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>tfw you talk to a cute girl with dyed hair at the socialist students booth at your university and now have to read the 50-page print-out of literal Maoist propaganda just to follow up on the conversation

When does the struggle end?

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You're being strung along.

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>When does the struggle end?
When you lynch your landlord

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>excuse me but I have read the communist manifesto and am quite well read on communist literature but I don't agree with it because I'm an egoist, let's go get a coffee somewhere and you can tell me why I should get behind your revolution and how it will serve my personal interests
t. gigachad

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Convert her.

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Probably, but I would literally fight a protracted people's war to implant a cultural revolution in her vaginal bacteria.

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Anarchism simply doesn't work with the current industrial supply-chain that our society requires. At this time in order to enact anarchism you would have to accept massively lower quality of life in general, it's an unacceptable ideology at this time for any rational individual concerned with their own wellbeing and safety.

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Cute hand anon. Post more pics of your hands or of your feet

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Leave this board and never come back.

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If you weren't extremely autistic you could get her to fuck you within a couple hours at the most.

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Plz explain how

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Have social skills. Talk to female. Be interested in what she's talking about. Flirt. Dress well. WASH UR PENIS SON. You can't be taught to interact with people and give them what they want, you have to have a very high IQ to learn social interaction after childhood.

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You have lovely hands anon.

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Tiny, feminine, soft bitch hands. Real communists would kill you for having soft hands like that

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I see you haven’t thought this through.
A massively lower quality of life is coming, like it or not. Now, I’m no luddite, but we’re going to have to fight a whole system with the majority of the world’s population not putting up with the guff of Anthropocene statists. A two fold front to keep fascism down and save the environment, in such an ideologically fractured world as this?
Tankies are not going to unite them. Get real.
You can only do it by giving them what they want immediately.

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Feminine hands are very good at killing people. Big hands are too clumsy. A real communist needs a death count as high as Mao himself.

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Get a grip on reality. You have severe meme psychosis from taking shit on the internet too seriously. Not even trying to be insulting but you need mental help.

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No man check out my calluses.

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Put the memes aside and say something of substance

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Nothing I say can wake you up from your psychosis. I know because I suffered severe psychosis in the past, nothing anyone says can make you change.

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Empty memer.

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Leave this board and never come back.

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chuck that shit and read Bakunin with her and be based together

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>cute girl
>dyed hair
You have a very superficial understanding of cute.

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>When does the struggle end?
When you stop trying to get your dick wet.

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Holy shit why do you crave attention like this? Leave this board and never fucking come back.

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That person is possibly a tranny. If an actual female too ugly for me to even have pity sex with. Sorry.

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Stop thinking with your dick and letting it dictate your politics.

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>oily skin
>huge nose
>cringe wink
>fake classes
>loads of makeup to cover acne
and on top of that the shit hair? damn butterfly ur a retard

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Are you ready for it? :3

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You know what you have to do

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posting teenage girls as a 48 year old person on 4chan at weekends is a very good sign of a fulfilling life.

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She's turned on by me. :3

Didn't you see what happened today?!

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I'm not letting it dictate my politics, I'm just pretending I'm interested. My politics are set in stone. I am and will always be a Khomeinist.

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Well if you're a muslim the solution is simple. Since she's an infidel Allah won't mind if you rape her or even kill her. Mushallah brother.

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I'm not Sunni, I'm Shi'i, so that is not an option.

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Just move to Iran lmao.

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yooo based iran is based
most anti-american and anti-israel movements are based

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That's the plan. Once I get my degree in two years I'm off to Esfahan. I'm semi-fluent in Farsi already from studying it and spending time with all the Iranian students at the university. The problem is that nearly all of them are against the current government and love the Shah. I just pretend and agree with them, but Khamenei is my leader and God is my master. I was so miserable and my life was so empty before I accepted the truth of Islam. I shudder when I think of how depraved and misguided I was in the past!

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Anon we have witnessed the splendour of your divinely wrought hands but now you must present us with the hallowed image of your lower limbs. Especially since now you are moving to a Middle Eastern country you may be beaten on the soles of your feet by the prison guards who inevitably detain you.

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So your argument is it's gonna be terrible anyways so let's make it terrible now?

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Repent, kuffar.

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Perhaps you could practice your Persian by writing this same post in the language? I'd love to see that.

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No. Though I didn’t get into it. We have to replace capitalism right out from underneath it. Be a better alternative to persuade the masses. They defund schools, open better ones. They deny decent healthcare, we provide it.
Seizing the reins of government, maintaining a surveillance/police state and suspecting everyone of being a traitor for decades while a corrupt committee decides how everything is going to be done, is NOT the way to go

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>When does the struggle end?

I would say when you have sex, but that's really just when it starts for real.

It ends when you stop giving a shit about getting into some dumb e-girl's panties.

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How do you know she’s even wearing panties?

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it is pronounced ALLAH

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I checked. Her skirt was very sheer.

Would honestly love to bang an anorexic e-girl who dresses like a tiktok retard but it would probably be a disappointment and she probably has nothing to talk about except anime and vocaloid and creepy dolls.

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Seems to be into Maoism

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no u

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Why is an Islamist trying to get advice on how to live in sin? Do you think Khomeini and God would want you to spend your time on 4chan alternatively masturbating over how orientalist you are because you plan on moving to Iran (I'll believe it when I see it you lifestylist faggot) and asking for advice on fucking a college slut?

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what a dummy, lol. islam attracts those retards who want to be ruled. "just submit lol" truly the stupidest philosophy.

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>Be a better alternative to persuade the masses. They defund schools, open better ones. They deny decent healthcare, we provide it.
I fucking hate you, you smug fucking too-young-to-have-actually-had-contact-with-the-thing-he's-talking-about-but-old-enough-to-vote idiot. You clearly have no idea at all what you're talking about beyond reading some abstract texts.
Oh, so everything will be great if you were in power, huh? Fuck off. Provide an actual reason shit will improve.
I've been through two public schools and one private, through public university and a private academy to prepare my country's equivalent of the USMLE exam. Now I work at a public hospital. The difference each time was like fucking night and day.
I left my public school because I was literally watching paint dry instead of doing anything productive. Then in the private school, teachers actually cared about our progress and our results in the university access exam. None of the people from the public school made it into medicine, while on the other there were several people other than me.
Public university was a complete waste of time. They made us do so much useless shit. Nobody cared about anything. I'd even say some professors actually hampered rather than assisted our learning. Then I finish that, and go to this academy, and holy fucking shit. They teach you HOW to study, point out the highest yield subjects, they do so much shit for you that it's piss easy to work and learn. They even have a bunch of very useful web tools to study, do tests, see how you're going, and all lessons are broadcast live and recorded so you can watch it wherever whenever.
The public hospital is understaffed (as is every other). This is known, but no effort is being made to hire more doctors, or give them better job conditions to attract more doctors, because that costs money, and we ain't got none of that. Except we do have plenty of money to waste on flashy but useless shit, both in and outside healthcare. Because that's what get you voters, the body, not the engine underneath.

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Any country that tries to become socialist will have the entire world put embargos on you. Your economy will crash when no one trades with you and all the countries with powerful militaries are going to invade. All the civilians of the country will revolt when they don't can't play their video games anymore and they can't buy Cheetos anymore because the Mongolians won't send us the fake cheese and other chemicals anymore etc etc.

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>cute girl
>dyed hair

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