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Have any of you faggots actually read Guenon and Whitehead and all the necessary background?
I find that very hard to believe.

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Hello upgraded form of Guenonfag

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>Have any of you faggots actually read Guenon and Whitehead and all the necessary background?
What are you even going on about now. Obviously not, else they'd know that Guenon retroactively beat the fuck off of whitehead. He just couldn't contend against the ileatic doctrine!

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He's talking about you retard

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I've read Parmenides and Whitehead, haven't read Guenon. I can tell you right now that Parmenides has Whitehead beat. He's just on another level.

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guenonfag you are so fucking cringe. just stop it's embarrassing

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I hear he couldn't contend with the Eleatic doctrine.

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This, the meme is just perpetuated by people who haven't actually read both (as myself have and several of the people I've spoken to about this at the Boston /lit/ meetups who agree); as whenever people actually do so they unanimously conclude that Guenon, Parmenides and Shankara were right and that they btfo Whitehead. Whitehead was a fear-ridden as a young schoolboy of Parmenides' observation of the simultaneity of thought and being and went to strenuous leaps of logic and incredible omissions to avoid addressing it The infinite procession of actual occasions that characterizes Whiteheadian existence collapses in on itself forming an eternal ground-zero". In other words, existence is AN event, rather than a series of events. The witness cannot break out of this event, and any attempt to take the processes witnessed as 'object' by the witness as alleged proof of the flux of experience fails to overcome obstacle of the fact that objects are only and always seen through the distinctionless and unchanging locus of the pure awareness that illuminates every thought like light; systems that premise themselves on this flux always end up refuting themselves by contradicting basic epistemology, and Whitehead's is no exception.

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>*resets IP*
>well you see if they actually did read them then RETRO GAMING PARMESAN CHEESE

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God, will you just shut up? We're just having fun.

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What is this movie anyway?

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Some feet video on pornhub

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Fucking obviously they haven't, every one of Whitehead's works is a goddamn doorstopper and Guenon was a conman who worked with fucking Crowley and wrote nothing but self-admitted gibberish, and that's before he converted to Shiism.

The whole point with these two is that it's a meme. There's no intellectual depth, there's no actual engaging with ideas, it's purely to post shitty image macros. This used to be done with Evola and DFW, but then people actually started reading those two so the meme potential fell apart (their ideas stop being witty catchphrases and start being actual ideas). More importantly, the type of people who come here to post dumb memes don't actually want to read, so effortposters start correcting them.

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>who worked with fucking Crowley
Googled that, and found just a small controversy about masonic lodges in which Crowley cals Guenon a monkey.

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top tier b8 m8

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7/10 for the daring synthesis but god guenon is such a stank meme. cut it out bro.

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Hello, guenonfag here, can someone explain these strange memes to me ? What is the debate ? Is it one Guenon were involved in ?

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Absolutely retroactively based

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The Circle never escapes the Real

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ken wheeler went to /lit/ meetup?

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