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Why should I, a young man, control his passion? What work of literature would convince me to?

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What’s your passion?

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The Bible.

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Which passion?

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yung werther

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In no way should you, go ahead until you feel your desires fulfilled or are broken down. Any book that portrays the moderate lifestyle as one that should be pursued is wrong, especially in our current society. Wisdom is a thoroughly unintellectual path.

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spinozas ethics

passions are inherently being externally acted upon. you do want to be in control of yourself right? you don't want to be at the whims of your surroundings do you?

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no i just want sex

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The book with the laws of where you live.

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If you think you shouldn't, then simply don't. Act them out like an animal in heat by rejecting all the spooks. But in doing so make no mistake about yourself, do not lie to yourself about your ways.

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Having too much sex will make you unhappier in the long run.
Your desires will increase (which leads to distress) and you will need more of it to feel less of a feeling of "well being". Not to mention that you will end up being controlled by it, which has many bad consequences, among them that you will do shit that will later regret.

If you prefer a more "scientific" explanation, psychologically, addiction to sex is not unlike addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc. If you look at recent research, it works in the same way in the brain with the dopamine rushes and all that. One interesting thing about it is how having too much sex works with drug addiction. Since they affect the same brain chemicals, having too much sex makes you more likely to develop drug addictions.

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Following this person >>13882227 will lead to a self destructive lifestyle. In an era of plenty, moderation is more, not less important.

This is an useless advice. "Do whatever you want, bro".

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Xenophon, the choice of Hercule.
The bible also.

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do not.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion
Through passion, I gain strength
Through strength, I gain power
Through power, I gain victory
Through victory, my chains are broken
The force shall set me free

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Read The Coiled Serpent. Good luck

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clean tongue

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>control his passion
they shouldn't, if you get a chance to fuck, take it, but don't fall in love and for the love of god don't get them pregnant. then your chances of getting cucked and broken heart goes up. just fuck them and don't think too hard about it, become the animal you are, and you'll have some good times

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>"Good times"

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Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita

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Pray to Adi Shankara, our enlightened master

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>don't fall in love
why should I let free my passion in terms of lust but cage it in terms of love? you live by a completely arbitrary set of rules for controlling your own passion, why should we take your advice?

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>>13882292 find someone good, then it's simple: be slovenly, be greedy, be demanding. the "reasonable" man dies alone.
>>13882227 this, basically.

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What does philosophy say about fetishes?

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Wait are these the type of people who pay for porn?

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an illustrated guide to STD's

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a couple of them are backed up to a glory hole

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Self destruction is preferable to a life of moderation

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That's what Butterfly wants you to think :3

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Read the short story Father Sergius by Tolstoy. A major theme is sexual temptation, desire and chastity. Tolstoy himself was fairly promiscuous in his younger days but as he grew older he realized the benefits of not being a slave to his sexuality and advocated celibacy. The story gives you some decent insight into his thoughts.

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In your opinion, being miserable and depressed is better than being content with life?

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Those who restrain desire only do so cause theirs is weak enough to be restrained

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You have a very big brain

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>Those who restrain desire only do so cause theirs is weak enough to be restrained
Some drug (and nicotine) addicts actually manage to destroy their desire for drugs (and nicotine).

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You are a fool.

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The stronger it is, the more of a need for control. Otherwise you are a slave.

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Read Evola.

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nihil vilius quam vinci a carne

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I wish we had a test like the gom jabbar to weed out and euthanize animals like you.

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Tolle lege!

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>she will never tongue your anus

why even live?

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these plus this helpful picture

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nothing but your own thought

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Yeah they pay. With everything they got. Money, future, life essence, their very soul.
The man looking up is jason, dubbed "jason coom", he has over 10.000 confirmed imdb pornreviews. He cant stop. Wont stop. Porn is his life.

A victim of the Khazar jewish porn industry, certainly, but one cannot feel disgust and dispisement when gazing upon the coomer.

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The Bible.

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everyone has desire, without it you are just empty

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Give me the rundown

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Implying he gets any

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