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Books with this vibe? Manliness, power, focus, charm, determination, control.

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Fanged Noumena, but negate every sentence

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don't know how this pic has power, focus, charm, determination, control vibes
do i not understand masculinity? also i'd rather be the one in the back

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American Psycho

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virtue = manliness

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Til Schweiger is also very unsympathetic. He plays cool and makes German romance movies.

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Schweiger is retarded

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man with small penis in mouth and legs spread holds in hand small plastic penis to singe the sucked larger brown penis of a man leaning slightly towards the initial man's crotch, both simply ignoring the female form entirely, sitting leaning forward the both of them, their knees touching, their entire attentions centered on the enjoyment of the sucking male, the elder, a promethean archetype, offering fire to the lesser male, the protean lad wending his way through the idle pleasures of moist white smoke billowing over his tongue, the woman eager to grasp their attention is at its zenith, leaning intently over the back of the couch. notably the two figures are turned away in unison from the woman.

this is gay af, friend. this is gay exemplar, if this is manliness at its height, then manliness is distinctly of a homosexual cast.

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they're manly because you can see mads male sex organs through his trousers
it powerful because they have the power of fire, like the sun, the most powerful thing in our solar system
it has focus because they are focused on lighting that cigar
it has charm because of them titties in the back
it has determination because they aren't looking at the titties because they are determined to light that cigar
it has control because they don't have erections

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Bronze Age Mindset

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that's kinda stupid

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Easy. They're just lighting ciggies in a club. Fucking faggots here man, I swear lmao.

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oh yeah, book suggestion, Siddhartha. also a vastly homosexual text.

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Critque of pure reason

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the late roman stoics
epictetus - enchiridion (handbook)
marcus aurelius - meditations
seneca - letters
vale, /lit/izens (stay well)

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It is destruction - smoking.
They have status. Manly body types. They do not pay attention to the hoes around them. The friendship between men is a force of nature. How is it gay?

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Have you just discovered gentlemen clubs or whatever? You're exaggerating, lad.

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It's a cool pic that has manly vibes. Post your definition of a strong male.

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Mads Mikkelsen in Valhalla Rising. Don Drapper in Mad Men.

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both of them are bisexual ..you do know that, OP?

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That's peak manliness.

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As long as you know.

Iliad, Satyricon

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>y because you can see mads male sex organs through his trousers
I swear to God people like you who unironically actually notice this are faggots (even if in denial); same goes for people who see sex in everything.
Who the fuck instantly looks at someother dudes crotch in the first place and then long and intently enough to actually notice bulges?
Absolute degenerate

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>As long as you know.
What do you mean, Mrs Butterfly?

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As long as you know they’re bisexual.
Gays and bisexuals embrace “manliness” all the time

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Gotcha, you're correct, Butters. Have a nice day and a fruitful week.

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Fuck you, zeroes + ones = ones. no such thing as feminine "zero". Accels can't even into arithmetic
Incel gripping his dick hard as he wrote this. She(he) won't fuck you, you fucking autogynephile (as proven by Blanchard).

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0 is the digit that begins and leads to 1.

But that’s numbers. People are made up of “X’s”. Some people just developed a little puny “y”

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sun and steel

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0 doesn't even exist you dumbfuck.

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I thought males were supposed to be good at math. I just explained its properties to you. You on drugs right now?

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>Men have been raiding panty drawers for centuries

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marcus aurelius meditations

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faggot spotted

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you wouldn't understand, söyboy.

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what exactly do you have against men?
and what has this to do with /lit/?

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Very phallic digits, my bisexual fren

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He's a tranny

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What's the context of this image again? Some B actors stating a photoshoot to make themselves look cool?

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>what has this to do with /lit/?
Thread asking for manly books
Troll tells me the book Zeroes and Ones is dumb, but it is he who is dumb for not understanding how the digit works.
>what exactly do you have against men?
You imagine things. I said nothing sexist. The anon did. Why aren’t you asking him what he has against women?

