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sartre is the king of bugmen, the cross-eyed dragonfly of the phylum

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Heidegger's and Nishitani's criticism of Nietzsche inadvertently working out a nihilist philosophy, because he didn't manage to overcome the reified self, holds very much true. It's no coincidence that people read Nietzsche as a nihilist.

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Sarte partner was Simone de Beauvoir who would use her position to feed her pedo lust for young girls (younger than 13). When they would age out of her tastes she would send them to Sartre.

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Sartre looks like a worm-chameleon-snail-frog hybrid shat by Satan himself during a particularly bad day of diarrhea. While Jung looks like a human being.

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He deserves a better legacy. His apollonian vs dionysian thought experiment should be beamed into every school shooters mind as a letter of final warning before they pull the trigger

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>then SMACK! i had another copy of Infinite Jest in my backpack
every fucking time

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what an autist

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I need more of these

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kek I didn't like The Screwtape Letters but it was worth reading just for this

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post some Gang weed memes

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what society does to us is #sad

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who is that young author whose portrait is posted here all the time?

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John green?

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anyone have the antinatalist pro/con cap? I never saved it.

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not a real source

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this is too much. My GOD, the gamers! What have we done...

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Based. Human freedom at its finest.

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This person has only ever seen the show and never actually bothered to read the books. Martin has some pretty obvious moral lessons, weird coincidences and interesting, larger than life characters, but you wouldn't know that if you only relied on the Tumblr backlash like this person is.

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Based. What a relationship

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Go back to plebbit, disgusting faggot tourists.

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Why is /lit/ like this?

I thought I was the only one who noticed this. Is it just low effort replying?

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anyone got the pic of nietzsche choking kant?

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i just finished The Stranger yesterday, this is very relatable

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it's missing the most based conflict of all: man vs woman

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That person didn’t write this. It’s copypasta from here:


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Yes but in fairness Heidegger was ultimately no better with the near-quietism of his late philosophy.

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This looks like a /r9k/ story but with books instead of shitting and romantic rejection

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That meme is 6 years old at the very least. That's what /ilt/ is, and what it will always be. That's what we come for. It is simply destiny.

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>people who look weird are treated poorly
>they go on to develop an outcast's perspective of society, replete with criticisms of which they are hyper-aware
>people who look like ubermench are treated to fawning supplication all their lives
>they go on to develop a tyrant's perspective of society, full of comforting aphorisms about how well it works because they get prizes just for showing up and think it's everyone else's fault that they don't

I'm not even saying one is right and the other is wrong - although obviously I sympathise more with the bottom of the hierarchy than the top, I recognise that both views are equally constructed and limited by circumstance - but I sure do get fucking tired of people who can't grasp this basic fucking insight.

Meaningful criticism of society requires you to be an outcast. Criticising critics on the basis of their outcast status only reveals you to be a fucking moron. Genuinely believing that there is nothing TO criticise about a society earns you a place on the "too stupid to live - extra strength gas" list.

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His eyes are just like the coomer's

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I see /lit/ is devoided from any humor or OC

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you know nothing about Junger

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What happens when you are an outlying case? Throughout my adolescent years I was a weird looking dude, terrible acne, long greasy hair, a loner and outcast. Things happened. I lost weight, my acne went away, puberty slowly changed my facial bone structure into something more masculine. Around 18 I noticed people beginning to react to me differently. Now that I'm 23, women check me out in the street all the time, most people are happy to meet me, those that are not react that way out of jealousy or intimidation. The thing is none of it feels like a vindication or reward for previous suffering, its just a new kind of suffering. When women check me out or people rush to greet me and smile, I don't feel wanted or appreciated, I feel sick, empty, even more lonely, I appreciate that its all a facade. Real connection seems impossible, I have become my appearance and it is all that defines me, so what else is left to share?
I think about killing myself more and more.

