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Who do you guys think will be taking the prize this year?

For me, its Jon Fosse, the greatest writer of our time.

Don't forget that two writers will be getting the prize this time!

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I honestly don't care anymore. They wasted one of those in a freaking folk singer.

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unless he's an anglophone that is being spoonfed to students in literature departments, I simply do not care

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After Bob "boomercore" Dylan, I don't particularly give a toss about the Nobel.
Still rooting for Krasznahorkai.

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I used to care about this lel...

>beckett ripoff

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Beckett + a touch of Bernhard (fosse’s translation work kinda ended up limiting his fiction work)

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Someone from Asia (China or Japan) who never positioned himself about any political matter that may be a problem.

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One American and one outside Europe/N. America. Maybe McCarthy and Thiong'o.

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And a jew no less. But they're overrepresented because they're smart and not because of ethnic nepotism.

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I hope Houellebecq does

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(Houellebecq and Vollmann, for the mentally challenged)


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what's the best place to start with Fosse? Never heard of him

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Wont be an American
Won’t be hourllebecq (no chance)
Won’t be Krasznahorkai

They’ll probably choose an Asian or South American author.

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Nobel prize? More like cock sucking commie prize.

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American """"humour""""

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Houllebecq was awarded one of the most prestigious merits in Europe, which is the Legion of Honour. Don't write him off so easily. He might not win this year but he will eventually.

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PYNCHON FACE REVEAL (yes I saw the photos from this year)

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Some female niggers.

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The triology

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Angie Thomas

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what about murnane

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When would the prizes be announced?

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Who tf actually enjoys reading Gerald ? College teacher writing.

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Since there are two prizes this year one of them may very well be given to an american. Unfortunately, the academy being the way it is, that american writer will not be male. My guess is Joyce Carol Oates.

Pynchon/DeLillo/McCarthy will never win, unfortunately.

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oct 10. i think å

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nigger please

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Gay homo man butt lover ''''''humour''''''

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>My guess is Joyce Carol Oates.
I fucking hate her writing. (Who reads that woman, actually ? Older catladies ?)

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One prize will almost certainly go to an established european author like Ismail Kadare or Dag Solstad. This boards darlings - Houellebecq, Knausgaard, Krasznahorkai are all to young to get the nobel yet.

The other prize will then probably go to an obscure european poet - possibly from Sweden - or some very established ethnic writer like Adunis or Ngugi

I doubt that an american will win this year, because the last two prizes went to anglosphere writers. But if an American does win its more likely to be Marilynne Robinson than it is Pynchon.

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i've been waiting on krasznahorkai for a while

or pynchon

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Is Kadare still alive ? Solstad is meh but why not... college teacher writing.

And people here keep posting krasznahorkai but I guess Peter Nadas (which is arguably more accomplished after Parallel Stories) doesn’t exist ?

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after that whole scandal they need to recover their woke points, they will probably award it to some fat black transvestite for its outstanding twitter feed

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better be J.M. Coetzee

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Is this bait ?

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>the most prestigious merits in Europe, which is the Legion of Honour
I'm french, and I like to consider myself a patriot, but this just not true. A lot of nobody got it every year.

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> Dag Solstad

Didn't even hit me that he could be a candidate for the prize. He actually just released a book, and he'll be visiting my local library next week so I'll actually get to see him! Would be fun to see him get the prize, even though I think it's a higher chance of Fosse getting it.

Knausgård is definitely not getting it. That would be a major surprise, even though he might deserve it.

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> they will probably award it to some fat black transvestite for its outstanding twitter feed

fucking kek

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Kadare is still alive but he's very old now - which is perfect if you consider the nobel as a reward for a lifes work

Thinking more about it I think Ishmael Reed stands a very good chance of winning the prize as well, especially because he keeps writing books and making headlines

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so just like the Nobel Prize? gotcha

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>Ishmael Reed
Any work of his you could recommend? Would be appreciated. Give me the good stuff.

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>and he'll be visiting my local library next week so I'll actually get to see him!
That’s pretty fucking cool actually. Where do you live, if I may ask ?

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Mumbo Jumbo is his best, most innovative book and probably the best one to read first. Most people compare his work to pynchon - and pynchon gives Reed a shoutout in GR - and Mumbo Jumbo is very pynchonesque in terms of conspiracies, alternate history etc.

Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down and Flight To Canada are also interesting, but not as good.

I haven't read Conjugating Hindi - his 2018 book - but I've heard good things about it.

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If Houellebecq doesn't win a nobel prize, the world is retarded

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Sandefjord, Solstad's birthplace, but he doesn't live here anymore (I think he switches between Berlin and Oslo). There's even a street named after him downtown.

At the local high school, some teachers know Solstad personally, and he has many times come as a guest to Norwegian classes. I even saw him in the halls last semester, but didn't quite recognize him (and was in a mild shock) untill it was too late to approach him.

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>caring about political virtue signalling event

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>There's even a street named after him downtown.
Haha the man’s a rockstar wtf. That’s great. He looks hard NOT to recognize.

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> He looks hard NOT to recognize.

Yeah, you're right. However, I was just out of class because I needed to go to the toilet, and as I was walking back to class I saw him in the hall talking with two other teachers. I don't think anybody who knows who Solstad is would be prepared for that haha.

He is quite the character as well. If you know norwegian, it's quite funny to watch interviews of him from the 80s and 90s.

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Vollmann has a better chance than Houellebecq. His works are extensive and cover a wide breadth of different voices/topics. MH is just sadbois in Europe and Asia

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Vollman is too black metal for the Nobel. Forget that.

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