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A stanford student and olympic athlete killed herself earlier this year.

>In truth my mind has conquered me. It’s never ending spinning spinning spinning would not rest. Always, always was it sprinting a marathon, thoughts never at rest, never at peace

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Do we imagine her at peace in heaven or is she in hell?

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It’s rare that a woman goes through with it, she must have been made of harder stuff

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>decide to kill herself
>write suicide letter in great prose
>miraculously survive
>improve method, this time succeed in killing herself
I wish I could read the letters.

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honestly guessed which one it was just from looking at the picture lel

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>stanford student
okay so here's what we can know so far:

>dumb cunt getting free ride at ivy-league because she has a cunt
>like all whores, thinks she's some fucking genius because all the men around her who want to fuck her hand her everything in life
>"omg i shuld have an existential crisis! teehee, how intelligent of me"
>"oh man, im just toooooooo smart to live. omg im like so depressed i mean i havent had sex for THREE days! lol im like basically a virgin again XD"
>probably intended to survive her suicide but was so fucking dumb she actually killed herself instead

yeah, not a big loss for the world.

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Damn so did I. Do we have suicide radars or some shit?

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/lit/ - Literature

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have sex

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I feel like this is one of the times where “have sex” is actually useful advice. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you?

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which one is it??

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it's you

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just google the name moron

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I would say have sex, but who's gonna wanna go near you

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K.. Keep me posted

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we must imagine her running on a burning hot hamster wheel in hell

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too much effort and at this point I refuse to do it simply because you told me to do it and you aint the boss of me

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So you’re saying you’re susceptible to reverse psychology?

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Those rich white educated childless olympian girls sure have it rough. My heart goes out to them.

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I checked the name and it absolutely is the one you most likely think killed herself. Something about the eyes.

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umm bro have you read Meditations? I feel like that would help u bro.

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>purple prose
Probably better that she's dead.

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it was as if an occult hand swept down and took her from us

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Suicide is a mortal sin.

RIP in hell.

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That’s unironically good prose. It flows perfectly.

She probably would have been a good writer if she had put her mind to it.

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You know, I thought you were all joking around, but I was right too.

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Same. The forced smile, dead eyes and lesbo hair gave it away.

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Second from the left.
Guess my radar's broken. I guessed second from the right.

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Surprise, the one that looks most like a failed woman killed herself. Also notice that she's the one in the worst shape (it might be tough to tell but compare their legs.)

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>worst shape
She was an Olympic athlete anon. Safe to say she was in good shape.

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I thought it was one of the 2 girls on the right because I assumed that dyke was actually a boy.

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Sent back to samsara

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i love how rationalists are so infatuated with idea and fantasies that they can only become miserable
the best part is that when they try to be happy, they try '''''''''meditation''''''''''' and they think that it is about ''having no thoughts'', they suck at it and so they remain trapped in their worthless humanist daydreaming that bourgeois trained them to value for the last 200 years.

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You should practice your reading comprehension. I said "she's the one in the worst shape" meaning, out of the four in the image, she's the one in the worst shape.

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You were giving it as a reason for her suicide. Why would she kill herself because she’s in the worst shape out of a group of Olympic athletes. That’s like committing suicide because you’re the poorest out of a group of billionaires.

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>Catlin was born in St. Paul, Minnesota; she was a triplet, with a brother and sister.[3][4] She earned a degree in mathematics and Chinese from the University of Minnesota, and was studying at Stanford University for a graduate degree in computational and mathematical engineering.[3][5][6] In addition to her career as a professional road cyclist, Catlin was an artist and a violinist.[3][5]

>Catlin died on March 7, 2019, at Stanford University following an episode of depression.[7] According to her sister, she committed suicide months after suffering a concussion due to a cycling accident.[3][8][9] The university issued a statement saying that Catlin's roommate found her dead in her on-campus residence without any sign of foul play.[10] Following her death, her family donated Catlin's brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation Brain Bank at Boston University for further research into concussions.

Look at her lad, I highly doubt she got any male attention in her life at all.

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I don't think that's what he was saying, anon, come now...

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You should really practice your reading comprehension. Either you're a troll or a sub-90 IQ.

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>Catlin was born in St. Paul, Minnesota; she was a triplet, with a brother and sister.[3][4] She earned a degree in mathematics and Chinese from the University of Minnesota, and was studying at Stanford University for a graduate degree in computational and mathematical engineering.[3][5][6] In addition to her career as a professional road cyclist, Catlin was an artist and a violinist.[3][5]
Fucking Christ. It's hard not to feel subhuman against someone so highborn. At least we both meet the same end eventually.

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Seems like your average middle class kid raised by tiger-parents

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If a Stanford computational and mathematical engineering grad Olympic artist musician is middle class then I'm lower-lower-low class.

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how the fuck did she do it?
of course her head was always spinning, she probably never had 5 minutes a day for herself to rest or do whatver she wanted.

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Now imagine the reaction to your death...