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this is the pinnacle of so many things... I don't even know where to start. I'll just ramble. This reminds me of the Society of Spectacle, by Guy Debord. This guy IS by pure appereance. He is not in a traditional sense. He was, he had and now he "is". How can you even arrive at such state of the mind? What is it? Whas Ted K. right about everything? Is this the byproduct of seer cultural manipulation? Lack of intellect or/and understanding? I don't even know if the image is real to begin with. Starting at the basics, this guy just disfigured his face for ever (with rather ugly and unaesthetical tattoos). We advance upwards and we find that he's done it to imitate another person out of admiration or self-identification. He did it because he self-identified more with a man-made image, a fictional character badly portrayed in recent cultural manifestations, than with he himself. He isn't anymore. He is the character. Is this some kind of ego death? Did this guy just commit suicide in a subtle and unusual way? This is starting to become all so tiresome...

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Céline wrote everything you need to know about Sartre in his short answer : A l'agité du bocal.

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He was ugly though which discredits him

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I have the same problem but I don’t have any interest in other people so it’s fine

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Now you need to seek out the self-satisfaction and self-esteem that define the normie condition.

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No it's an old photo, like late 1800s or early 1900s. The boy just stares out blankly. Has nice hair and pale colored eyes. I can't figure out who the author is but I've seen people post it.

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Who was that 1 Hungarian?

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That's covered under Man vs Nature

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Not into his fetish, but he is right on a larger scale.

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>>13917011 intended for >>13915918

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Is this the guy you're thinking of? It's Arthur Rimbaud.

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Nothing more edgy than cosplaying as a trademarked kids cartoon character

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We live in a society

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I had the same "ugly duckling" development but I've been broken enough inside by it for people to not keep the contact they thought they wanted at first based on looks. It's actually a very comfortable social position, giving off a semi-creep vibe mitigated by looks. People who don't like you avoid you and people who do like you give you enough space because they don't understand you. You're unlucky to be normie-passing

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It has always been tiresome. There have always been dumb and unoriginal people. Thanks for reminding me of this book, I've been meaning to read it for some time.

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anyone have that stupid thing with the cover of some Philip K Dick book that gets reworded over and over again with shitty mspaint edits?

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Chad Autist vs Virgin Marine

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lads, you know what to do

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This is the last conflict.... thank you anon

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No need thank me. It is beyond being unoriginal, beyond being part of the so called "cattle". There's a rather famous and over used quote by Oscar Wild about imitation and how the large majority of people just mimicry each other. We've trascended. We no longer just imitate culture, for in the past, who didn't aspire to be Aquiles? Oddyseus? Even quasi fantasy characters like Megas Alexandros come to mind. We dreamed about how great they were and thus rendered them worthy of imitation. We now commit ego death and literally become badly crafted products of our decadent culture. Who the hell wants to become the Joker as portrayed in recent films (i.e. Suicide Squad)? Who wants to become, say, Harry Potter? Jon Snow, Daenerys, Stepehen King's latest protagonist, your average protagonist even? They are all so badly crafted, so little in comparison with the classics... One might say that what I state is just simply
>old good
>new bad
and it quite sad, because you just have to read a couple of books from different epochs to come to this realisation. Times of Olde were mythical, great, mighty. Who wants to become, again, your average book protagonist? In all its dullness, it happens that we have the greatest output of media ever. We also have the greatest output of bad media ever. And of course I do recognise there are, indeed, good authors out there. Sadly, they are greatly overshadowed by a sea of shit. This is unique to our current situation. In the end, Metal Gear Solid 2 and its fabullous dialogue between GW and Raiden comes to mind. It is evident that we are not capable of managing our culture any longer. Our information's density output is far beyond human manageablity. Yet we try with datacenters and cyberwalls of China. End of this nonsensical rambling. No tldr.

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Bela Kun, maybe. A Jew from Hungary. After a failure of the Hungarian Soviet Republic and Red Army big fail on Vistula he was made head of Crimena revkom where he proceeded to order tens of thousands of people tortured to death and basically everyone else robbed and enslaved there.
Ironically enough he ended up in 1938 tortured by OGPU-NKVD Jews almost to death, before his official execution by the same Jews anyway.