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unironically The Old Man and the Sea

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>Troll tells me the book Zeroes and Ones is dumb, but it is he who is dumb for not understanding how the digit works.
>1 comes out of 0, except everywhere in the world 1 appeared first and 0 later or altogether banished as metaphysically incoherent.
>modern formal mathematics gives no priority to 0 over 1 in the development of the number system
Also 1*0 = 0, 1+0=1. Yet addition is more primitive and real than multiplication. Actually, 1*0 = 0 only by exclusion of parts (much like you excluded your male parts), whereas 1+0=1 is incontrovertibly true.

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it's self evident to me that telling a woman
>I thought females were supposed to be good at math
is a pretty misogynist statement. And
>People are made up of “X’s”. Some people just developed a little puny “y”
is clearly misandrist

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Every one comes and goes, only zero remains.
Any number and manner of things can come, and go; but what value do they have, apart from the context in which they appear?

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>counting starts from a base something
No. Is starts with nonexistence. Your breath inhales before you start to say “one, two, three, four”

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>he has to count with his mouth
>what are abstract concepts
do you use your toes when you run out of fingers?

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>abstract concepts
>pretending not to understand zero
Fuck off already

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anon, i'm starting to think your problems run a little deeper than a childish conception of numbahs
>Fuck off already
this is so perfect i don't even

0 and 1 are, respectively, the additive and multiplicative identity for the ring of integers, as this anon points out >>13911253, so they're both "special". i know the preceding sentence didn't mean anything to you because you refuse to educate yourself on things that make your brain hurt. but i can try :)

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You're getting dumber by the post, butterwhore. Realize there's no merit to any of the tranny-CCRU schizobabble.

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This doesn’t even have anything to do with the book. This is a simple concept of numbers. You got a ruler handy? Look at it. Where does it start? “1”?

Go ask /sci/ maybe they can help you

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Is that supposed to be a self-refutation, or are you wig-wearers seriously so deluded as to think yourself as double Xs?

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The Bible. Jesus did His Father’s will and not His own. There is nothing more righteous than Jesus Christ.

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The Y chromosome is actually the dominant chromosome. Not only are almost all of the genes on the Y chromosome expressed (whereas most of the X chromosomes are repressed), it also modulates the X chromosome and determines which of its genes are expressed and even alters its genetic makeup, i.e. alters the X chromosomes evolution. The Y chromosome is responsible for a lot of important expressions in men, such as intelligence, and is undergoing rapid evolution. The relation between the sexes is mirrored in our genetics very much.

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butt hurt fly btfo

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great thread lads

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All this random faggitry.
There can be only one true answer.
link related

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Even the weakest 20% of men can easily beat up the top 20% of women. Makes you think... In fact, it's only the when man's strength is subsumed under a patriarchal system can women be safe. That is, only when decentralized male strength is tamed by the largest biggest baddest man. The state.

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Ghost Stories

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There's nothing manly, powerful, or charming about inserting phallic objects into your mouth.

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>0 is the digit that begins and leads to 1.

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Here. Save this to your desktop for reference

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>Even the weakest 20% of men can easily beat up the top 20% of women
thats not right, its more like the weakest 20% of men could beat up all but the strongest 20% of women

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>damaged goods is his male ideal

the absolute state of /lit/

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I don't think so, I think the % of women who could take the bottom 20% of men is probably like 1-2% at most.

I think the top 15% of women are taller than the bottom 15% of men, and then you have to factor in that men have way more testosterone and upper body muscle mass than women.

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No one has raided yours.

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best part was in the future world where its man vs car and sniping people and shit

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>Bronze Age Mindset
I've looked into this scene.
Literary cope

Back to X is almost always cope, and surely if they talk down on studying types out of principle and try to revive some sort of Viking man-and-woman narrative. Maybe they are well intentioned, but they cast it in a way they can sell it to proletarian plebs and they might come from the same hive

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>Manliness, power, focus, charm, determination, control.
This image contains none of these things. It is a tacky mind's cartoon of them. You have no taste.

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