explain all of these things. Maybe I check later.

>> No.14048846



Everybody thinks they're the hero of their own story rightfully so, but I think some people are abit too vain.

I've brought it up over a few beers with people from the research group im in, some of the smartest people I've ever met and they absolutely refuse to agree with me.

>> No.14048847

>My point is not that social media is good, my point is that you vastly overestimate its influence because you need some excuse for why people don't want to hire or speak to you.
Complete bullshit again. I already gave you good enough arguments about why I say that social media has a tremendous effect on how people find an employment. If you are dismissing them, still stubbornly claiming that I say what I say to have an excuse for why people do not want to hire or speak to me, you probably have something personally against me, probably for the things I've said about humanity and the people here. After all, no one likes to be called an ape, yet that is what we are, even according to modern science. One of the ape species, even if a lot more evolved than others.

>> No.14048929

But that's my point - being just as dumb as everyone else, not only I wouldn't be able to recognize, I would probably consider him weird or crazy if I were to meet such a person, maybe even hinder his/her progress.

Btw, if I had to take an extremely wild guess, Nick Land seems to be batshit crazy enough that he could actually be a genius and accelerationism could unshackle philosphy from the webs of academia and mold the discussion into the technological modern era.

>> No.14049210

Not him, but your last part just screams like an entitled cunt mad at his station in life. Why would you blame anyone for succeeding in their career?

Luck doesn't exist anon, it's opportunity and determination. Why don't you put all this energy you have complaining about the system into improving yourself so when an opportunity rises for you, you're ready.

>So that NO ONE BLAMES You for having it better
This mentality isn't healthy and just breeds bitterness

>> No.14049565

>immediately stops posting
what did he mean by this

>> No.14049807

>Luck doesn't exist anon, it's opportunity


>> No.14049925

Debating is a form of validation that someone as self-stimulating as myself doesn't need. Why should I heed the words of a magpie hating anon when I can instead validate myself just by looking in the mirror and seeing the man's dick rise at the sight of me.

>> No.14049977

>t. Halo effect: The post

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