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It’s due in large part to
>no more inventions
>no more discoveries
>no more epic struggles
It’s also so tame and mild simply do to the fact that we’ve molded our world into our complete control. There is nothing amazing about a man who lives out his life in a completely man-made world, separated from raw reality. Hence, kultur has died.

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fuckin hell this still gets me

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I hate him, not as French, but as a degenerate.

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I’m the hurr durr guy

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My dear Wormwood,

I was already pleased to hear that your patient has begun browsing 4chan, but when I learned he now visits /lit/ regularly my elation grew. This is no small victory for Our Father Below, though I note with displeasure that you have failed to recognize it. On the contrary, your last letter was full of disappointment that he had stopped posting on /pol/ every day and checking /gif/ each night. I grow weary of repeating the same lessons, but it is clear you have not been paying attention. As always, you young devils can think only of the obvious temptations. If only you would realize that it is subtle sins that taste the sweetest!

So I trust there will be no more talk of redirecting his attention to those boards concerned with nothing cleverer than pornography and race-hatred. Let the cruder sort of tempter worry about those (and they will!), and you and I will focus on your patient's new interests. Now, browsing /lit/ implies that he is one of two kinds of men: either a true scholar, no matter how halting and amateurish his thought may yet be, or else a dilettante who might as easily be posting about that man Bane on /tv/ as our good friend Stirner on /lit/. Both possibilities are tantalizing.

If he is a dilettante, then you must above all keep him from realizing it. Let him think he is discussing moral philosophy or Romantic poetry, let him think that the picture he has just attached is somehow relevant to the discussion. You might ask how he could believe that the image of a frog is relevant to any intellectual discussion, but here you must trust in my greater experience. Human beings are such selfish creatures that they are always predisposed to believe in their own importance, and they are also social creatures not too far off from ants. The latter fact will ensure his continued participation in any discussion, even when he must on some level understand that he is bringing no joy or knowledge to anyone. The mere feeling of community, which men prize above almost anything else, will sustain him through literally weeks of wasted life. And if you are lax and he does realize that he only goes on /lit/ to post memes, derail threads, and insult other commenters, there is still hope. Convince him that he is being "ironic," and that will usually take care of the problem. Our Father Below has made great strides in associating irony in the humans' minds with intelligence and intellectualism, particularly in the last century, and the fruits of this labor are felt daily across 4chan.

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why are reactionaries so ignorant

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We thought alike, anon. This feeling, it's making my skin crawl.

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Both were outcast, for different reasons.

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Still the greatest.

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what's the origins of this

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hello me

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>Look I'm underage and I found this morally unacceptable concept in my book haha! I need to share it so people judge the book from a couple sentences haha!

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found the libertarian

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This is what happens when you read the original editorialized edition of Will to Power.

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"Duck Amok" is truly the zenith of postmodern cinema.

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Who /lowbrow/ here?

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I hope he tried Zeus and Emperor too

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>milk is for the pussy

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This is miraculous.

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...And you just lost it.

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Public school wasn't always bad.

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Man vs self in my eyes.

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This sums up /lit/. Cringey as fuck, based marine probably has a religious book by his bed

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I'd like to think this is what went through Heidegger's head when he wrote about "das man"

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one of the best ones

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this is what it means to be a man

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I hope he gets it published one day.

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I have the same perspective, but I don't wear shoes at all. Why do my bare feet cause people to question me or even panic in some cases? They're not disgusting or smelly as I take good care of myself. It's as if people are under the impression that my feet are a sexual organ and that I am stimulating myself being bare.

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I have this sensation, but I'm pretty confident that I've learned how to fake it well enough to go outside as long as I don't speak.

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he has literal prey eyes. his field of vision is massive.

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are there actually rocks like that?

