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>But anon, how could you possibly prefer The Idiot to Crime and Punishment?
>Please don't tell me you like either better than The Brothers Karamazov!

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Why would you wear thigh highs while swimming?

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I prefer Demons tho

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Never read Dostoyevsky and dgaf

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based mon amie

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OH GOD I'M COOOOOMING!!!!!!4!!!!!!

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The prince is a much more enjoyable main character than Raskòl'nikov.

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her hip is all fucked up looking.

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well truth is you're unable to understand western classics you stupid asian INSECT STFU

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Demons is currently boring the fuck out of me, 100 pages in and absolutely nothing has happened

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It picks up after a third of the book, give or take.

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Doesn't really pick up till near the end of part 1, and part 3 is intense. I did find the whole Stepan and Varvara backstory humorous though so that made it easier to get through the first bit. Stick with it.

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sayonara, fellow BAPposter

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Idiot is so diffuse it's borderline unreadable imo

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kill yourself
the books writing isnt the best of dostoevsky but its still a good book

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i dont understand that image

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t. amerifat who has never seen a thin girl kneeling forward

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Haven't read Crime and Punishment or Demons but The Idiot is my favorite of what I've read.

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distraction tits

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Yes and what of it?

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unrelated pic posters

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Get out of my fucking pool you pan faced gooks

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And what if I do?

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How could they ask me that while THEY ARE UNDERWATER?

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