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My brother is middle-lower class and is now studying nuclear physics at Stanford.
You can get very high up in college with a sports scholarship. She most likely studies at Stanford with the full ride she got from her sports scholarship.

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>she was a triplet, with a brother and sister.
perimenopausal mommy using fertility drugs

First, no one in the US will identify as "upper class". Secondly, middle class means you require wage income to maintain your standard of living. It doesn't matter how high that income is. You cannot be upper class if you rely on wages for anything.

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You’ll never be a great writer or human for that matter if you’re incapable of compassion/sympathy

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based realityposter

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what is your favourite book that i am unlikely to have read?
i have not seen such a lucid post in a long time, on the off-chance that this is not a fluke, i wish to share in your wisdom

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Neither, when you die you go back to the chaos and eventually you find yourself in a new existence

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>Concussions cause depression

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what's so funny about it ?

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Yeah, Plath syndrome...

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spastic bitch just needed needed some ritalin

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>fucking incoherent rambling
you actually do just need to have sex desu senpai

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Overachievers tend to be dead inside. There comes a level of accomplishment where you have to sacrifice your humanity and joy in order to achieve it. This is probably what happened to her, which meant she wound up feeling empty.

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In Christianity, she's going to Hell. In Islam, she's going to Hell. In Judaism she's in stasis until the end time. In Buddhism and Hinduism she's reborn in a worse life. So pretty bad in any case, religion sure is comforting.

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not him but i find the following much more plausible
>person is already depressed/has depressive tendencies
>getting a concussion can disrupt your life by throwing a wrench into your immediate goals and plans
>people with depression/depressive tendencies usually have difficulty coping with additional life burdens and stress
I'd imagine that for an ultra high achieving super-efficient individual whose every hour is planned in advance, the burden of getting terrible headaches, being forced to e.g. sit silently in a dark room for hours at a time, etc, would be difficult enough to swallow
t.had two concussions

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>ivy league
Stopped reading right there. Go be poor somewhere else.

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>Overachievers tend to be dead inside.
t. slacker who works at best buy

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>having clinical depression
>getting into stanford

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she was probably on accutane and some anti-depressant

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who won't kill himself and go on to live a content life

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Come on man

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You can still feel like an outcast among your peer group even though said group is above everybody else in socio-economic terms, but so what? People are people.

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based, ignore the sóy replies

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Does anyone have the letters? Also OP where did you find that excerpt

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>Olympic athlete

Am I supposed to be impressed? Neither of these institutions deserve the prestige and esteem they once had.

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let me guess, it's the ugly one. lmao

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It was an average post, anon. /lit/ has fried your brain.

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Eternal nothingness.
Just like every other dead person.
You are a coward or a fool if you think otherwise.

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>short hair
And nothing of value was lost

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she got cte from a concussion, and it most likely changed her brain chemistry to become depressed and suicidal. quite sad. nothing in this world is worse than the faggot nerds in this thread that have never done anything even slightly athletic, yet somehow they keep mocking their superiors

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do research into CTE. NFL players, boxers and mma fighters commonly end up with mental problems after their careers due to head trauma. It's far more prevalent in these groups compared to the average population.

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Fuck you nigger. I’ll have you know I won awards 3 months in a row for being a sales associate at Best Buy and helping sell many products customers enjoy today. You’re pathetic, just because I work at Best Buy doesn’t mean I should be treated less differently. Sure I get paid $13 an hour +bonuses but it’s a simple life. Everyday I wake up, comb my teeth, brush my hair, finger my ass to make it to work to help sell corporate goods to better your everyday life. All I do is tell what the electronics do, shuffle around products, ring up shit but it’s a decent life.

I’m 25 and have my own apartment and I’m single, didn’t have to go to school and it’s ok. Would I love to do something else? Sure, but I don’t have the time and I’m stupid.

Something tells me you don’t even deserve to lick the very sweaty seat of my managers chair.

Fucking kids come in and think everything is so easy, huuurrrr durrrr look how smarts I am, let me belittle those around me. So far I’m doing great at bestbuy and I hope to get employee of the year and work there until I die.

Smoke weed everyday, work hard selling for dr shlomo baggins and enjoy what little time for hobbies I have

Anyways I bid you farewell

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very based, most women are soulless creatures, it’s likely that she was too, theres a good reason so many philosophers, mathematicians, great engineers, writers etc. couldn't stand being around them

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is this a pasta?

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>road cyclist getting CTE
you'd make a terrible lawyer bruh

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>I refuse to allign my consciousness with the universal will and understand through transcending my senses above the material truth
>lol you’re just a coward because you haven’t read Camus once like me

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Stanford isn’t in the Ivy League. A university isn’t just in the Ivy Leage because it’s prestigious. There are no west coast or Midwest or southern schools in the Ivy League.

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>It’s never ending spinning
>Having a grammatical error in your suicide note

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zero compassion and zero empathy.

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>allign my consciousness with the universal
"You" end at death. If there is an awareness that continues, it does not carry memories with it. Read any neuroscience book.
Or even just think about what your comment would even mean with respect to those who get dementia.

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