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I can never agree with this and I'm uber autismo
There are reasons people dress certain ways, and there always have been. You are communicating things about you when you dress yourself. Clothes reveal your role, your job, your status or place in the hierarchy. Comfort is not the only consideration when for a reason other than "retarded normies follow arbitrary trends.", there is a practicality behind it.
If you want to disregard these things, dress however you like, maximize comfort and ignore any trends, that's your prerogative, but you're fucking yourself over by not playing the game. There's no reason to handicap yourself that way. There are comfortable, cheap, fashionable clothes that normies will not bat at an eye at. People look at you weird not because you "chose a tshirt" but because the tshirt is ugly as fuck and you look like shit, and why would someone choose to look like shit? I mean I look like garbage when I walk outside hungover, unwashed wearing stupid graphic tees on saturday morning, but at least I fucking understand why people are looking at me.

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it's seaworn brick you retard

>> No.13920268

cool, is that what brick houses were based on originally?

>> No.13920319

Jesus do you know nothing? Brick houses are just brick plants that are built around a wooden structure to make them grow in the desired shape.

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>Aquiles? Oddyseus? Even quasi fantasy characters like Megas Alexandros come to mind. We dreamed about how great they were and thus rendered them worthy of imitation. We now commit ego death and literally become badly crafted products of our decadent culture. Who the hell wants to become the Joker as portrayed in recent films (i.e. Suicide Squad)? Who wants to become, say, Harry Potter? Jon Snow, Daenerys, Stepehen King's latest protagonist, your average protagonist even? They are all so badly crafted, so little in comparison with the classics...
I feel like it's worth noting that the two fictional characters mentioned not fully developed characters (in the modern sense) in the texts and legends the originate from. Odysseus and Achilles are more ideas of characters than proper characters, much of who they actually are outside of their explicit actions is left unknown. Sure, Odysseus is too hubristic and Achilles is too wrathful, but they're not fully fleshed out in a way that modern characters are. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but they operate more as ideals culturally than characters. You may not want to be the average modern character, but they're much more easy to identify with. We see the inner workings of their minds, we see that they are just people, and while we may not aspire to be them, we see that we truly (in one way or another) are them.
It might be just me, but when I think of who Odysseus is as a character, I don't think of how he's portrayed in the Odyssey, but rather Tennyson's Ulysses, a more modern and introspective take on that character.
I wish I could be like Homer's Odysseus, but I see myself in Tennyson's Ulysses.
I too wish that as a culture we could have more of these 'ideal' characters, but I do think there is value in having the other modern characters that you describe as well.

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all i know is that i know nothing.

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I hope you didn't give up, Husserlbro, and are still living your best life out there

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nice reddit spacing fedoracuck

>> No.13920788

>"The whole of my philosophy is summarized in this orangutan." I was stunned and asked him to elaborate. He answered, "No."

This got me.

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This thread is shit.

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The Wittenpasta never disappoint.
I think the one with catgirls is missing tho, as well as the one with the hanging parlor game.

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I that can make you feel better imitating fiction down to the most retarded detail is a time-honored tradition. Goethe's Werther not only caused a wave of suicide, it caused a many suicides with the very same kind of pistol Werther used.

>> No.13921041

Everytime I read this pasta I'm reminded why it's still worthy to come here.

>> No.13921049

let’s revive the tradition lads
I’ve already got a blue frock coat

>> No.13921052

Why can't I live in a world where that is how house are actually made.

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Bret Easton Ellis and Eric Weinstein podcast.

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Holy shit, you don’t even know what redditspacing means, you fucking tourist.

>> No.13921370

Fucking dipshit doesn't even know what "meme" meanings. Protip: It's not a synonym for "joke", faggot.

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Fuck off back to r3ddit, newfaggot scum fucks. Die diue die. You'll never see /lit/ at its prime, and you faggot nigger cocksuckers are to blame fuck you.
Kill yourself you historically-illiterate swine. Pure feminism faggotry; once unified, will become unified again within this century via IMPERIVM. Fag.

