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Redpill me on Speculative Philosophy

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He was retroactively debunked by Parmenides. That's all you need to know.

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This, he simply couldn't contend with the Eleatic doctrine. Guenon exposed the error underlooking the root of his misassumptions as well

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We Have Never Been Modern
Realist Magic
Alien Phenomenology
Guerilla Metaphysics

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Latour is a hack

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And so is Harman.

OP you are better off reading Whitehead, Deleuze, Bateson, and Stengers

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It's all bullshit. Pick up an Algebra textbook and a Physics textbook to understand the world as it has been confirmed to be.
>inb4 Hume's problem of induction and the impossibility of knowing things-in-themselves
If we don't trust phenomena, there is nothing to trust.

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