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How does /lit/ view this work of this extraordinary man?

Is it worth its criticism? Does he have a clear friend-foe mindset?

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There are no neoliberals here except NSA agents

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>I fucking love science, humanism, and progress! I am so enlightened!

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Bill Gates recommended that book, so it can't be that bad

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Does he have a point?

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Are you asking us? Think for yourself buddy

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its typical leftist trash

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I would trust judgment of bill gates over 4chan edgebeards

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>20 minute video from a literal who
lol nah

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This post made my day.

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Listen here Joe Rogan, all you motherfuckers get your money and start acting like you're foofy little fucking Tim Ferris motherfuckers talking about meditation, talking about fucking Buddhism and mindfulness. Nah, dawg. That shits all bullshit dawg. You know me you know I don't lie about this stuff. It's bullshit Joe Rogan, these guys are full of crap Joe Rogan I'm not kidding ya. Buncha bull crap I'm telling ya

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>this work of this extraordinary pedophile

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who said this

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Pinker is like Dawkins in that The Language Instinct and The Selfish Gene are both fantastic books but as soon as they leave their fields they become complete memes.

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this but unironically

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