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>no sources
Not even surprised but please post proofs.
>This person has only ever seen the show and never actually bothered to read the books
Don't blame him. GoT is gay.

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> His apollonian vs dionysian thought experiment should be beamed into every school shooters mind as a letter of final warning before they pull the trigger
Why? Also,
>implying school shooters have one reason
>implying they only shoot up schools

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Why? You need to explain these things. I think you're wrong. You're wrong until you explain. You're wrong.
Go be wrong someplace else.

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Patrician meme

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thank you

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Reads like an alternate universe Don DeLillo where he's a 4channel doomer.

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There is certainly a practical purpose to it but that's not why normies do what they do. As evidenced by their not being able to explain the reasons behind them, someone with a genuine understanding of it, it's end and causes, surely would be able to give an account of exactly why one shoe is bad and the other good. They just follow along, they would even if the practical purpose wasn't there, they don't keep it in mind.

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>> No.13922851
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>> No.13922860

Is the one with fidget spinners legit? Cause it's pretty kekworthy.

>those damn Jews and their luscious fidget spinners corrupting the innocence of our youth

Second best conspiracy theory after zootheology.

>> No.13922865


>> No.13922890
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>smaller than Kant

>> No.13922901
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>> No.13922933
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>> No.13922936

Of the Pic? It's an allied propaganda poster mocking German intellectuals who portrayed WW1 as a battle of Kultur (culture) against Zivilisation (civilisation). (German) high culture was seen as superior to the more broadly western civilisation, which was understood as uncultured urban decadence. Spengler adapted this notion in his work Decline of the West.

>> No.13922937

The only sources that come up in google are inflammatory hit pieces by far right blogs and publications.

>> No.13922938
File: 3.86 MB, 1276x3200, lit negro thread 1 lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The classic...

>> No.13922941
File: 371 KB, 775x1167, kultur 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13922947
File: 860 KB, 3548x2048, lit meme books money.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13922950

It amazes me that one day this board turned to fascism, superficiality expressed in the form of thought - looks determine artistic merit, skulls determine moral worth, it always amazes me that there are people in this world who can be swayed by these arguments. “You think Sartre had anything to say—don’t you know he’s ugly!” It depresses me that these worshippers of appearance believe that that these unexamined gut reactions have anything to do with reason.

>> No.13922955

What is zootheology?

>> No.13922972


>> No.13922987
File: 71 KB, 1024x386, Torba's law no censorship move to right from left.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was inevitable. In my experience today's leftist thought generally requires lies and censorship which protects those lies in order to survive and thrive.

>> No.13922997
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>> No.13923018

isn't "man vs reality" and "man verses no god" redundant?

>> No.13923044
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You make a good point. I have never read either person in the photo and this meme gave me a bias.

I still think the general bugman description is something profound because it's a more clever way to demonstrate the "blindness" of professional persons in this meritocracy.

>> No.13923075

Of a philosopher’s thought is already bad or dishonest, then their looks are simply icing on the cake

>> No.13923230

>t. someone with a face that could disperse a crowd of thousands

>> No.13923697


>> No.13923802
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>> No.13924041
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>> No.13924051

stop posting

>> No.13924074

Fucking lol. How have I never seen this?

>> No.13924093

Its not a meme though, Sartre's thoughts are as grotesque and inhuman as his appearance. He was a sexual deviant and a Communist, compounded by his shiftless French character, which only accentuated the worst qualities of both. In between defending Stalin and enjoying an open marriage with his philosophical better, he enjoyed misreading Heidegger and spitting through blackened teeth at anything even remotely resembling a traditional power structure. Ironically, the only society that could possibly mold and sustain a physically and morally deficient imp like him and allow him to thrive in the manner that he did is exactly the society he hated. He refused to accept the Nobel Prize, claiming he didn't want that kind of recognition, put willingly put his name on a petition to remove age of consent laws in France. That was apparently worth the name recognition.

