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is there a book like 4chan?

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Notes From Underground

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Londonfrog collected works will be a defining piece of literature of our time

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Totalitarianism in the Tundra

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Just buy a transcription of a collection of best 4chan threads. In the ideal scenario they function something along the lines of a dialogue while retaining that /comfy/ feeling and/or containing some historic importance such as the origin of a meme. Or "On the Origin of the Meme".

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I bought a physical copy of TLoTiaT as a kind of time capsule of this board. I expect places like this aren't going to be around much longer, and even if other anonymous shitholes do exist in the future, they won't be my anonymous shithole where people get my dumb jokes about Hegel.
I hope at least one copy outlives everyone who was on the board when it was written so that there can exist something so strange and idiosyncratic that it will literally never be understood by anyone on earth ever again.

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Don't worry, I'll allude to it in my famous novel and academics will document everything about it.

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for all the constant shitting on 4chan its users do people are going to be so butthurt when it's gone

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Is /lit/ ever going to write another book?

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I really hope this happens. Londonfrog is fucking fantastic.

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Theres images floating around someone made of his hypothetical book

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But even if this miraculously happened and they knew what it was, it would just be vaguely described in a footnote, at best. A century from now, no living person will be able to read a chapter of the book and understand even half of the jokes. Even if they understood all the literary references, an enormous amount of it depends on the specific posting styles of this place.
It makes me wonder how much of any book's meaning is similarly lost. One post about translations I think about a lot explained how shitty translators like Emily Wilson could start with a phrase as direct and obvious to us as "gas the kikes, race war now" and reasonably maim it into "fuel the Arabs, that they may race with us"

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Are you saying our Pynchon, Whitehead, and Joyce shitpostings will be too esoteric for normies 100 years from now? Lol

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Not to speak to the quality of the shitposts, but a lot of it will make no fucking sense at all. Have you read the book at all?

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No I didn’t even know it existed

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>even if this miraculously happened
u wot m8? >:(

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Does anyone have a pdf of Tundra?

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The Controversy of Zion

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>I bought a physical copy of TLoTiaT as a kind of time capsule of this board.
it was awful even at that with all the feminister spam garbage in it
that shit overtook the board a few months prior and disappeared a couple months later
i'm still mad

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The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman

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Trout Fishing in America by Richard Brautigan.

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We already have two volumes of his compiled posts.

Read the Pdfs here:

Volume 1

Volume 2

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nah, all the academics left when pol took over around 2015.

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Wipe your ass with toilet paper and there you go.

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Didnt know about this, doing gods work

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these posts are all the same anon?

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my diary desu

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these actually exist?

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He's been a household name for years

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Is there an e version of this?

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Nietzsches work

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Bronze Age Mindset

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not that good desu, but its on the wiki. check the sticky.

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Hypersphere is legitimately great for about 150 pages
https://monoskop .org/images/7/7e/Anonymous_Hypersphere.pdf

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but these posts are literally me

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who is londonfrog

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some navel gazing fag

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honestly if you read the whole thing it's clear the dude is one of the finest posters on the site. perfectly encapsulates the modern internet aged male

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Here's all 4 Tundra books in a Zip (Tundra, Tundra 2: Miami, Tundra 3: Tokyo Drift, and Kolsti's Adventures in the Everglades).


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The temple of the golden pavilion

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A bunch of homos ruining something that used to be pretty cool?

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bunch of neets masturbating in their little corner

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The link does nothing for me, it says '403 forbidden'

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Pleb: filtered.

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Kek: had

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Harassment Architecture is pure 4chan schizoposting