Jünger's heroism and character are worth their own post, but suffice it to say, Sartre looks the way he does for a reason.

>> No.13924122
File: 817 KB, 912x1774, Bouguereau-Linnocence.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Body and soul are one. Your physical appearance is merely an mirror of your disfigured mind.

>> No.13924242

>avowed communist
>willingly works with the Nazis
>snitches out Jews for alcohol and food rations
>all the while fucking a jew
>who he used to get women drunk so he could fuck them, by the way
Sartre is a living demonstration of physiognomy.

>> No.13924354

sometimes understanding what you're doing is actively detramental to your own success though. you'll be a lot more confident if you believe you're wearing a certain item of clothing because you chose it autonomously and just happen to have good fashion sense than if you consciously bought it to signal that you have high social status. i guess at the top end there might be some awareness of doing strange things just to signal an independent mind, without the risk of being confused for a lower status individual.

>> No.13924410

I've never thought this was a good argument. I don't really care about the politics, but it seems foolish from a website administration standpoint. Any forum with sufficiently lax moderation will inevitably lean towards being nothing but penis pill spam. There are reasons beyond rational argument why a forum might be dominated by one group or the other. The market doesn't autonomously give us penis pill adverts because they're well reasoned and logical, they just have brute strength.

>> No.13924458

You're entirely missing the point. Its not that one group or another is dominating via pure volume of posting, or that its as simple as the posts being present like an advertisement, we're talking ideological and discourse shifts here. Its like a penis pill advertisement so effective that it made other people decide to get into the penis pill game.

>> No.13924466

>if ur Chad u life is easy and u become evil
>if ur ugly u become smart becoz whamyn reject you hurr hurr

Nice coping mechanism, retard.
Both Sartre and Jünger came for a similar background, and both did studied philosophy. But while Sartre focused on "mainstream" thinkers like Kant or Hegel, Jünger looked also for more obscure sources. While Sartre "collaborated" with the French May revolution from the comfort of an armchair on a cafeteria, Jünger went to the trenches in Africa and Europe. While Sartre kept his head down during the German occupation of France, Jünger criticized national socialism from within Germany, got a book about this subject published during the regime, and legally managed to prevent the german government to use his writings without his consent. And after Hitler's government was gone, Sartre took advantage of the liberal French democrat state and fearlessly began defending degenerates like Pol Pot or Mao Tse Tsung, while Jünger was forbidden to publish his writings.

I don't agree with some of what Jünger says, but if you believe that because you were bullied in highschool you're a genius "just like Sartre", while the guy who bullied you shares some archetypal feature with Jünger, then this proves to me that all of Sartre's apologists are plain retarded.

>> No.13924475

cope, revisionist

>> No.13924477

It's mostly down to my experience of communities dedicated to a single hobbyist topic eventually being derailed into being more about politics than about the hobby. It's definitely an interesting change to watch, but it's most easily modelled as chaos.

>> No.13924514

Anyone have the meme of Nick Land as Rick Samchez and he's like "make your own blockchain i don't know burp"?

>> No.13924536

Does anyone have the original by the way? I wanted to do an edit but I realized I've never saved it

>> No.13924735

couldn't he just use makeup like a normal person?

>> No.13924792

>I wish I could be like Homer's Odysseus, but I see myself in Tennyson's Ulysses.

>> No.13924836

first person books are trash though

>> No.13924842
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>> No.13924845

damn they were all manlets.
really makes you think.....

>> No.13925131


>> No.13925429

Holy fuck, this is the actually the funniest thing I've ever read.

>> No.13925460
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>> No.13925640


>> No.13925717


>> No.13925725

Quality post.
>no limit of wasted time spent after convincing himself of the importance of acting ironic
>100s of pepe pictures
>green texts saved
Imagine. I hope other anons found this very useful, because it revealed a lot of things in me as well.
If you're addressing life with irony all the time, it can take away from the meaningful experience you could otherwise have.

Thank you anon for posting this, and God bless the anons that wrote it.

>> No.13925728

holy fuck that's an awful card

>> No.13925730

Get memed on, queermo.

>> No.13925769

I appreciate your insightful post.
Looking at it, I didn't even bother to try analyzing what was really happening to this person. Had it been someone close to me, a relative or friend, then of course I would've tried to put the pieces together as to why and what the root is. But what you mentioned about this all being so tiresome--that is what I exhibited. Nowadays, I instinctively don't even attempt to give odd behavior like this thought the first time I see it. In fact, I believe this is a product of the internet. Something like this would have been a huge novelty to see 25 or 30 years ago, but today? It's just another weirdo.
Really, I think this self-conditioning I've undergone is bad. I see it as dehumanizing and I should be more mindful to stay sharp by analyzing what I'm seeing in front of me.
But I really have grown tired over the past decade. There's too much stuff to look at and much of it doesn't effect me personally anyways. This overexposure is just plain unnatural.

>> No.13925776

Disgusting vulgar kikes.

>> No.13926089

Cum face bitch.

>> No.13926342

I've read Sartre (but not Junger) and I agree with OP's pic 100%

>> No.13926383

Reason is abstract you twerp.

And the soul is eternal, unlike the body which withers with age.

>> No.13926385

Your body might age, but so does your brain. If your body therefore ages before it's time or even looks rooted and degenerated while other, older people still can split wood and impregnate women by the stare, than your reason wont be much to pride yourself in, either.

A sound and healthy body is dependent on a sound and healthy soul.

>> No.13926429

The key here is that if you go to a left leaning community it will invariably have a greater degree of censorship. You can model moderation as inversely proportional to chaos (and vice versa) but what's most interesting is leftism peaks at the same extreme that moderation does. This is inherent to leftist ideology.

>> No.13926443
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>> No.13926527

just won the game

>> No.13927490
File: 1.10 MB, 1909x1013, HarukiMorecummie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13927630

I feel personally attacked desu

>> No.13927638

Activate windows you cheap prick

>> No.13927996
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>> No.13928123

>The thing is none of it feels like a vindication or reward for previous suffering, its just a new kind of suffering.
I just wanted to chime in and say that your observation and subsequenty analysis, particularly the above quote, greatly resonate in me. Evokes a very bleak, literary feeling. You have peeked behind the charade so to say, and now, having been subject to a sudden thrust towards the center of the stage, all by workings beyond your control, you cannot shake off your knowledge of the phoniness of it all. Social vertigo.

>> No.13928203

Nice one
Roach approved

>> No.13929230

turn this into a thousandish pages and you got a modern day classic

>> No.13929261

Any books about "man vs. self"?

>> No.13929329
File: 122 KB, 1259x443, nature.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13929362

I don't know which is nature of nature

>> No.13929394

la metafísica

>> No.13929545
File: 414 KB, 500x775, Finnegans_Wake.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13929672

I would read this book, any recommendations for similar styles?

>> No.13929736

Again, stalling. And changing the subject. Maybe we aren’t the same person but are we advancing Christian or biological arguments? Anyway, this same shallowness has not advanced an inch, which is no surprise since it holds that surface is depth. No philosophical system can be derived from looks or dismissed with reference to looks. Still waiting for the more interesting argument which will actually connect this pseudo-science that is so popular here to Sartre philosophy.

>> No.13929809

based and bulldozerpilled

>> No.13929904
File: 926 KB, 1407x1263, autism.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Legitimately aroused by your image

>> No.13929914
File: 105 KB, 740x559, sun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my personal favorite, now rendered doubly prophetic since 4channel is a thing

>> No.13930214

This is actually brilliant.

>> No.13930226

No other cartoon short comes close outside of the masterpiece that is "One + One = Ed".

>> No.13930381

Based spectacle sorcerer.

>> No.13930422
File: 419 KB, 1272x1800, 1550843564227.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is that the guy that later wrote that book with the highest nigger density per word?